Sins of the Past
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'Xena ... how was the homecoming?'
Draco: "Xena how was the homecoming? Did they throw you a party?"
Xena: "What do you want?"
Draco: "I want you one way or the other. We could be great together. You must know by now, you can never escape your past. Xena, celebrate your dark side. Don't run away from it. Ride with me."
Xena: "You said, 'one way or the other.' It's the 'other'."

Draco: "Choose the weapons."
Xena: "You choose the weapons. I'll choose the conditions."
Draco: "Staffs."
Xena: "On that scaffolding up there. The first one to touch the ground dies."
Draco: [to his men] ... "Kill the first one that touches the ground. No one leaves until we're finished."

Draco: "Why are you doing it, Xena? You're a sheep. You're going to die for them and they despise you."

Villager #1: "Come on, Xena, walk on me! You can have my shoulders!"
Villager #2: "I'll help you, Xena!"

[Draco falls to the ground. Xena jumps from her perch and lands squarely on his chest.]

What a view!
Xena: "I haven't touched the ground, yet, Draco but you have. Looks like I'll have to finish you off myself. Of course, now, maybe you're willing to make a deal. If I let you live, you and your army clear out of the valley by sundown. Swear it on the head of Ares."

Draco: "I swear on the head of Ares, God of War, to be out of your valley by sundown."
Xena: "Then go."

Draco: [while one of his men try to attack Xena from behind, he kills him with one well placed dagger] "A deal's a deal."

First Citizen: "You can take the loot wagons, of course."
Xena: "I don't want anything."

'I forgive you, my little one.'
Xena: "Mother, forgive me, please."
Cyrene: "I forgive you, my little one. I forgive you. So happy to have you back again."
Xena: "You know I can't stay for long."

'I won't stay home.  I don't belong there, Xena.'
Gabrielle: "I was gonna follow you until you were in some jam. It's so cold out there, and I couldn't get a fire started, and the mosquitoes are as big as eagles."
Xena: "You know I'm sending you home in the morning."

Gabrielle: "I won't stay home. I don't belong there, Xena. I'm not the little girl that my parents wanted me to be. You wouldn't understand."
Xena: "It's not easy proving you're a different person [tosses a blanket at her] you can sleep over there."

'That's what friends do.'
Xena: "You know, where I'm headed there'll be trouble."
Gabrielle: "I know."
Xena: "Then why would you want to go into that with me?"
Gabrielle: "That's what friends do. We stand by each other when there's trouble."
Xena: "Alright friend."

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