To Helicon and Back
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Xena: [seeing the wrecked and still fiery barge from a distance] …"Gabrielle…"

Cyane: [floating in the sea] … "We can't stay here much longer!"
Gwyn-Teir: "What'll we do, Gabrielle?!
Gabrielle: "Stay calm! We're taking the beach!"
Bame: "But they've got catapults!"
Gabrielle: "We're taking the beach! Go!"

Gabrielle: "Run!"

[Fireballs from the catapults erupt all around the Amazons while arrows pick them off one by one.]

Cyane: "Tyro! Come on!"

Amazon: "Come on! Get up! We gotta get out!"

Tyro: "This is gonna be our graveyard!"
Gabrielle: "We are not dying here!"

Soldier: [from a distance] … "Fire!"

'We need a diversion'
Gabrielle: "There's cover if we make the sand dunes. We need a diversion to draw out their fire ... Trudis, can you do it?"
Trudis: "I'll go."
Gabrielle: "For us."
Trudis: "I'll do it."

Tyro: "She's never gonna make it."
Gabrielle: "We don't have any other choice."

[Poor Trudis buys enough time for Gabrielle and the remaining Amazons to make it to the dunes with minimal damage.]

Gabrielle: "Now! Go! Go! Move! Run! Don't stop! Move! Move! Go! Go!"

Gabrielle: "Come on! Get down! Stay low! Get down!"
Cyane: "Someone's coming out of the water!"

[Xena emerges from the water and runs along the beach dodging fire bombs and arrows all the way.]

Xena: "Gabrielle! Gabrielle!"
Gabrielle: "Xena, what happened?"

'Xena, what happened?'
Bame: "Why didn't you do something?! Why didn't you stop them?! They've got catapults! We are going to die. We are all going to die!"
Xena: "You listen to me. Yes, they've got catapults, and yes, we are going to die if you don't pull yourself together! You hear me? All of you, keep calm! Get back. Get back."

Bellerophon: [to Varia] … "You Amazons deserted Artemis when she needed your worship the most. For that, I will kill each and every one of you."

Xena: "They're being led by Bellerophon. That's the son of Artemis. Do you understand?"
Gabrielle: "He's going to destroy us."

'You're it'
Gabrielle: "Xena, you should take command. Take it."
Xena: "The Amazons aren't going to listen to me, Gabrielle. You're it. You're it."

Bellerophon: [to Varia] … "But, maybe … we can come to some kind of understanding."

Bame: "They've stopped. Let's get out of here!"
Xena: "Stay put."
Tyro: "Shouldn't we make a run for it?"
Gabrielle: "That's what they expect."
Tyro: "Bame!"
Bame: "Come on" … [takes off running only to be both skewered by arrows and blown up by a fire bomb]
Tyro: "NO!"

Xena: "Gabrielle, I've got an idea."

Soldier: [from a distance] … "Ready the catapult!"

Xena: "It won't buy us much time, only seconds, but it's the only chance we've got." … [cautiously climbs to the top of the dune with chakram in hand]

Gabrielle: "Come on."

Soldier: "Fire!"

[Xena throws her chakram at the firebomb just as it leaves the catapult. The firebomb explodes, sending flames raining down on Bellerophon's soldiers.]

Xena: "Go!"
Gabrielle: "Run, fast! Move! Go! Go!"
Xena: "Run!"
Xena: "Gwyn-Teir! No! Gwyn-Teir." … [picks up the half-dead queen]

Soldier: "Fire!"

Gabrielle: [seeing Xena lay down a mostly dead queen] … "Gwyn-Teir…"
Xena: "No."
Gabrielle: "At least we're out of the line of fire."

Cyane: [climbs up another larger dune to see the Queen stumbling toward them blindfolded and shackled] … "Varia!"
Tyro: "Why aren't they firing?"

Varia: "Bellerophon said a queen should die with her tribe."
Gabrielle: "It's good to have you back, Varia. The troops are waiting for their orders."
Varia: "We'll wait for nightfall. Then we'll retreat."
Gabrielle: "Retreat?"
Varia: "I have got to get my troops home to safety."
Gabrielle: "Varia, Bellerophon will come after us. He will not rest until the entire Amazon race is annihilated."

'I have got to get my troops home to safety'
Xena: "We have to stop him, Varia." … [sensing something amis]
Varia: "… How?"
Xena: "If we go by water, we can take up a flanking position on the other side of the fortress."

Gabrielle: "I think the wounded will be better off here."
Xena: "They'll be completely defenseless against Bellerophon's men, Gabrielle."
Varia: "I am not leaving any of my soldiers."
Gabrielle: "Xena, carrying the wounded will slow us down. More of us will be injured, or die … You're right. I'll tell the others."

'I'll go'
Varia: "I was blindfolded, but there was definitely a track they brought me down on. And if I came down …"
Gabrielle: "… then we can go up."
Varia: "Then we won't have to go through the water. We'll need a volunteer to find the path."
Gabrielle: "I'll go."

Xena: [her GADAR (GAbrielle Detecting And Ranging) activates] … "Gabrielle?"

[As Gabrielle runs for the aforementioned path, Varia lines up her sights to sink an arrow through the poor, unsuspecting bard.]

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