Sins of the Past
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Gabrielle: "That thing you did with the hoop, that was amazing! Where did you get that? Did you make it yourself? And that kick you do! You've got to teach me that--"
Herodotus: "Xena, we'd like you to move on."
Gabrielle: "Move on? Father, she should rest here until her wound is healed."
Herodotus: "Daughter, hush. We don't want any trouble with you, Xena. We know your reputation. We just, want you to leave."
Gabrielle: "But father, she saved us all--"
Xena: "It's all right. I plan to move on anyway."
Herodotus: "Don't take too long."

Perdicas: "Let's go, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Hey. Just because we're betrothed, doesn't mean you can boss me around. I want to stay and talk to Xena."

Gabrielle: "You've got to take me with you and teach me everything you know. You can't leave me here."
Xena: "Why."
Gabrielle: "Did you see the guy they want me to marry?"
Xena: "He looks like a gentle soul. That's rare in a man."
Gabrielle: "It's not the gentle part I have a problem with, it's the dull, stupid, part."

'You've got to take me with you...'
Gabrielle: "Xena, I'm not cut out for this village life. I was born to do so much more."
Xena: "I travel alone."

Gabrielle: "So where're you headed now?"
Xena: "Amphipolis."
Gabrielle: "That's in Thrace, isn't it? I love to study maps and place names. So what route do you usually take?"
Xena: "Don't even think about it."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Xena: "Following me. You don't wanna make me mad, now, do you?"

'Who has the green arrows?'
Draco: "Alright. Now, all four of you." … [the four archers each shoot an arrow right at Draco]
Soldier: "Wow! He caught three of them! Amazing."
Draco: "Who has the green arrows? Ares has smiled on you. Sign him up, and get the others out of my sight."

Draco: "Hector! How's the throat?"
Hector: "Next time I see her, I'll kill her."
Draco: "Pray to the gods you never have to deliver on that boast."

'Hello, Draco'
Xena: "Hello, Draco."
Draco: "Xena, you look good."
Xena: "So do you … except for that ugly scar."

Draco: "It's nice of you to give me something to remember you by."
Xena: "You picked the wrong woman to get rough with."
Draco: "It never would have happened if you'd been more cooperative."

Draco: "What're you doing here? If you wanted to kill me--"
Xena: "You'd be dead. I want to ask a favor."
Draco: "What do you want?"
Xena: "Your men were at a village today."
Draco: "I heard they got a large dose of the Warrior Princess."
Xena: "I want you to spare that village."
Draco: "You care about those peasants? I could have mercy on that village if …"
Xena: "If what?"
Draco: "You join with me. We'd make an invincible team."
Xena: "I can't do it, Draco."
Draco: "What does that mean?"
Xena: "I'm going home."

Draco: "I've dreamt of being with you in love, or against you in battle. You won't give me the satisfaction of either, will you? Will you!? … I'll, spare that village … for old times' sake."
Xena: "Thank you."

'What do you hope to find back in Amphipolis?'
Draco: "What do you hope to find back in Amphipolis? Forgiveness? I tried to go home, once. My father almost beat me to death with a blacksmith's hammer. You'll get the same treatment, I guarantee it."
Xena: "Good bye."

[Gabrielle tries to sneak out of her room, but knocks over a small table and wakes her sister.]

'I'm going to be a warrior like her.'
Lila: "What's in the bag?"
Gabrielle: "Lila, I'm going to join up with Xena."
Lila: "Are you serious!?"
Gabrielle: "Absolutely. I'm going to be a warrior like her."

Lila: "A warrior! Gabrielle, I can beat you up."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, well, you're very strong for your age. Lila, you know I'm different from everybody else in this town."
Lila: "I know you're crazy."
Gabrielle: "Well, call it whatever you like. The point is I don't fit in here. And the idea of marrying Perdicas …"
Lila: "He loves you, you know."
Gabrielle: "But I don't love him … I've got to do this, Lila."
Lila: "I'm gonna miss you so much."
Gabrielle: "Cheer up, you'll finally have a room of your own … Take care of mother. Don't let her carry water from the well by herself."
Lila: "Alright."

[Xena and her horse come to a small rickety bridge. The horse, sensing a hidden danger is reluctant to cross.]

Xena: "Come on, boy. We can make it … [dismounts and walks her horse across] … That's it … easy, there … Easy enough. Mm? … [the horse freaks and runs back across the bridge] …What's the problem?"

[Enter one big and ugly Cyclops.]

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