Last of the Centaurs
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Xena: "I suppose I don't need to tell you my name now."
Belach: "Xena, I realized who you were the moment I heard you say those words. I've always wanted to meet you again."
Xena: "I bet you did."
Belach: "To say I'm grateful. If you hadn't stolen my father, I'd be following in his muddy footprints."

Xena: "You think you're so very different to him?"
Belach: "I am nothing like my father!"
Xena: "You're right. Your father would never stoop to do what you've done. He was better than that."
Belach: "Better?! Are we remembering the same man?! Are we remembering the day you took him from us?!"

Natasha: "Belach? Belach! What happened?" [little Belach points towards the tent where Borias and Xena are making out]

Borias: "Natasha! Natasha!"
Natasha: "What can you say to me?! Me and your son?! Or that whore?! You must choose, Borias!"
Borias: "If you were more of a woman, I wouldn't have to choose!"

[Borias hops on a horse behind Xena. Before riding off, he snatches off the medallion hanging from around his neck and tosses it to his son.]

Belach: "When my father's army broke up, we fell into servitude. While we were starved and beaten, I heard about his exploits cutting across the East with that woman, with you [pulls out the medallion hanging around his neck] this is the only thing my father left me."
Xena: "You kept it?"
Belach: "Not for sentimental reasons, I can assure you, only to remind me of what scum he was and how far I've come."

Xena: [at the pit of dead Centaurs] "Lord Belach, so fine, so cultured, look how far you've come, to wipe out an entire race. You're right, you are nothing like your father."
Belach: "I did what had to be done."
Xena: "You look again. You look again and you tell me you feel nothing. If your daughter saw this who would she think is more civilized, you or Borias?"

Belach: "Why have you brought me here? Why don't you just kill me?"
Xena: "I might yet."
Belach: "No, I don't think so. What's the matter? Do I look too much like my father? You had a son with Borias, didn't you, Xena? Would it be too much like slitting his throat?"
Xena: "No. I just wanted you to know who Borias really was. Stay awhile amongst the dead. Tell them how far you've come, what a fine lord you are."

Nicha: "Oh! I have to stop!"
Ephiny: "Gabrielle, it is time."
Gabrielle: "We have to get her to shelter. Down there."

Xenon: "Nicha, what can I do?"
Gabrielle: "Go and keep a lookout. We'll call for you. Go on."
Ephiny: "Gabrielle." [motions to a good spot for Nicha to lay down]
Gabrielle: "Slow down. Breathe slowly. Come on, sh. Slow down. Slow down. Slow your breathing down."

Soldier: [walking up the path to the abandoned house] "This way."

Nicha: "What am I doing here?! I never should have left! Xenon!"

Soldiers: [sees Xenon, who leads them on a chase away from the house] "There! Come on! He's getting away!"

Scumbag #1: "Let them have the Centaur. Why settle for a bounty? Belach will pay a ransom for his daughter."

Gabrielle: "You have to stay calm, Nicha."
Nicha: "I wanna push!"
Ephiny: "Not yet. She can't."
Gabrielle: "You can't push. Breathe with me. Just stay with me. Breathe slow. Breathe with me."
Ephiny: "That's it, Gabrielle. Just keep talking to her. Calm her."

Scumbag #1: "Let's check in here."
Ephiny: "Gabrielle, someone's here."
Scumbag #1: "Search that side."
Scumbag #2: "They're not here."
Scumbag #1: "Yes, they are."

[Xena once again proves that she has impeccable timing and dispatches a few bounty hunters.]

Xena: "How close is she?"
Gabrielle: "Very."
Xena: "Okay, Nicha, we're gonna take good care of you, I promise."
Nicha: "Okay."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I'm gonna make an incision [hands Gabrielle her chakram] make this as clean as you can."

Gabrielle: "Why are they hunting us? Did you stop Belach?"
Xena: "I took him back to the Centaur camp. I thought if I could show him what he'd done--"
Gabrielle: "Did you get through to him? Xena, you should have killed him."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I couldn't. He's Borias' son, her father."
Gabrielle: "He slaughtered the Centaurs, and he won't stop until he kills Xenan."

Nicha: "Xenon! Where are you?! I need you!"
Gabrielle: "Did you see Xenon out there?"
Xena: "No. Nicha, I'm going to take away your pain now and everything is going to be just fine, okay? [uses the pinch to perform an ancient epidural] Alright? Good."

Gabrielle: "Stay with us. You're doing so well. Stay with us."
Xena: [performs a c-section with her trusty chakram] "Yes. There he is Oh, he's beautiful."
Ephiny: "Is that my grandson? He's perfect."
Xena: "He's beautiful, Nicha."
Gabrielle: "I'll give her stitches."

Belach: [from outside] "Xena?!"

Belach: "Even trade, Xena! I've got the Centaur! Give me my daughter!"

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