A Day in the Life
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Killing time
Gabrielle: "What's taking him so long?"
Xena: "Cut him some slack. He's just stomped a whole army. He's probably resting."
Gabrielle: "Where's Minya?"
Xena: "I hope she's taking some advice I gave her.

Zagreas: "Xena!"
Xena: "Hi, Zagreas. Having a bad day?"
Zagreas: "You set me up, Xena. That giant destroyed my entire army. It's not fair. I'm just trying to make a living - all us warlords are. A little looting. A little mayhem. You used to do it, Xena. But you changed, and you ruined everything for all of us with your chakram, your whip, your sword, your fists and your little tricks. You make fools of us all. Well, I'm here to end it, Xena - end it all. Yeah. One of us ain't leaving this place alive, Xena. Let's have at it!"
Minya: "Hey! Tough guy! You want to talk or fight?"
Zagreas: "Another one! Aahh!" -- Rushes headlong at Minya only to be stopped cold with a well-placed fist.

Looked so good in leather?
Hower: "Whoa, Minya, that was amazing. I had no idea you ..."
Minya: "Looked so good in leather?"

Xena: (the ground shakes) "He's headed towards the giant's burial ground first. I've got to go out and meet him. If this doesn't work, or if the bad weather doesn't hold, I want you to get Hower and Minya to safety. Don't let them die in a lost cause."
Gabrielle: "Xena … I'm sorry I traded your whip for a frying pan."
Xena: "I shouldn't have used your scrolls. We're even … (the ground shakes) … It's time."

Xena: (perched in a tree) "Gareth … we meet again." -- Jumps from the tree and ties the flying parchment to Gareth's belt.
Gareth: (in hot pursuit of the Warrior Princess) "I'm going to squash you like an insect."
Xena: "In your dreams."
Gareth: "I'm going to get you, Xena!"
Xena: "Come on, handsome. Come on, Gareth, you couldn't catch a cold."

Xena: (running through the giant's burial ground) "You should have more respect for the dead ..."
Gareth: "You can't get away from me!"
Xena: "… you'll be joining them sooner than you think … (a large thunder cloud looms over Gareth) … Goliath says hello." -- Gareth is flambéed.

Going to bed

Xena: (star gazing) "That bunch up there looks like a big dipper."
Gabrielle: "A dipper?"
Xena: "Yeah, you know, like one of those cups you use to draw water out of a bucket."
Gabrielle: "It looks like a bear to me."
Xena: "A bear? Where do you get a bear?"
Gabrielle: (pointing towards the heavens) "There's the body. See it's little ears?"
Xena: "No."

Star gazing

The perfect end to a day in any life
Gabrielle: (Whack!!) "Xena, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?"
Xena: "I'll live."
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry. I ... I never thought I'd really hit you. I ..."
Xena: "It's alright, let's just go to sleep now, okay."
Gabrielle: (plants a wet one on Xena's cheek)
Xena: "Hey!"
Gabrielle: "Did you just let me hit you?"
Xena: "No, you nailed me fair and square."
Gabrielle: "You did, didn't you? You let me hit you because you feel sorry for me."
Xena: "Go to sleep."
Gabrielle: "Alright ... I know you let me hit you."

DISCLAIMER: "No slimy eels were harmed during the production of this motion picture despite their reputation as a fine delicacy in select cultures of the known world."

Images courtesy of: ROCfanatic's Xena Site.

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