The Sacrifice, Part 1
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Seraphin: "We had heard about the mother of the Goddess. She is known as the Betrayer. The one who selfishly killed her daughter."
Gabrielle: "That's not how it was."
Seraphin: "We were never told her name because it was said that to speak it was obscene blasphemy. I didn't know it was you. But, I guess it makes sense!"
Gabrielle: "How does it make sense?"
Seraphin: "She's your daughter. She's a balance of Dahak's power. The Goddess Hope is a balance of Good and Evil. But, born as a mortal, she is one of us."
Gabrielle: "She's Evil. That's what she is. She's like her father."
Seraphin: "She has a harsh father, yes. That's why Hope was born of a good person of you. She can stand as a champion for mortals, a leader for us all."
Gabrielle: "She is a murderer. She doesn't care about any of us. Even as a child--"
Seraphin: "Can you blame a child for not understanding the power that was given it? A child without guidance? Without a mother? After the Rebirth, the Goddess Hope weill have the wisdom to know what's best. She's you daughter, Gabrielle. How could your daughter be evil?"

Xena: "Ares has got Hope."
Gabrielle: "You saw her?"
Xena: "Yes, I saw her or something very like her. She's in a cocoon."
Gabrielle: "What is Ares up to?"
Xena: "I know he's not taking her to Mount Olympus because of the other gods. There's only one place that she'd be safe."
Gabrielle: "One place the Halls of War?"
Xena: "We'll need every bit of time we've got. We'll travel over night by foot. I think we can be there by morning."
Gabrielle: "And then what?"
Xena: "First things first. Let's just get there."

'Can you hear me?'
Ares: "Can you hear me? Can you? You and Callisto killed Strife. You tried to kill me. But, as you've probably figured out, I forgive you. Xena's not finished, you know. When she puts her mind to killing someone, they generally get killed. I know. I gave her that focus. I suggest you do something to discourage her."

Gabrielle: "What is that?"
Seraphin: "The Goddess. She's speaking to us. You have to leave, Gabrielle. They're coming."
Gabrielle: "Who's coming?"
Xena: "Gabrielle "
Gabrielle: [a group of possessed villagers start coming towards the group] "By the gods."
Xena: "They're just innocent people. Hope knows I won't kill them. There was a hut on the other side of the bridge. Run to it. I'll meet you there."

Xena: "Okay, fellas, break it up."
Followers: "Stop her."

Gabrielle: "Hurry!"
Seraphin: "You don't understand. They're trying to save me."
Gabrielle: "They're trying to save you for a sacrifice."
Seraphin: "They won't hurt us. They wouldn't."
Gabrielle: "Right. They won't hurt the Betrayer?"
Seraphin: "But, I would tell them that you realize that you were wrong. I can see it in your eyes. They're coming!"

'Gabrielle, up through the roof'
Gabrielle: "Xena!"
Xena: "Gabrielle, up through the roof. Climb down the tree and head for the river through the forest [to Seraphin] Come on, your turn."
Seraphin: "No, leave me here."
Xena: "Come on!"
Seraphin: "No, Xena!" [Xena unceremoniously knocks her upside the head and throws her over her shoulder]

'What if it changes her?'
Xena: "This is the area. The halls of War are around here someplace. The entrance is along these cliffs."
Gabrielle: "Xena about the Rebirth of Hope what if it changes her?"
Xena: "It won't change her, except to make her more powerful and more evil."

'Don't you dare defend Hope to me.'
Gabrielle: "I just can't help thinking that she was a child when she did all those things."
Xena: "My son was only a child when she killed him. Don't you dare defend Hope to me."

Xena: "I'm going to head south and see if I can find anything. Stay here and don't let her out of your sight."

Seraphin: "You can sense her, can't you? She's your daughter, Gabrielle. She loves you. Don't you know that? She needs you."
Gabrielle: "Don't you think I know that? I have thought of that every minute, but I can't play 'what if'."

'Go to her.'
Seraphin: "But, it doesn't have to be like that. She knows. The Goddess Hope knows. I can feel it. And if Xena kills her "
Gabrielle: "Go to her. Find her. Warn her."
Seraphin: "I will. I'll tell her that her mother loves her. Oh, you are the savior of the world, Gabrielle."

'You almost convinced me.'
Xena: "That was good. With the connection that Hope has to her followers, Seraphin should lead me right to her. You almost convinced me."
Gabrielle: "I'm not blind anymore. You realize that we've given Hope exactly what she wants? Seraphin."
Xena: "It was the only way that we could get to her in time. If we waited, Hope would just choose another Priestess of the Blood."

Priest: "We thought this place safe. You told us it was."
Ares: "No. Safe was not the word I used. When Xena starts to move, nothing is safe. Once Hope is released, you won't have to worry about that. Weren't you supposed to bring Seraphin here first?"
Priest: "We we failed. But, we're looking."

Ares: "I do have one card to play something even Xena won't see coming."

Gabrielle: "Be careful."
Xena: "Yeah."

'You and I have something to talk about.'
Ares: "Sh you and I have something to talk about."

Gabrielle: "Where are we? What is this place? Who are they?"
Girl: "We "
Maiden: " are "
Crone: " the Fates."

The Fates
Ares: "Yes, the Fates. They spin the Thread of Life for all you mortals."
Gabrielle: "What am I doing here?"
Ares: "Oh, I don't know, old time's sake. To call in a debt, remember? You still owe me for getting you to Chin ahead of Xena. Now, I'm calling that favor in."

'And if Xena kills Hope...'
Ares: "If Xena kills Hope, this thread is cut."
Gabrielle: "If I have to die to keep Dahak's evil from the world, then I will that's Xena this is Xena's life thread."
Ares: "That's right. And if Xena kills Hope [makes cutting gesture with his fingers]"

Ares: "Do the Fates agree? I have the right to ask this?"
Girl: "The debt is binding "
Maiden: " the burden is "
Crone: " on Gabrielle."
Girl: "If Xena kills Hope "
Maiden: " Xena will die."

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