Path of Vengeance
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Cyane: "What do we do with these?" [motions toward a few bound Roman soldiers]
Varia: "We finish the battle."
Cyane: "But they've surrendered."

'There's no honor in this, Varia'
Varia: "Finish the battle or they'll just come back and kill more of our sisters."
Cyane: "My tribe doesn't kill the enemy once they've surrendered."
Varia: [motions to some other Amazons] "Come."
Cyane: "There's no honor in this, Varia."

Eve: "Varia, no! These men were sent to guard me. They didn't come to fight. I came here in Peace. If you massacre these men, you will be no better than I was."
Varia: "You dare compare me to you?! [smacks Eve across the face] I'm defending Amazon lands and uniting my people. You were raiding our village for slaves. Marga sentenced you to death if you ever returned to Amazon lands. We let you go last time. This time you're gonna face what you've done."
Eve: "That's why I came."

Varia: "Your clan's gonna protect the pass. No one is to get through to our valley."
Cyane: [to her sisters] "You heard her. Let's go."

[Xena and Gabrielle walk pass Roman corpses, many of which are bound and have arrows sticking out of their backs.]

Xena: [an arrow lands at her feet] "Cyane's tribe. What are they doing this far south?"
Gabrielle: "I don't know."

'We're friends of your tribe'
Gabrielle: [several Amazons emerge] "We're friends of your tribe. We want to talk."
Cyane: "Varia, Queen of the Amazon Nation, has ordered that no one is allowed to pass."
Xena: "Well, we're coming through."
Gabrielle: "Xena, I know you want to save Eve, but these are our friends. Let's keep it that way, alright?"

Gabrielle: "We knew your Queen -- Cyane."
Cyane: "That is my name now. I was given the honor of inheriting her name and rank."
Gabrielle: "This is Xena. I'm Gabrielle."
Cyane: "It is a privilege to meet a fellow Queen of such reputation. The elders of my tribe tell many stories of your deeds. But, I can't go against Varia's orders. She's our leader now."
Xena: "Cyane, these men were executed after surrender. Your namesake would not have stood for that. Now, we need to talk to Varia."
Cyane: "The council is about to meet. You may have a chance to speak to Varia. You may accompany me and you should know, many of Varia's sisters do not like the path she is leading us on."

'Her name is Eve'
Varia: "This woman was banished from our lands under threat of death. Now, she returns with troops at her side as she did years ago the infamous Bitch of Rome."
Xena: "Her name is Eve."

Varia: "These hands enslaved my sisters. Changing her name does not change her crimes."
Xena: "Your Queen Marga already passed judgment on those crimes."
Varia: "And decreed that she would be executed if she ever returned to Amazon lands."
Mawu-Ka: This is an Amazon council. You have no prerogative to be heard here."
Xena: "I'm not leaving here without her."
Gabrielle: "Now, wait."
Gwyn-Teir: "We recognize your right to speak, Queen Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Xena is here with my permission. She has a right to defend her daughter before the Amazon council."
Mawu-Ka: "If she stays, she must abide by our law continue, Varia."

Varia: "Six years ago, before Livia came to our lands, my tribe was strong. My sister and I were out scouting "

Livia: "Search the village."

Varia: "Tura, come back. Let's go Romans! Romans are coming!"

Livia: "Check inside. I don't want anyone hiding No! Watch the faces. We've got to get the money back at auction."

Varia: "I had the perfect chance. I could have rid the world of Livia, but it was my first battle. I had never killed before "

'I had the perfect chance'
[Varia sneaks up behind Livia, and is unable to stab her in the back. She hesitates long enough for Livia to spin around, knock her down and raise her sword to strike. Tura breaks free, and throws herself over her sister. Livia smirks and kills the sister instead.]
Varia: "If I had killed Livia, I would still have my tribe and my sister. I can't undo the past, but we can redeem it with justice!"

Eve: "Varia's telling the truth. I did those things."
Mawu-Ka: "The accused has confessed to her crimes. Her guilt is not in question. All that remains to be decided is the form of punishment."
Gwyn-Teir: "The law is clear, death or banishment."
Varia: "She was banished before, and returned. This time, she dies."
Mawu-Ka: "All in favor of the execution of Livia of Rome, also know as Eve, stand and be counted."

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