The Sacrifice, Part 1
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Xena: "Hope is gathering followers."
Gabrielle: "It can't be."
Xena: "Yes, she's building a power base of people to worship her."
Seraphin: "Why shouldn't we worship her? I mean, we're not fools. We look at how the world is today. Where is the happiness? Where is the peace?"
Gabrielle: "Seraphin, you have no idea what you're talking about. Hope is bringing Dahak's destruction."
Seraphin: "The Goddess Hope is the savior of this world. I must get back to Werfner, the High Priest needs me - needs me for the Goddess."

'Your goddess killed my child!'
Xena: [draws her sword menacingly] "Your goddess killed my child!"
Gabrielle: [to a shocked Seraphin] "It's okay. Come along, I'll explain to you."

Ares: "Hope is building an army of the ignorant. Incredible. Are mortals so stupid as to believe Dahak will bring them peace? They all deserve what they get. I really don't know why you continue to protect them."
Xena: "Shut up, Ares. Hope must die."
Ares: "Oh, my thoughts exactly, but my way. I got a lot of options here. I can raise a combined army of all my warriors. Hope wants to fight, I'll be there but, on my terms. Not to press a point, but I could really use an overall commander."
Xena: "Your army means nothing to me."
Ares: "Taking this a little personally, aren't we? Okay, when you realize you're wrong, call me if you survive."

'Ares is right.'
Gabrielle: "Are you okay?"
Xena: "Ares is right."
Gabrielle: "About leading his army? Xena, are you sure that's best?"
Xena: "I'm taking it all too personally. I can't afford that."
Gabrielle: "It's okay to be angry."
Xena: "No, it's not. Anger clouds the mind, it prevents focus."

Xena: "Hope still has a mortal form, maybe we can use that to our advantage."
Gabrielle: "That's if we can get past her powers."
Xena: "She still hasn't made an appearance. It's possible that she's not able to. The rebirth that Seraphin mentioned - talk to her. Find out what it means."
Gabrielle: "Do you think Hope is vulnerable?"
Xena: "That's exactly what I think. And if I'm right we got a chance to kill her."

Priest: "Wait! This is the place of the Rebirth, the cave of the Sister Peaks. This is where the Goddess is."
Callisto: "Very good."
Priest: "No, please, please, we are only a servant to the greatness of--"
Callisto: "Yes, I know who you serve, little worm. She and I are old friends. I've already giver her the Priest of the Flesh, and now she's waiting for the Priest of the Blood and just guess who gets that honor."
Priest: "No, it can't be us."
Callisto: [draws sword] "Afraid so."
Priest: "We are not the Chosen One! The Priestess Seraphin, she's the Chosen One. It's her blood.
Callisto: "What exactly do you mean?"
Priest: "If our blood could release the Goddess, we would drive a sword into our own chest. But, it won't."

Priest: "You're here to help her, aren't you? To release her. We can talk to her for you."
Callisto: "Really?"

Ares: "No, you aren't listening. I said everybody! I want every warlord, every soldier who ever professed an allegiance to me - all of them. This is going to be the largest army ever assemble."
Warrior: "But this is Dahak and his daughter."
Ares: "And I am Ares, God of War! I will not end up some footnote in the annals of history. Dahak wants a battle for dominion. Alright. I'll give him one he'll never forget. But we strike now! So do as I tell you, and go."

[A large ball of flame appears before a startled Ares. One can only assume it to be the aforementioned Dahak.]

Gabrielle: "Do you remember the river near your house?"
Seraphin: "I remember."
Gabrielle: "Your parents used to get so upset at us for swimming there, and we would nod out heads and say, 'oh, we'll never do it again.' But, we'd go and we'd do it. We didn't want anyone else telling us what to do."

Seraphin: "I'm not going home, Gabrielle. I've found my place."
Gabrielle: "But this isn't your place. These aren't your friends, Seraphin. What happened to the girl that I knew who had a mind of her own? I just can't believe that you would blindly follow Dahak and his followers."
Seraphin: "It's not as blind as you think. Yes, I know Dahak has a plan. And yes, I know people must die. But, it's for the greater good."
Gabrielle: "Don't tell me about the Greater Good, because you have no idea what it means."
Seraphin: "And you have no idea about the greatness of Dahak. When the Goddess is reborn, she will return from the Sister Peaks. The bringer of the Destroyer will wash the land of its sins. On the Rebirth, it will come to pass. Werfner, the High Priest, has promised us this."

'Hope is my daughter.'
Gabrielle: "This Rebirth - what is that? Can you explain it to me? Because, I don't know what it means."
Seraphin: "It's the time when she becomes her destiny, and she emerges stronger and more powerful. Let the Goddess Hope touch your soul."
Gabrielle: "She already has. Hope is my daughter."

Priest: "Very good. You molded her cocoon from Janiclea's flesh. As it is written."
Callisto: "Priest of the Flesh - it wasn't that hard to figure out. Now, talk to her."
Priest: "What What do you want us to ask her?"
Callisto: "Ask her if she understands what I'm doing and exactly why I'm protecting her."
Priest: "You want to die?"
Callisto: "More than that. I want Oblivion. I want my life to end. I want it all to stop. No nothing. No Tartarus. Nothing! And I know I know she can do it. Now, does she agree?"
Priest: "The Goddess understands, and she agrees."

'You should have been my child'
Callisto: "You should have been my child, you know that? But, that's okay. Such power, its almost scary. Daughter of Dahak with the power of her father behind her. Yes it's quite scary."

Xena: "Hey, every village has got the same story - people leaving home to join Dahak's followers. 'Disciples' they're calling themselves now."
Gabrielle: "Are they under a spell or something?"
Xena: "No, they're simple people. They're poor and they're disillusioned. It's all she needs to draw them in."

Xena: [glancing towards a sulking Seraphin] "What's wrong with her?"
Gabrielle: "I told her about Hope about me and Hope."
Xena: "And?"
Gabrielle: "I don't know. When she looks at me, it's like there's someone else in there. How could this happen? I mean, if I were to bet what she'd be doing right now "

'That's the funny thing about people...'
Xena: "That's the funny thing about people, just when you think you've got them figured out, they show a completely different side to their character."
Gabrielle: "I know what you mean."

Gabrielle: "Do you think we'll ever get her back, the Seraphin I know."
Xena: "We're going to do everything we can. But first, I've got to deal with Callisto."
Gabrielle: "And what about Hope?"
Xena: "I don't want to split my efforts. Callisto is protecting Hope, so whatever happens, I've got to take her out of the picture."

Xena: "The villagers mentioned a drifter who had been stealing food from the markets. And by the description, it sounds like the priest we saw with Seraphin. He's got to be in the same general area as Hope."
Gabrielle: "The Sister Peaks."
Xena: "Right. Look, Gabrielle do not turn your back on her. She is not you friend any longer. She belongs to Hope."

Priest: "You should have told us you didn't eat. We wouldn't have brought back so much food. If we were immortal, we would still like to eat all kinds--"
Callisto: "Quiet! We've got a visitor. Oh, she's good. I'll be right back."
Priest: "A visitor? We don't like visitors."

Callisto: "Oh, Xena, come on. I know you're here. Still trying to stop me even though I'm doing you a favor."
Xena: "You can do me a favor by handing over Hope."
Callisto: "Oh, you figured it out, did you? Well, no can do. She's not quite up to snuff at the moment. She's cocooned. Helpless. She needs her Auntie Callisto. You would just run her through."
Xena: "That's the idea."
Callisto: "Yeah, well, I can't let it happen. I have plans for her big plans."
Xena: "Well, forget about them, and hand over that monster!"
Callisto: "What is this, some kind of martyrdom phase you're going through? I could kill you in an instant [Xena chops Callisto's hand off, which grows right back] Nice try. But, that threat only worked when I was a mortal. But, I'm a god now, Xena. Welcome to my world now, get ready to leave it."
Xena: "Give me your best shot."

'Oh, clever, clever girl.'
Callisto: "Oh, clever, clever girl. You want me to use my powers in here so all these stupid rocks come tumbling down on me."
Xena: "You're a god. It won't kill ya."
Callisto: "No, it won't kill me, but it will keep me locked up long enough for you to get to my precious, little baby [draws sword] Oh, well, back to basics."

Callisto: [Xena skewers Callisto] "Ouch! Don't do that. The best you can hope for is a standoff. And who do you really think is going to tire out first? I've got to give you credit for trying."

[Xena runs out of the cave, only to trip and fall a short way out of the opening.]

Callisto, look out for that pile of rocks behind ... nevermind
Callisto: "You should have kept running. I couldn't use my powers in there but out here can you say 'nighty-night'?"

[Just as Callisto sends a ball of flame towards Xena head, Xena produces a hidden shield and deflects it. The ball of flame ricochets off a few more shields and lands squarely against a mound of supported boulders right above Callisto's head. Poor Callisto, she really needs to look into some flatter real-estate.]

Xena: "Nighty-night."

Xena: "Stay back, Ares. I'm the one who gets to kill her!"
Ares: "Then, I guess we got a problem, because I just can't let that happen." [Ares and Hope's cocoon disappear]

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