A Solstice Carol
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Xena: (whistles) "A warning that our time is nearly up."
King Silvas: "No, not yet. Don't leave me, Analia. Please, not again!"
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry, Silvas. You've grieved long enough. You must forgive my death on the Solstice Eve so long ago."
King Silvas: "Death? What do you mean? You didn't die, you walked out on me. I don't understand."
Gabrielle: "I was speaking metaphorically, we shadows from the past tend to do that."
Xena: "Yeah."

King Silvas: "Metaphor? Wait. What's going on here? What's happening? Who are ..."
Gabrielle: "Is he alright?"
Xena: "Fine, but that sleeping herb I put in his wine won't last long. We better get moving."
Gabrielle: "I thought Senticles said his wife was dead?"
Xena: "He also said he'd handle Tobias. We start phase two. You get changed and see what happened. I'll meet you back at the orphanage."

Gabrielle: "Senticles ... Senticles ... where are you? ... Senticles ... Tobias, good job, boy, now where's Senticles?"
Tobias: "HeeHaw"
Gabrielle: "What? Are you trying to tell me something?"
Tobias: "HeeHaw"
Gabrielle: "Do you know where Senticles is?"
Tobias: "HeeHaw"
Gabrielle: "Okay, let's find him ... Smart donkey."

Lachesis, second of the Fates
Xena (as Lachesis): "Silvas, wake up."
King Silvas: "Am I supposed to understand that you are ..."
Xena: "Lachesis, second of the Fates, here to show you your present. Now, arise and dress."
King Silvas: "Put on these? But, I'm the king, why would I wear something common as this?"

Xena: "Tonight we go among your subjects as anonymous to them as they are to you. The better to show you how your cruel laws and harsh judgements affect them."
King Silvas: "To what point? In hopes that I'll change my life?"
Xena: "In the hopes that you might change their's. Unless you'd like me to find a more ... forceful way to persuade you ... (King Silvas reaches for his crown) ... Uhn-uh, you won't be needing that."

Gabrielle: "Hello? Senticles, are you there? Hello? It's me, Gabrielle. Senticles? What happened? You were supposed to stay with Tobias. Xena and I were nearly caught."
Senticles: "So was I. Two guards came by, if I hadn't run, I don't know what would have happened."
Gabrielle: "You ran away?"
Senticles: "What else could I do? You didn't expect me to stay and get caught, did you?"
Gabrielle: "No. No, but what about us? What about Tobias?"
Senticles: "You forget, I've seen your warrior friend in action. I knew you'd be okay. As for the donkey, what are they going to do to a donkey? Whereas, me they could lock in prison for the rest of my life. It's like I told your friend -- I can't do that. I can't. Shut up in a small space, I'd die. Look, I'm sorry if I let you down. But, I warned you. I'm no hero. So why don't you just go, alright? Just leave me alone. Go!"

Gabrielle: (in awe) "What is all this?"
Senticles: "It's nothing. I shouldn't have left them (toys) out."
Gabrielle: "Are you crazy? It's amazing. Look at all these toys. They're eyes open and close."
Senticles: "Yes, well, that's because I use this little hinge ..."
Gabrielle: "Oh, look at this. This is exactly like the toy I had growing up. Remember? I told you how much it meant to me. All these toys ... they would mean so much to the orphans, too, don't you think? Every child could have a toy of his very own."
Senticles: "That would be true, if they were legal, which they aren't."
Gabrielle: "Don't worry about that. By the time we're done with King Silvas he'll be handing them out himself."

Gabrielle: "We could use this (sack). We could take the toys to the orphanage and hide them. I'll have to disguise you so the guards don't recognize you."
Senticles: "No. I won't risk going to prison."

What you're most afraid will happen has happened
Gabrielle: "Look, you say you're afraid of small spaces. Well, that's exactly how you live your whole life, in a small space afraid to stand up for yourself or anyone else. Don't you see? What you're most afraid will happen has happened. The question is, what are you going to do about it?"

Guard: "Remember the King's command -- any resistance and we storm at full force."
Senticles: "Look, they're headed straight for the orphanage."
Gabrielle: "We have to warn Melana."
Senticles: "How? They'll be guarding the door."
Gabrielle: "Well, then we'll have to find another way inside."

King Silvas: "I know it's late, so slam the door on me, it wouldn't surprise me a bit."
Lynel: "Slam the door? On Solstice Eve? That's a good one. Come in."

Lynel: "How can I help you?"
King Silvas: "Well, we -- we -- we're ..."
Xena: "... strangers ..."
King Silvas: "Right, we're strangers. We've been traveling all day and we -- we -- well ..."
Lynel: "... need a bit of food and drink? Well, we don't have much, but you're welcome to share what we've got."

Xena: "The charity of your King and Country is legendary."
Lynel: "Our king? Charitable? You really are strangers here."
King Silvas: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Lynel: "Just that King Silvas is the meanest, most tight-fisted ruler this side of the Aegean."
King Silvas: "Is that so?"
Lynel: "Absolutely. You've heard of Midas, right? Greediest man in the world until Hercules helped him. Our king makes him look like Lady Bountiful."
Xena: "Surely you exaggerate."
Lynel: "I wish. This is an orphanage, and because we can't pay our taxes King Silvas is kicking us out at midnight. What kind of king does that to kids on Solstice Eve?"
Xena: "Good question."

The Orphan Tabernacle Choir:
"Stars tonight, the sky's in sight on Solstice Night, on Solstice Night.
Chestnuts spark, the hearth is bright, Solstice Night is here.
Snow's so white, cast winter's night on Solstice Night, this quiet night.
This love so light sends love aflight, this longest night of the year.
Time for wonder, time for cheer, the greatest time of all.
Can't help it when the love we share shines bright in everyone."

King Silvas: "Take me home. I've seen and heard enough."
Xena: "Enough to stop the eviction? Enough to bring back Winter Solstice?"
King Silvas: "I won't be lectured! Especially when it's all your fault."
Xena: "My fault?"
King Silvas: "If you Fates hadn't separated Analia and me, I might have been a different man. You let her leave, just as I'm walking out on you ... Happy Solstice."

Guard: "Halt! You are under arrest by order of the King."
King Silvas: "Don't be absurd. I am the King."
Guard: "Right, and I'm the Queen of the Amazons. Seize them!"

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