A Friend in Need
Part 1
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Kenji: "Xena, you must save Higuchi from destruction."
Gabrielle: "The Land of the Rising Sun. That's beyond Chin. I didn't know you were there, Xena.
Xena: "Yes, I was there ... I was there."

Xena: "Gabrielle, this is not going to be the trip that I promised you, but if Akemi calls, I must go."
Gabrielle: "Wherever you go, I am by your side."
Xena: "I knew you'd say that."

[Sailing towards the island of Jappa, Kenji teaches Gabrielle skills with a samurai sword.]

Kenji: "The way of the sword is the most ancient of the warrior's art. With practice, the samurai develops the sacred virtues of bravery, self-discipline, and honor. A samurai would rather die a warrior, than live as a coward."

'Gabrielle, before we reach Jappa ...'
Gabrielle: "This Akemi who sent for Xena, what do you know about her?"
Kenji: "She was forced by Yodoshi, the Lord of the Dark Land, to seduce souls into his grasp. She's very beautiful, and she's a ghost."
Gabrielle: "She's a--"
Xena: "Gabrielle, before we reach Jappa, I should tell you everything that happened there last time."

'Many years ago ...'
Xena: "Many years ago, Borias told me about a young girl who was kidnapped by a Chinese warlord. She'd been taken hostage from a mighty island, even further east than Ch'in. Being the kind of person I was then, the challenge of finding a new land to plunder was just too much for me. I had to meet her "

Xena: "So, her daddy's rich, you say?"
Borias: "And powerful. He should pay well for the return of his sweet daughter."

'You know me?'
Kao: "Come. Akemi, meet-- "
Akemi: "Xena, the warrior princess."
Xena: "You know me?"
Akemi: "Oh, yes. I've heard that you're afraid of nothing. Kao here, he's afraid of many things."

Borias: "This girl has spirit."
Kao: "This girl deserves to die, speaking like that in front of my guests."
Akemi: "You won't kill me. Xena won't let you. Because in her heart, she knows that she will soon love me."
Borias: "Xena loves no one."

Akemi: "I'll be your student, Xena. You'll take me with you. You'll teach me everything you know."
Kao: "I have a few lessons for you!" [grabs Akemi]
Xena: "Here, fifty pieces of gold. It's the best offer you'll get for her."
Kao: "I do what I want with my property. I say this isn't a good day to trade."
Xena: "Is it a good day to die?"
Akemi: [to Kao] "It's unhealthy to negotiate with this one. I'd take the gold."
Kao: "Guards!"

[Xena and Borias easily deflect the attack of the guards.]

Xena: "I've shut off the flow of blood to your brain. You got ten nine eight ah, forget it."
Borias: [to a dying Koa] "I would have taken the gold."

[Xena, Borias and Akemi sail towards Jappa.]

'I could get a nice toehold on that island'
Xena: "You know, Borias, I have a dream, a dream of conquering every land between here and Britannia."
Borias: "Xena, you're always looking for green pastures to rape and pillage."
Xena: "Yep, and maybe there's more in this than just the ransom, huh? I mean, with her father as an ally, I could get a nice toehold on that island."

Borias: "What makes you so sure she'll lead you to Daddy?"
Xena: "Ah, she wouldn't lie to me. She worships her teacher ... [to a laughing Borias] "What's so funny?"
Borias: "Xena, you couldn't teach a dog to bark."
Xena: [whistles] "Akemi! Come here. I wanna show you something."
Akemi: "You're wrong. Xena will be a great teacher I'm ready."

Xena: "Alright, if someone's comin' at ya with a right/left combination, this is what I want ya to do. You feint back, twist in the direction of the blow, and then deliver a vicious jumping, spinning back-kick. Alright?"
Akemi: "Right, so, that's right, a left, a feint, uh, a jumping, swinging "
Xena: " jumping, spinning back-kick. Alright, now, I'll be a bad guy [kicks Akemi square in the chest] Lesson one, trust no one."

Borias: [Xena and Akemi paddle towards the island] "Remember, Xena, I get 10 % of the ransom. Good luck, teacher."

Xena: [walking through a snow covered forest] "Come on, Akemi, keep up."
Akemi: "My ribs are still a little sore."
Xena: "Well, next time we'll start with something a little simpler, like listening. Listen to that."
Akemi: "To what?"
Xena: "To life and death. Every sound, every movement, is a message. A wagon just crossed a creek up ahead. A deer grazing nearby."
Akemi: "When you listen to the Kami like that, you must be at peace."
Xena: "The Kami? What's that?"
Akemi: "The Kami are the powers behind all nature. They make the sun shine, the grass grow. They brought you to me."
Xena: "No, no, no. When I listen like that, I'm at war. Every sound is a possible warning of an enemy approaching."

'It's our scripts'
Akemi: "I believe that one day, Xena, the Kami will help you know peace. And I would be honored if you would accept this." [hands her a scroll with Japanese script]
Xena: "Oh, uh it's really ... pretty."

Akemi: "It's our scripts. When my people are overcome with a feeling that needs to be preserved we write verse."
Xena: "Oh, yeah? Like what feeling?"
Akemi: "Love."
Xena: "Love?"
Akemi: "'Yesterday, the moon took lodging on my sleeve. Today, I have hope for even the brokenhearted stars.'"

'The truth is, Gabrielle, she broke my heart'
Gabrielle: "So beautiful. To write something like that, she must have loved you very much. What's wrong?"
Xena: "The truth is, Gabrielle, she broke my heart."

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