Last of the Centaurs
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Soldier: "Lord Belach." [Xena, Gabrielle and the spirit of Ephiny enter]
Belach: "More bounty hunters, I take it."
Gabrielle: [to Xena] "Are you alright?"
Ephiny: "She's staring in the face of her past. This man is the spitting image of Borias. He was Xena's lover."
Belach: "Well, have you found him?"
Xena: "Not yet, but we will.

Xena: "What's this Centaur done to make you want him so badly?"
Belach: "That half-man, half-horse monstrosity stole my daughter, Nicha."
Xena: "This place seems pretty well-guarded. How did he manage that?"
Belach: "She was snatched up by that thing and carried away."
Xena: "Why would he do a thing like that?"
Belach: "I've received no ransom demands, so I can only assume the worst. I'll hunt down every last one of those animals if that's what it takes to get my daughter back."
Ephiny: "You're the animal!"
Gabrielle: [to Ephiny] "Take it easy."
Xena: "What?"
Belach: "Take it easy?! You think you could take it easy if your child was stolen?!"
Xena: "No, no. Look, pay no attention to her.

Xena: "Your father was Borias."
Belach: "That name is not to be spoken here."
Xena: "I meant no offense."
Belach: "My father was a warlord, a cruel-hearted man. Everything I have done, everything I have built, all you see around you has been done despite being his son."
Xena: "And he died when you were a child."
Belach: "How do you know that?"
Xena: "I've heard the legend. Borias was a hero to the Centaurs. Using his name might get your daughter back faster than any needless war."

Belach: "I have let those freaks live on my land for years. It was a mistake. My wife, Leone, died bringing Nicha into the world. She's all I have left."
Xena: "I'll bring your daughter back."

Ephiny: "He came through here, I'm sure of it."
Gabrielle: "Ephiny says that we're on his trail."
Xena: "Good. That should put us ahead of the bounty hunters."
Gabrielle: "Xena, if Belach is Borias' son, does that mean that he's your--?"
Xena: "No, no, Borias had a son before I came along, and that was Lord Belach."

Gabrielle: "There's something about him, Xena. He's dangerous."
Xena: "He's grieving."
Gabrielle: "It is Xenon we're supposed to be helping, right?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, I owe Belach."
Ephiny: "My son never would have taken her against her will."
Gabrielle: "I know, Ephiny."
Xena: "Belach's daughter was taken by a Centaur. He's not going to listen to reason till he gets her back. You can't blame him for that."

Ephiny: "Xenon, my son. Last time I saw you, you were, a child. Can't you sense that I'm here?"
Xenon: "Somebody's there."
Ephiny: "Yes, it's your mother."
Xenon: "Show yourself!"

Xena: "Xenon, we're here to help. Where's Nicha?"
Xenon: "How do you know my name?"
Xena: "You were named after me. I'm Xena. I delivered you at birth."
Xenon: "You're not old enough to be Xena."
Gabrielle: "It's a long story, but it's true. I was there, too."
Ephiny: "Xenon, they're your friends."

Xena: "Belach is after you. Why aren't you with your brothers?"
Xenon: "That's none of your concern."
Ephiny: "Gabrielle, tell him I'm here."
Gabrielle: "Alright, Ephiny."
Xenon: "Why do you say my mother's name?"
Gabrielle: "Your mother's spirit is here."
Xenon: "Can you say anything that doesn't insult my intelligence?"

Ephiny: "Gabrielle, do you know the Amazon lullaby?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah [to Xena] it's okay."
Ephiny: "Sing it with me. He'll understand. I changed the words when I used to sing it to him."
Ephiny & Gabrielle: "Moon shines bright, by fire's light. Amazon baby, sleep tonight."
Xenon: "A lot of people know that song."
Ephiny & Gabrielle: "Hush-a-bye. Please don't cry. Xenon sings his lullaby. Xenan sings his lullaby."

Xenon: "Mother? Are you really here?"
Ephiny: "I'm here, my love."
Gabrielle: "She's here. She brought us to you."
Xenon: "Nicha! Come! They're friends. This is my Nicha." [a very pregnant young woman emerges]

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