The Sacrifice, Part 1
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'My Goddess, I'm here'
Seraphin: "My Goddess, I'm here. I bring you my life's blood. I bring you freedom."
Priest: "The offering on the priestess of the Blood, the Rebirth of the Goddess. With this offering the Goddess awakes the daughter of Dahak, bringer of the Destroyer."

Xena and her handy chakram
[Xena and her handy chakram break up the party. Seraphin manages to get wounded in the fray of the battle and presses her bloody hands to Hope's cocoon. Xena rushes forward to plunge her sword into the pulsing cocoon, but at the last moment, Gabrielle throws herself into Xena, knocking them both away from Hope.]

You've done it now, Gabs
Xena: "What do you think you're--"

[Hope hatches back into the world]

To Be Continued...

DISCLAIMER: No pulsing cocoons were harmed during the production of this motion picture. What you witnessed was purely a reenactment.

Images courtesy of: ROCfanatic's Xena Site.

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