A Solstice Carol
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Gabrielle: "I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do. I'm afraid you'll have to leave. Look, I know it's not fair, especially on Solstice Eve. But, what can I do ... I know, but Melana said you can't stay inside, and the place is hers ... until midnight. Look, I guess it's bunking under the stars for you, my friend. Now, let's go."
Tobias: "HeeHaw"

Just like Argo
Gabrielle: "Come on, I'll stay with you so you don't get lonely."
Tobias: "HeeHaw"
Gabrielle: "Tobias! Come on! You know, I'm beginning to understand your former owner."
Tobias: (hears a shrill whistle and proceeds to do Gabrielle's bidding)
Gabrielle: "Well, I'll be ... just like Argo. I wonder what Xena will say to this."

Xena: "Nice work. You just saved someone years in prison changing a sentence like that."
Senticles: "It's nothing. I change a letter here, a number there hoping to it may do a little good, but believe me, it's nothing."
Xena: "So is your part in my plan. It's nothing. All you have to do is --"
Senticles: "No. I won't risk being arrested. I can't. I'd die locked up in a cell, closed in like that. I couldn't face going to prison."

Xena: "What do you think would happen if the King found out about these changes you've made to his orders?"
Senticles: "Found out? But, surely you wouldn't ... you couldn't ..."
Xena: "Of course not. But the point is you'd be thrown in prison anyway. You're braver than you give yourself credit for, so don't deny your courage ... or the children."

Gabrielle: "And, from that day on, we've honored and celebrated it as a time of rebirth for our wishes and our dreams, a time of coming together and enjoying peace. It's the shortest day of the year with the longest night. But, on this special night a new light, a new chance is born to us all. So, it's a time for miracles and good will towards all living creatures. That's why the Winter Solstice means so much and touches us all so deeply."

Girl #1: "I have a Solstice wish."
Gabrielle: "Let's hear it."
Girl #1: "I wish we could have a big Solstice dinner with all the trimmings."
Girl #2: "I wish we could each have a Solstice present of our very own."
Boy: "I wish everyone in the world could be as happy as we are right now."
Melana: "Those are all fine wishes. Now, why don't we all gather our stockings and put them by the fireplace."

Xena: "Who's your friend?"
Gabrielle: "Xena, meet Tobias. Now, isn't he sweet? And, he's trained just like Argo. You just whistle. He cost me all of our money, but I couldn't let him go to a tannery, not on Solstice Eve."
Xena: "It's alright. I got everything we need at the castle. Now, all we have to do is figure out the details -- and then hope I can restrain myself long enough to pull it off."

Xena: "You better hope this plan works, otherwise I'll do whatever it takes to keep these kids from getting hurt."
Gabrielle: (to Senticles) "She's a very physical person. (back to Xena) I completely agree with you. If the plan fails, we punch faces. Until then, we do it peacefully ... in the spirit of Solstice."

Xena (as Clotho): "Silvas, wake up ... Silvas, arise, open your eyes ... Silvas, wake up!"
King Silvas: "Oh, what is this, the town square? Who are you? What do you want?"

Mankind calls me Clotho
Xena: "Mankind calls me Clotho, first of the Fates whose province is the past."
King Silvas: "Nonsense. You're nothing but a dream, probably brought on by indigestion. A fatty piece of meat. A bit of gristle. Get out and let me sleep."

Xena: "Your commands have no sway over me. Rather, I command you to arise and walk by my side."
King Silvas: "How do I know you're really a Fate? For all I can tell, you could be a thief, or another of those Solstice cranks."
Xena: "Perhaps this will convince you that time is mine to rule as I will ... (an hourglass lifts off of a table and slowly turns -- with a bit of help from Senticles, of course) ... I am the Fate of the Past."
King Silvas: "Long past?"
Xena: "Your past, which I will show you. Then you will turn to the present with my sister and as for your future ... (Senticles uses a pea shooter to shatter the hourglass) ..."
King Silvas: "Alright, I believe you!"
Xena: "Come."
King Silvas: "Where are we going?"
Xena: "To a place you have forgotten, though it haunts your every thought."

I am but a shadow from your past
Gabrielle (as Silvas' past wife): (suspended from the ceiling with a bit of help from Tobias) "Silvas ... Silvas ... Dear husband."
King Silvas: "Analia?"

Gabrielle: "Stop. Come no closer. I am but a shadow from your past sent to beg you turn from your narrow, greedy ways before it's too late."
King Silvas: "Too late? Great Zeus."
Xena: "Here, drink this."

*** Tobias hears a shrill whistle and promptly drops Gabrielle on her pretty, little arse.

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