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Season 6, Page 2 ...

***Author's Note: Sub-text is a thing of the past ... welcome to maintext.

The God You Know:
'I've never been so happy...'
Gabrielle: "Aphrodite Aphrodite, are you okay?"
Aphrodite: "Fabulous. I'm wonderful. I've never been so happy so " [backs Gabrielle up against a wall]
Gabrielle: "What?"
Aphrodite: " happy."

Xena: "Michael! You tried to get Caligula to kill Eve so you could force my hand. Now, you go after my girlfriends. That's not gonna happen."

You Are There:
Caligula: "She and that bard of hers -- yeah, like we don't know what's going on there."

Aphrodite: "Gabrielle, I have to say I'm glad to see you're still traveling with Xena. I was afraid with me away from Olympus you two may not be so close."
Gabrielle: "No, we're partners."

Love is in the air
[Aphrodite takes a bite of the Golden Apple and gives a whole new meaning to the term 'Love is in the air.']
Love is in the air

'You're asking if--'

'That's none of your beeswax'

'I think you should answer the question'

'And now, ladies and gentlemen'
Nigel: "Gabrielle, Xena I have only one more question left. The question that Gabrielle has been avoiding all evening. The question that has never been answered. Are you two lovers?"
Xena: "You're asking if--"
Nigel: "That's right. I'm asking, are you two lovers?"
Xena: "That's none of your beeswax, Nigel."
Gabrielle: "Okay, Xena, you know, you just risked everything to bring love back into the world."
Xena: "So what?"
Gabrielle: "I think you should answer the question."
Xena: "You do, do you?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah."

Nigel: "Wait! Hold it! [to camera] And now, ladies and gentlemen, a world exclusive -- for the first time anywhere, Xena and Gabrielle reveal the true nature of their relationship Gabrielle, Xena, are you two lovers?"
Xena: "You want the truth?"
Nigel: "That's right, Xena, we want the truth. The whole world wants the truth."
Xena: "It's like this, technically--" [the camera begins to fade in and out]

'for the first time anywhere' 'Xena and Gabrielle reveal the true nature of their relationship' 'It's like this, technically--'

Send in the Clones:
Lea: "Think about the fun they had together, the baths they shared."
Mack: "If you're talking about their 'special' relationship, I'm into that."

Gabrielle: "What about this writing, Xena? I mean, it's not exactly Euripides. They've taken liberties with my scrolls."
Xena: "Yeah, and what are they trying to say about our relationship, anyway?"
Gabrielle: "Who knows."

When Fates Collide:
Xena: "In the third act, you had your hero throw himself over the cliff with no fear of dying all for her. Do you really believe that kind of love exists?"
Gabrielle: "That's what we all dream about, isn't it? Someone who looks so deeply into our soul that they'd find something worth dying for."

[Now alone, Xena walks out onto her balcony. Across the way, Gabrielle does the same. Xena hides in the shadows for a few moments watching the playwright. Gabrielle sees Xena and shyly reenters her room.]

[As Caesar hugs Xena comfortingly, Gabrielle walks out onto her balcony. Seeing Xena in Caesar's arms, she turns away but not before Caesar sees the sad, longing look in her eyes.]

'Rome is not safe for you'
Gabrielle: "Xena! Xena, when I thought I was going to die, it all became so clear. My life is empty despite my success. I write about love, but I've never felt it before."

Gabrielle: "Xena, when I'm with you, this emptiness that I have felt my entire life is gone."

Xena: "I'll love you forever."

Many Happy Returns:
Trust me, please
Xena: "Here, give me that [taking dribble cup away from Gabs] I want you to close your eyes."
Gabrielle: "No."
Xena: "Trust me, please."
Gabrielle: "No."
Xena: "Close your eyes." [places a scroll in Gabrielle's lap]

What is this?
Gabrielle: "What is this?"
Xena: "Open it. I had Sappho jot something down for you."
Gabrielle: "A poem? Sappho wrote a poem for me. I don't believe it. Xena, you had this planned all along, didn't you? ...

... And no speech is left in me
'... There's a moment when I look at you
And no speech is left in me
My tongue breaks
Then fire races under my skin and I tremble
And grow pale for I am dying of such love
Or so it seems to me.'"

Friend in Need, Part 1:
Akemi: "It's our scripts. When my people are overcome with a feeling that needs to be preserved we write verse."
Xena: "Oh, yeah? Like what feeling?"
Akemi: "Love."
Xena: "Love?"
Akemi: "'Yesterday, the moon took lodging on my sleeve. Today, I have hope for even the brokenhearted stars.'"

Gabrielle: "So beautiful. To write something like that, she must have loved you very much. What's wrong?"
Xena: "The truth is, Gabrielle, she broke my heart."

Akemi: "'In a flurry of snow, two breaths of wind unite and become as one, and then disappear into each other.'"
Xena: "Listen, Akemi, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, I really love this sword, and you're a nice kid, but I just came for the ransom."
Akemi: "I don't believe that. What do you hear now?"
Xena: "Snow falling on cedars. No, your heart beating harder than normal."

'Give me your hands'

'Feel the surge of blood under the skin'

'Gabrielle, if I only had 30 seconds to live ...'
Xena: "Gabrielle, come here. Come here. Give me your hands. Alright [puts Gabrielle's fingers to her throat] Here. Feel the surge of blood under the skin. Now, just behind-- "
Gabrielle: "Xena, you don't have to do this. I understand why you would never want to teach me the pinch."
Xena: "No. No, today more than ever, I want you to know what I know. Please." [using Gabrielle's fingers, puts the pinch on herself]
Gabrielle: "Why are you doing this?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, if I only had 30 seconds to live, this is how I'd want to live them, looking into your eyes."
Gabrielle: "Stop this. Stop it."
Xena: "Always remember I love you."

Friend in Need, Part 2:
Gabrielle: "You're my whole life, Xena. I won't lose you."
Xena: "You won't lose me."

[Gabrielle gives Xena the kiss of life.]

Gabrielle: "You're all that matters to me."
Xena: "Don't you know how much I want to let you do this? But if there's a reason for our travels together, it's because I had to learn from you, enough to know the final, the good, the right thing to do."

'How am I supposed to go on without you?'
Gabrielle: "I love you, Xena. How am I supposed to go on without you?"
Xena: "I'll always be with you, Gabrielle. Always."

'And to the place where I'll always remain'
Gabrielle: "A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands, to the very edge of the earth."
Xena: [appearing beside her friend] "And to the place where I'll always remain your heart."

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