A Solstice Carol
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Where's your holiday spirit?!
Xena: "Hold it boys ... Where's your holiday spirit?!"

King Silvas: "Did you see that? They attacked me! Me! Their King!"
Lynel: "You and your friend better go."
Xena: (removing her disguise) "I'm not going anywhere."
Lynel: "Xena! Thank the gods it's you! The guards in the basement have escaped."
Xena: "Believe me, Lynel, that's the last of our worries."

Guard: "Attention! Everyone in the building! Either you come out voluntarily or we're coming in to get you. But either way, you're gone."

Melana: "Are you sure he'll (a passed out King) be alright?"
Xena: "His pulse is strong. Once the shock wears off he should be fine."
Melana: "Dear gods, I hope so."
Xena: "On second thought, maybe you should stay here with him just in case anything develops."
Melana: "But, I can't ... I mean ... what about the children?"
Xena: "Lynel will look after them, right?"
Lynel: "Well, sure, but who's going to help you?" .... CRASH!!!!
Xena: "Go and see to the kids ... the reenforcements have arrived."

Senticles: "I did it! The gods be praised! I did it! That chimney is as dark and cold as a grave, but I just grabbed my sack of toys and, ho ho ho, down I came. And you know what? I liked it, it was fun! By Zeus, I'm going to do that every Solstice Eve. Just see if I don't!"

Gabrielle: "That's great, Senticles. But, we have a problem here. Xena, there are a troop of guards outside."
Xena: "I know."
Gabrielle: "Guess my plan didn't work after all, so I guess we have to slash and crash. But thanks for trying. Back to business as usual, right?"
Xena: (looks around at all the presents and .... DING!)"

Let the games begin
Xena: "Let the games begin."

Gabrielle: "Boys, come and get your Solstice present. You want to help me play with it?"

Boys, come and get your Solstice present

King Silvas: (wakes up to a darkly hooded Melana) "Gods defend me! You're the third one, the Fate of the Future. Am I right? Atropos, come to show me ... what is this place? Tell me. Why am I here? It's dark and cold as the grave. Is that it? Is this my tomb? And that, that noise, like souls crying out in pain. Is this my future? No! No. Don't leave me. Just tell me, does it have to be? This place, my dream -- can it change if I can change my life? Please, I don't want to die alone. I've lived that way for thirty years, and I can change. I know I can. No! I won't go with you. Not yet. I'll show you! I'll prove to you I'm not the man I was."

Great stocking stuffers
Xena: "Great stocking stuffers."

Senticles: "Go ahead ... make my day."

Go ahead ... make my day

Guard: "You call yourselves soldiers?! Getting beaten by women and children? You're pathetic!" ... (huge pillow fight ensues ... need I say who won?)

King Silvas: "Did you see them run? Like rabbits! Ha ha! They'll be no evictions here, not tonight, not ever."

Gabrielle: "Your Majesty, this is the woman who runs the orphanage. Her name is ..."
King Silvas: "... Analia!"
Melana: "Yes."
King Silvas: "My dearest wife, can you ever forgive me for closing my heart to you and to our people? For wasting thirty precious years in bitterness and greed? I know I don't deserve it, but please say you'll try."
Melana: "I heard what you said, and I forgive you with all my heart."

Xena: "Guess you got that happy ending you wanted."
Gabrielle: "And then some."

Man: "Excuse me, please ... could you tell us which is the road going west?"
Xena: "You're on it. There's a town on the way if you're looking for food and shelter."
Gabrielle: "We'd be happy to help you get there."
Man: "You're very kind, but we're in a hurry. (to wife) Come, dear, the caravan won't wait."

Gabrielle: "Wait a minute. If you're in a hurry, then wouldn't it be faster if your wife and child rode the distance?"
Man: "Of course, but we don't have the means to --"
Gabrielle: "You do now."
Man: "For us? But it's too much. We can't accept it."
Gabrielle: "Sure you can -- if you can whistle. Call it a Solstice gift -- for the baby."
Woman: "May God smile on you always for your kindness."

Gabrielle: "Tobias, now take care of these people, okay? Don't be stubborn."
Tobias: "HeeHaw"
Gabrielle: "I'll miss you, too."

Xena: "That was a nice thing you did back there."
Gabrielle: "What would I do with a silly, old donkey anyway?"
Xena: "Uh-huh."
Gabrielle: "They needed him more than me. Besides, they seemed pretty nice. After all, it is Solstice."

You are a gift to me
Xena: "That's right ... happy Solstice."
Gabrielle: "I don't have a gift for you."
Xena: "Gabrielle, you are a gift to me."

DISCLAIMER: Senticles was not harmed during in the making of this motion picture. However, several chimneys are in dire need of repair.

Images courtesy of: ROCfanatic's Xena Site.

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