To Helicon and Back
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Xena: [examining a weapon] "It's from Helicon."
Gabrielle: "That's the fortress on the coast."
Mawu-Ka: "Our best warriors will leave immediately to rescue her."
Cyane: "We need a commander who's familiar with the terrain of Greece."
Gabrielle: "It should be Xena."
Gwyn-Teir: "No. The Amazon nation can only go to war under an Amazon queen."
Xena: "That means you, Gabrielle."

'Good call'
Gabrielle: "The fortress is on an outcrop. The mountain pass is the best route to attack from."
Xena: "Therefore, it's the best-defended."
Gabrielle: "Exactly. We attack by water."
Xena: "Good call."
Gabrielle: "Good teacher."

Xena: "Alright, so tonight, I'll sneak through the pass, knock off the leader, and try to create a diversion, while you and the other Amazons come off the water and take them from behind."
Gabrielle: "Xena, are you sure about going after their leader on your own?"
Xena: "I can handle him. Let's hope Varia can."

'I'm guessing this is not how you planned on spending your first day as Queen of the Amazons'
Bellerophon: "So the great Varia. I'm guessing this is not how you planned on spending your first day as Queen of the Amazons."
Varia: [slightly dazed from her concussion] "In the name of all the Amazons, I demand that ugh!"
Bellerophon: "You are in no position to demand anything."

Varia: "What kind of madman are you? You invite the wrath of the Amazon nation on your head by kidnapping me?"
Bellerophon: "Actually, I had intended just to kill you. But plans change."
Varia: "Whoever you are, whatever your grudge is against me, my sisters won't stand for this. They'll come after you."
Bellerophon: "I know."

[The Amazons perform a ceremonial burial for those lost in the fight before they embark by sea to rescue their Queen.]

Gabrielle: [lending support and comfort to her fellow Amazons in the belly of the sea barge] "Not long now Are you all right? There you go."

Cyane: "Lend me some coins?"
Gwyn-Teir: "What for? We don't even use the same money."
Cyane: "I know, but knowing my luck, if I owe you money, I'll survive."
Gwyn-Teir: [chuckles softly]
Cyane: "No, I-I'm serious."

Gabrielle: "Are you okay?"
Tyro: "Some warrior, huh? I'm worse than Joxer facing the Dryads."
Gabrielle: "Everybody's afraid. Some people are just better at hiding it. You'll do fine."

'It's not nice to meet you, Bellerophon'
Xena: [knocking Bellerophon on his ass] "Hello."
Bellerophon: "Xena. I was surprised to see you at the Amazon camp."
Xena: "Likewise ...."
Bellerophon: "Oh, I'm sorry. Bellerophon."
Xena: "It's not nice to meet you, Bellerophon." [attacks her new enemy]

Xena: [picking herself off of the ground] "I've been hit like that before, but never by a mortal."
Bellerophon: "I was born of Artemis, the greatest of all the Olympians."
Xena: "That's why you hate the Amazons."
Bellerophon: "She watched over them, taught them everything they needed to survive, yet they abandoned her."
Xena: "That was not the Amazons' fault."
Bellerophon: "No, it was yours."

Xena: "You're a good enough fighter, so what? Does that make you a god?"
Bellerophon: "Oh, what does it matter, Xena? Everyone knows you've lost the power to kill gods. You murdered my mother. Now you're gonna pay. Guards!"

Bellerophon: [holding Xena at knife point] "First you, then every one of those bitches, until there's not a single Amazon left to draw a breath starting with those fools bobbing out there in the water."

Gabrielle: "When we hit the shore, disembark in silence. The element of surprise is our greatest weapon."

Bellerophon: "Fire the catapults!"
Soldier: "Fire!"
Xena: "No!" [pushed herself free of Bellerophon's grasp and dives out the window to the sea below]

Tyro: "What's that noise?"
Gabrielle: "Get down!" [the barge erupts into flames]

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