A Friend in Need
Part 1
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'I thought I heard a horse before'
Xena: [looking out over the city walls] "Can you hear them?"
Gabrielle: "I thought I heard a horse before."
Xena: "Listen not just to the sounds, but to what's behind the sounds."

'How many are there?'
Gabrielle: [hearing the sounds of soldiers] "How many are there?"
Xena: "At least three armies are gathering. The general that we met at the water tower was right, we will meet again, and soon."
Gabrielle: "I'll warn the others."

'My spirit aches for the torment I've caused'
Xena: "Ghost Killer, I know that you think of me as your enemy, but you must believe this. My spirit aches for the torment I've caused."
Harukata: "We both want the same thing to release those souls."

Xena: "You've devoted your life to killing Yodoshi. Why is it that you have never succeeded?"
Harukata: "I have the power to slay, but it is impossible for me to get close enough to use my blade."
Xena: "Why?"
Harukata: "Because I am mortal. Only another ghost can trap a spirit as mighty as Yodoshi."

'I know what I must do'
Xena: "Akemi, I know what I must do, but I'm afraid that this day, what's done may not be undone."

'Give me your hands'

'Feel the surge of blood under the skin'

'Gabrielle, if I only had 30 seconds to live ...'
Gabrielle: "Xena, the militia is prepared. Why aren't you ready?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, come here. Come here. Give me your hands. Alright [puts Gabrielle's fingers to her throat] Here. Feel the surge of blood under the skin. Now, just behind-- "
Gabrielle: "Xena, you don't have to do this. I understand why you would never want to teach me the pinch."
Xena: "No. No, today more than ever, I want you to know what I know. Please." [using Gabrielle's fingers, puts the pinch on herself]
Gabrielle: "Why are you doing this?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, if I only had 30 seconds to live, this is how I'd want to live them, looking into your eyes."
Gabrielle: "Stop this. Stop it."
Xena: "Always remember I love you." [unpinches]
Gabrielle: "Why would you teach me this right now? I don't understand!"
Xena: "There's nothing to understand. I just wanted you to know everything I know."
Harukata: [entering] ... "Are you ready?"
Xena: "Let's go. We got a battle to win."

'Xena wants us to lead a contingent to the east plain'
Kenji: "Wouldn't it be better if we stayed with Xena?"
Gabrielle: "Xena wants us to lead a contingent to the east plain. She said a group of Yodoshi's archers are gathering there."

[Hidden from view, Xena watches Gabrielle walk through the haze away from her and towards the eastern plane. She then turns and walks away towards her own destiny.]

To Be Continued ...

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