Sins of the Past
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Cyrene: "Weapons aren't welcome in my tavern neither are you. What are you doing here?"
Xena: "Mother, listen. The warlord Draco is marching on this valley."
Cyrene: "And you need to borrow a few men for an army, right?"
Xena: "I can help organize a defense."
Cyrene: "Give it up, Xena!"
Xena: "I know Draco. I know the way he thinks. I know what his weaknesses are. If we act now, we stand a good chance of stopping him."
Cyrene: "You think we're fools? We all remember what happened the last time you talked like that!"

'This is not your town anymore.'
Xena: "You're all in great danger!"
Cyrene: "Even if that were true, we would rather die before accepting help from you again."
Villager: "Not this time, Xena! We remember."
Cyrene: "Go away, Xena. This is not your town anymore. We are not your people. I am not your mother."

Draco: "Hector, I sent you to follow her so we'd know what she was doing, not to tell her what we are doing."
Hector: "Look, I had no choice."
Draco: "Neither do I. Choose a weapon. Now [to Gar] Get the men ready for a forced march. What's the state of the troops?" [while talking to Gar, he nonchalantly beats the crap out of Hector]
Gar: "The first and second divisions are about ready now. The third is stationed at the Stryman pass."
Draco: "Mobilize one and two, they can take the high road to the sea. The third division can join us at Thrace."
Gar: "They can take the Stryman road and be there in two days."
Draco: "No. The pass doesn't offer enough cover. March them north. Cross them through the mountains then they can cut east, to the northern border. We'll flank Amphipolis on both sides and crush them if they offer any resistance. Saddle my warhorse Get someone to clean up my knife. Oh, and, Gar, when we find her, she's mine."
Gar: "Yes sir."

Xena: "If you won't mount a defense, then you must leave here."
Cyrene: "You came all this way just to say that?"
Xena: "No, that wasn't the only reason."
Cyrene: "What other purpose could you have?"
Xena: "I wanted to come home. I thought maybe this time I could get it right."

'I thought maybe this time I could get it right.'
Cyrene: "I don't think anything will ever take away the shame and sorrow you've brought on your kinsmen."
Xena: "Probably not, but I'm gonna spend the rest of my life trying."
Cyrene: "Oh, Xena, I wish I could believe you."

First Citizen: "There she is! We know what you're up to Xena. And we won't let you get away with it."
Cyrene: "What are you talking about?"
First Citizen: "Her army is burning fields in the west valley."
Xena: "That's a lie. It's Draco's army."
First Citizen: "Then why are they carrying your banners and shouting your name?"
Cyrene: "Do what you will with her."

First Citizen: "You should have stayed with your army, Xena. This is the last village you'll ever see."
Xena: "Well, what're you waiting for? Take your revenge. It's true what they say it's sweet. What? Is one woman too much for you? Let me even the odds one unarmed woman might be more to your tastes."

[The villagers start throwing stones at Xena.]

Gabrielle: "Wait! Wait. Now, you don't know me. I'm new in town. But, I can assure you Xena is a changed woman. I saw her do some heroic things in the name of Good."
First Citizen: "Unless you're suicidal, you'll get out of the way. She's brought Draco down on the valley."

Gabrielle: "Draco? Now, he's a scary guy, and I understand why you're upset. But let me throw some logic at you."
First Citizen: "Look, you're wasting your breath. We'll never put our faith in Xena again. I buried two sons because of her! Now, get out of the way!"
Gabrielle: "Now, hold on! Let's say that you're right, and she's Draco's buddy. Let's say she's even his girlfriend. Well, what have you accomplished? You think that Draco's bad news now? What do you think he'll be like when he hears that you knocked off his woman? Oh, boy. Gives me the creeps even to think about it."
First Citizen: "Alright. But get Xena out of here right now."
Gabrielle: "No problem."

'What are you talking about?'
Gabrielle: "Hey, Xena."
Xena: "What?"
Gabrielle: "I could probably get up there behind you."
Xena: "What are you talking about?"

Gabrielle: "Wait. You're not gonna just leave me here, are you? I came all this way to see you."
Xena: "That is your problem."
Gabrielle: "Hey, I just saved your life [Xena reluctantly gives in, and helps her up onto the horse] Where are we going?"
Xena: "To see my brother."

'You're not alone.
Xena: [wipes some dust off a coffin] "You always did have trouble keeping your face clean. Since you've been gone, I've kind of lost my way. Now I've found it. I thought I could start over. But no, they don't trust me not even mother. I can't blame her. She can't see into my heart. But, I've got to believe that you can, and I wish you were here. It's hard to be alone."
Gabrielle: "You're not alone."

Draco: "Which one of you consider yourself the leader? Ah. Your emissary said you were interested in making a deal. I found that amusing enough to agree to this meeting. What do you have in mind?"
First Citizen: "Uh, we, ah, took the liberty of putting together a few wagons of loot. There's some very valuable things, as well as supplies. We hoped you'd take that and leave us in peace."
Draco: "Why would I want to do that?"
First Citizen: "Well, uh, we thought that if we pledged to supply your troops whenever you were in the area, that might be very valuable to you more valuable, than a bunch of dead villagers."
Draco: "But not nearly as entertaining. However, perhaps there is a deal to be made. You do have something I want Xena."
First Citizen: "Xena?! But, she's not here."
Draco: "Where is she?"
First Citizen: "Oof! I don't know!"
Draco: "Let me show your fellow citizens what happens to those who don't cooperate with Draco."
First Citizen: "Please don't kill me!"
Draco: "Oh, in a few minutes, you'll be begging me to do just that, you lying sack of--"
Xena: "He's not lying Hello, Draco.

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