A Solstice Carol
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How can you work for that man
Gabrielle: "How can you work for a man who would put orphans out on the street on Solstice Eve?"
Senticles: "I like to eat. When King Silvas outlawed toy making, I had to take whatever job I could."
Gabrielle: "You were a toymaker?"

Xena: "Nice try. Let's throw him in the cellar with the guards."
Gabrielle: "No, wait. Wait ... Senticles ... Senticles, of course! When I was a little girl, I had a toy you made. It was this wooden lamb whose mouth would open when you pulled its tail. Oh, I loved that toy."
Senticles: "I remember that one. You know, it took me two days to figure out that mouth joint, and weeks to carve his fleece. Oh yes, he was a real challenge."

Xena: "So, now you work for the man who put you out of business. King Silvas sounds like quite a guy."
Senticles: "He's always been a hard man, but the Queen used to temper him. Then one Solstice Eve, about thirty years ago, Queen Analia suddenly died. He hasn't been the same since."
Xena: "I understand loss, but that's no excuse for banning the Winter Solstice."
Melana: "That's true, but as hard as his laws are on others, I imagine the loneliness must cause the King to be even worse."
Gabrielle: "That reminds me of a story I heard once."

Gabrielle: "Once in a land far away, there was this rich, but miserly, king named Kreesus and his heart was so hard that his servants begged the gods to intervene. They sent the Fates to separate the strands of his life so that he might see himself more clearly. Unfortunately, Kreesus didn't mend his ways. So, the gods turned him into a spirit doomed to walk the earth forever as invisible to others as they were to him in life ... actually, I didn't like to ending of that story anyway. But, I bet we could change it ... (to Xena) if we tried?"

Please, just try it my way
Gabrielle: "Look, if we can change the King's mind without changing any of his anatomy, think of the example it could be to the children."

Xena: "Gabrielle, the eviction notice is set at midnight. If we don't stop it these kids are out on the street."
Gabrielle: "I know, but it will work."
Xena: "And what if it doesn't?"
Gabrielle: "We'll clobber him. Please, just try it my way. Just this once. In honor of the Solstice?"
Xena: "Alright. If it means that much to you. But we're going to need disguises and access to the castle."

Gabrielle: "33 -- 34 -- 35 -- that's it."
Xena: "Stretch it as far as you can. We need everything on the list to make this work."
Gabrielle: "Trust me, Xena, if there's one thing I know, it's how to bargain. You just worry about getting to King Silvas without cracking heads."
Xena: "A deal's a deal."

Senticles: "I'll take you to him, alright. It's just that, well, how do I know you're not an assassin?"
Xena: "Because, if I were, he'd be dead already."
Senticles: "Works for me."

Man: "You stubborn ass! You've been nothing but trouble the entire time that we've been together. Now, move!"
Gabrielle: "Excuse me, sir? That's quite an animal you've got there."
Man: "You want him? He's yours for fifty dinars."
Gabrielle: "Fifty?!"
Man: "That's what the tannery will give me for his hide."
Gabrielle: "You're taking him to be skinned? How about I do you a favor? I'll take him off your hands for, say, twenty-five dinars"
Man: "Twenty-five? That's half of what he's worth at the tannery."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, well, you have to get him there first, right?"
Man: "Forty-five."
Gabrielle: "Thirty, not a dinar more. Let's face it, I've seen healthier hides on a used couch ... nothing personal ... What do you say?"
Man: "Thirty-five and you've got yourself a deal."

Xena: "You're a lucky man, Silvas. Now surprise me and be smart too"

Xena: "Wake up!"
King Silvas: "Who are you? How did you get in here? What do you want?"
Xena: "My name's Xena. We need to talk."
King Silvas: "Listen, anything you want, take it! Jewels ... money ... anything ... take it! Take it! Just have mercy on an old man."
Xena: "The same kind of mercy you're showing that orphanage you're closing?"
King Silvas: "Orphanage?"
Xena: "You signed the order yourself."
King Silvas: "Maybe so. I issue so many, times being what they are."
Xena: "And who's fault is that?"

Xena: "Did you ever stop to think that maybe if you eased up on your people a little, let them celebrate Solstice, perhaps, the times might ease up, too."
King Silvas: "Wait a minute. You're one of those Solstice lovers, aren't you? One of those rebels who think that everyone and everything should stop once a year just to raise a glass, eat a goose, unwrap gifts! Well, you know what I say to that?"
Xena: "Bet I can guess."
King Silvas: "Guards! Guards, quick!"
Xena: "You petty tyrants ... so predictable. But, heed my warning, Silvas, change your ways or suffer the consequences."

This isn't over
King Silvas: "Analia's gone for good, and so is the Solstice."
Xena: "This isn't over, Silvas. Truth is, it's just begun."

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