The Sacrifice, Part 1
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Gabrielle: "I've known Seraphin since she was she was five. I can't believe that she would be a worshipper of Callisto's."
Xena: "More than that, she was a sacrifice. When we stepped in, Callisto decided to take one of the other priests."
Gabrielle: "Do you think it's possible that Callisto could end up like the other gods? With temples and followers?"
Xena: "It's not like her. There has to be something else. I just don't know what. The first thing is to find your friend. Come on."

Callisto: "Hi, honey. I'm home. Ah, well, there you are. Your Auntie Callisto's brought you a little treat. It is what you wanted isn't it? They called him the uh Priest of the Flesh. Now, shall I carve, or will you?"

Xena: "Most of them are headed toward the river. They're going to regroup."
Gabrielle: "Right."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I want you to take Argo and go on ahead. I'll catch up to you later."

Xena: "How long have you been watching me?"
Ares: "Since you broke up Callisto's little party. Looks like the new kid on the block wants to create her own dynasty. She's got a lot to learn though I, uh, don't suppose she happened to be wearing a pendant at all?"
Xena: "You mean the Hind's blood? No. I heard the story, Ares. Callisto killed Strife using a dagger of Hind's blood, and then Hercules forced her into the gate into that other world."
Ares: "What I want to know is how she got through that gate."
Xena: "She's a goddess. How long would it have taken you?"
Ares: "Good point. Still, it's good she didn't have it on her, because now--"
Xena: "Now, she can't use it against you."
Ares: "Or against any other god. Callisto didn't come back for a few temples, she wants it all. Now, Xena, you're gonna need an ally. Maybe we can come up with some arrangement."
Xena: "Forget it. I'm not in this for your petty revenge."

'Then she's coming after you'
Ares: "Callisto is not a true god. She was mortal. She's got no control, no respect for any of us. All she can bring is destruction. Once she gets an army of worshippers and conquers the world, what then?"
Xena: "Then she's coming after you."

'Glory to the Blood!'
Priest: "The Priest of the Flesh has gone. Glory to him!"
Followers: "Glory!"
Priest: "He will be replaced. But, the blood the time of the blood has come and this time, there will be no interruptions [the cloaked sacrifice ascends the ladder/altar] Glory to the Blood! The Rebirth of the Goddess!"

[That pesky Xena, she's just always ruining it for others]

'Not happy to see me, are you?'
Callisto: "Not happy to see me, are you? Neither am I, really. But, I've got a plan to solve both of our problems."
Xena: "Why don't you let me in on it."
Callisto: "Xena, tsk tsk tsk. I tell you about it, and the first thing you know, you'll be trying to stop me. You just trust me. You're gonna love it. Well, at least half of it."
Xena: "Oh, goody."

Callisto: "You know, it's funny that I keep this thing [sword] around. I don't really need it. It's just for decoration and for fun I don't know if I'm toying with you, or you're toying with me Oh, you can't beat me, Xena. You can only you can only delay me. Sorry, Xena, but I'm on a schedule. Oh, yes " [shoots a fireball at Xena, who easily dodges out of its way]

'Love to chat, but gotta go.'
Ares: "Oh, I have been looking forward to this reunion for a long, long time. Oh, you're going back through the gate, but not before we settle a few things."
Callisto: "Love to chat, but gotta go." [disappears with the priest]
Ares: "I am really going to enjoy tearing her limb from limb."

Gabrielle: "Seraphin! What is wrong with you?! We are trying to save your life."
Seraphin: "Gabrielle, you don't understand. I don't want to go."
Gabrielle: "No, I know. You want to be sacrificed to the Temple of Callisto. Well, it's not going to happen."
Seraphin: "Who's Callisto?"

'This isn't about Callisto.'
Gabrielle: "Who's You mean you're not being sacrificed to Callisto?"
Seraphin: "I'm chosen for the Priestess of the Blood, for the Rebirth of the Goddess."
Xena: "This isn't about Callisto. It's about something else. The Goddess of Dahak. It's about Hope."

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