Path of Vengeance
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'You're not doing this!'
Xena: [to a council of standing Amazons] "You're not doing this!"
Gabrielle: "By Amazon law, Xena has the right to defend the accused."
Varia: "She confessed. What could her defense be?"
Xena: "You give me time, I'll present one."

Cyane: "Gabrielle and Xena have done enough for the Amazons to deserve this."
Kanai: "You have one hour to present your case."

Xena: "Did you notice that sword Varia had?"
Gabrielle: "Eve had a sword like that when she was Livia."
Xena: "That's right. She got it from Ares."

Xena: "Varia Marga believed that one day you'd be a great Queen. She asked me to train you for that, but I see I failed her."
Varia: "No, you haven't failed. I'm grateful for your training, but I'm on my own now."
Xena: "Is that so?" [attacks Varia]

Xena: "Anyone who's ever seen me use that move is dead except for Ares. He's training you now, isn't he? For what?"
Varia: "He's helping me build the Amazon Nation, and we're doing it, Xena."
Xena: "He doesn't care about you or the Amazon Nation."
Varia: "The Amazons are tired of being pushed around. We are going to fight back united and strong, with the God of War as our ally."
Xena: "You don't need him, Varia. It's within you to lead the Amazons. You're the one."
Amazon: "They want to hear your defense."
Varia: "No, Xena, you're wrong. I do need him."

Xena: "Alright, Eve, why did you raid Varia's tribe?"
Eve: "Slaves."
Xena: "Slaves? Why would any commander lead a regiment of men through swamp and forest, and then engage the fiercest warriors in the land in the vain hope of making them slaves? What really happened? Eve, Ares is leading the Amazons into a suicidal war against the Romans. You can make them see how he operates. If you don't care about yourself, at least care about them."
Eve: "I committed these crimes, Mother. I must tell the truth."
Xena: "Then tell the whole truth."

Eve: "I was fighting two campaigns in the north. I was taking provinces for Rome "

Livia: "So where are we?"
Roman: [pointing at map] "We hold these areas here, here and here. These others will fall before the end of the day."
Livia: "Alright, leave me."

Ares: "What's wrong? Campaign not going to plan?"
Livia: "Exactly as I planned. We're running out of territories to capture. We'll wage so much war, we'll have nothing but peace."
Ares: "You haven't been there." [points to spot on map]
Livia: "Amazon lands? There's nothing to be gained there."
Ares: "Not all gains are showed on a map. I'm talking about glory. The name 'Livia.' What would the world say if you were to conquer the fierce Amazons for kicks. Or, even better, sold them as slaves. See, I know this Persian warlord, Gurkhan. He has a taste for the exotic."

'Trust me on this'
Livia: "Hm It doesn't make sense. Even with a surprise raid, I'd still lose men."
Ares: "Trust me on this. If you enslave the Amazons, you can watch the name 'Livia' spread all over the world."

Xena: "So, Ares was behind the raid."
Eve: "Yeah."

Varia: "Ares wants a strong Amazon Nation. He's helping me build it."
Xena: "Ares helps no one but himself."
Varia: "I'll find out the truth from him."

Xena: "I'd consider Eve's verdict carefully, because you're also choosing a path for your people."
Mawu-Ka: "You've had your say, Xena. The Amazons will decide now."

Gwyn-Teir: "You wish to be heard, Gabrielle?"
Gabrielle: "I wish to join the council in the deliberation."
Kanai: "As a Queen you have that right."
Cyane: "We could use your wisdom."

Gabrielle: "Xena I think I can make them understand what Ares is like. Varia already has her doubts."
Xena: "Still, Ares can be very persuasive. He's managed to con them all so far."
Gabrielle: "Just be patient, Xena. Let me try this. There's wisdom in the Amazon ways."
Xena: "Like the time they painted you blue and made you howl at the moon to consecrate your queenliness?"

Xena: "Look, if can't talk 'em round, I'm getting Eve out of here the old-fashioned way."

Varia: "Ares!"
Ares: "Whoa, is that any way to request the company of your patron god?"
Varia: "You were behind the raid that killed my sisters. Eve told us what happened."
Ares: "And you believed her?"
Varia: "Just tell me the truth."
Ares: "Okay."

Ares: "Artemis was content to let your sisters dwindle away in separate tribes. I saw it coming. I tried to warn her."
Varia: "That doesn't explain the raid."
Ares: "Well, I knew when word of the raid spread, it'd bring the tribes together. You see, hate is a very powerful emotion, Varia. It unites people."
Varia: "That's no excuse for turning my sisters into slaves."
Ares: "I knew Gurkhan would never take Amazons as slaves. They're too spirited to fetch a dinar on the auction block. So Livia took them to market, couldn't make a dinar. I mean, what she did "
Varia: "What?"
Ares: "She threw them overboard. I mean, she tossed them like spoiled cargo. They still had their shackles on."
Varia: "I want to build an army to bring them back home."
Ares: Well, you can never bring them back, but you can stop this from ever happening again."

Ares: "Eve and Rome are hand-in-hand in the slaughter. So, you know what you do? You lead your sisters against the Romans and you show them you mean business."

Gabrielle: "You know that Ares was behind the raid. Why do you condemn Eve?"
Cyane: "Ares may have put the idea in her head, but it was Eve's hand on the sword."
Mawu-Ka: "She admits her crimes. It is our duty to uphold the laws. If your heart is truly with the Amazon Nation, you must know we speak the truth."
Varia: "Amazon tradition states that the council must speak with one voice. We're growing impatient. What is your vote, sister?"

Amazon: [to Xena who is waiting outside] "They're giving the verdict."

Kanai: "We have all made our votes, what have you decided?"
Gabrielle: [stands] "Guilty."

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