Sins of the Past
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'Smell Trouble?'
Xena: "Smell Trouble?"
Cyclops: "It's you! Argh!"
Xena: "You lost some weight since I saw you last. Guess that job I did on your eye must've cut down on the people eating, huh?"
Cyclops: "Ever since you blinded me, a day hasn't gone by when I haven't dreamt of tasting your flesh!"

Xena: [uses her chakram to slice the poor Cyclops belt, whose pants far down to his knees causing him to stumble and fall] "You know, you should find a different line of work."
Cyclops: "Like what?! I'm a blind Cyclops, for crying out loud!"
Xena: "You could hire yourself out to a village as a protector. Even a blind Cyclops would scare most folks off. And the villagers would probably toss you a sheep every now and again for payment."
Cyclops: "Sheep?! How can you start eating mutton when you're used to human flesh?"
Xena: "Suit yourself."

Gar: "Xena was spotted riding toward the Stryman pass."
Draco: "Hector, take two men and cut through the pass, pick up her trail, and send word as soon as she's entered her home valley. We'll march right into Amphipolis and torch everything in sight. Spread the word that we're doing it on Xena's orders. Then she'll know."
Hector: "Know what?"
Draco: "There's no rest for the wicked."

Gabrielle: "The bridge will hold me up. The bridge will hold me up. The bridge will hold me up. The bridge ... Being an adventuress isn't that hard."

[A cage is dropped right over poor Gabs by the blinded Cyclops]

'I hate chatty food'
Gabrielle: "Immortal father, Zeus in heaven! Curse this brute if he eats me! Torture him with the slain serpent's blood and the crows' droppings--"
Cyclops: "Shut up! I hate chatty food."

Gabrielle: "I know Xena, the Warrior Princess."
Cyclops: "I hate Xena, the Warrior Princess! She blinded me! It'll give me great pleasure to rip one of her friends apart with my teeth."
Gabrielle: "Friends?! Who said anything about Friends? I've been tracking her to kill her."

'She'd never let a man get close enough to do her'
Cyclops: "How's a young thing like you gonna kill Xena?"
Gabrielle: "That's the point. She'd never let a man get close enough to do her at least not that kind of do her. But, a young, innocent looking girl like me, I'll catch her totally off guard, cut her evil throat and hack off her Cyclops blinding hands."

Cyclops: "Ooh, you're really gonna mess her up, huh?"
Gabrielle: "You know what I think I'll do to her?"
Cyclops: "What?"
Gabrielle: "Blind her. Gouge out them eyeballs, and bring 'em back to you. Make a nice little appetizer, don't you think?"
Cyclops: "You'd do that for me?"
Gabrielle: "I feel we're bonded in our hate for the She Demon."

Cyclops: [lifts the cage off of Gabrielle] "Go on. And, if you bring me her leg, too, I'd appreciate it."
Gabrielle: "A leg? She's got two, doesn't she? You'll get them both."
Cyclops: "And maybe a-"
Gabrielle: "Hey! Let's not get greedy."
Cyclops: "Oh, sorry."
Gabrielle: "Xena's blood or die!"

Gabrielle: "Thank the gods for dumb Cyclopes."

[Hector and two men follow the path of Xena's horse through the woods. Xena bounds along through the trees and surreptitiously takes out the other two riders.]

'I think you got a sore throat.'
Hector: [turning to face his soldiers] "What do you think?"
Xena: "I think you got a sore throat."

Xena: [performs the Pinch] "I've just blocked off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead in twenty seconds unless I release you. Now why are you following me? Ten seconds."
Hector: "Draco. He sent me."
Xena: "Draco."
Hector: "He plans to destroy your home valley."
Xena: ['unpinches' Hector's throat] "You'll regain feeling in a few minutes."

'Are you dead?'
Old Man: [seeing a body lying in the middle of the road] "By the heavens. Olympus, what is it? Hey. Hey! Are you dead?"

Gabrielle: "Where are you headed?"
Old Man: "Amphipolis."
Gabrielle: "It worked! I have been lying here, supplicating myself to the great god Hermes, guide of travelers, begging him to send someone who's on the way to Amphipolis! And here you are! It's a miracle. Don't you think?"
Old Man: "Not really. This is the road to Amphipolis. Anybody that'd come along here would have been headed there."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, but not everybody is a kindly old man who'll give me a ride."
Old Man: "Right about that. I know I'm not gonna give you a ride."
Gabrielle: "Oh, no, no, you've got to. I'll never make it by myself! I didn't bring enough food. I've already gotten lost twice! I wore the wrong shoes, look at this--"
Old Man: "Look, I'm Sorry. But I ain't got any room."
Gabrielle: "My father will give you a handsome reward when we reach Amphipolis. He is very rich."
Old Man: "Mmm what's his name?"
Gabrielle: "Dolan."
Old Man: "Dolan the horse breeder?"
Gabrielle: "Best horses in Thrace. I'll make sure he gives you a fresh steed for your troubles."
Old Man: "Ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! There ain't no horse dealers in Amphipolis! It's all sheep country!

'I've been told that I'm very pleasant company'
Gabrielle: "I've been told that I'm very pleasant company on a trip. I can sing. I know several poems, which I recite with great passion. A traveling bard once gave me lessons. 'I sing of Oedipus, King of Thebes, the most tragic of men'--"

Old Man: "Whoa! Whoa!"
Gabrielle: "What's the matter?"
Old Man: "You're going to tell me about Oedipus? Heh! I knew Oedipus. I grew up in Thebes when he was King."
Gabrielle: "You knew Oedipus? I'd love to hear all about him."
Old Man: "Oh, well, I guess I could make room for you up here somewhere."
Gabrielle: "No, no. No need. I'll just sit on top."
Old Man: "Heh, Oedipus, 'the most, tragic of all men.' Ha, ha! Ha! Ha, ha! The biggest fool of all men, more like."
Gabrielle: "You knew him personally?"
Old Man: "Well, no, not personally, but I saw him around."

[Xena walks into a tavern. Woman walks up to her and pulls Xena's sword out of its scabbard and points it at her semi-menacingly.]

Xena: "Mother?"

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