Last of the Centaurs
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Xena: "Give me your hand. It's a boy, a Centaur."
Ephiny: "My grandson."
Gabrielle: "How long?"
Xena: "Any time, right, Nicha?"
Nicha: "I've been feeling some pains already."
Gabrielle: "Your father didn't mention this. I take it it didn't slip his mind."
Xenon: "He doesn't know."
Nicha: "No one does. I've been keeping to myself the last few months. He hardly looks at me anyway. I think I remind him too much of my mother."

Xena: "Your father loves you."
Nicha: "I love Xenon, and he loves me."
Gabrielle: "We can't take her back now."
Xena: "We're going to have to go back and talk to Lord Belach."
Xenon: "Talk? It's gone way past that. Belach has declared war on all the Centaurs."
Xena: "The Centaurs should not be at war with the son of Borias."
Xenon: "Belach is the son of Borias?"
Xena: "And the blood of Borias is in your son."

Xena: "Where are your brothers now?"
Xenon: "Camped in a secret place not far from here."
Xena: "We'll escort you there and find a safe place for you all. Then we can negotiate peace with Lord Belach. He may think differently, knowing his daughter's pregnant. Come on."

Gabrielle: "I don't understand, Xena, you owe Belach for what?"
Xena: "When I met his father, Borias, he was a rising warlord, and me I was just ambitious."

Xena: "It gets lonely at the top."
Borias: "You push your luck, Xena."
Xena: "Always."
Borias: "Natasha will see us."
Xena: "She knows what kind of man she has. Have you had time to consider my campaign?"
Borias: "Toward the East? I've told you, I can't feed and transport my army halfway across the world."
Xena: "That's why we leave your army and start from scratch in the East."
Borias: "After I've paid off all my men and divided the treasure among them You want to just take off and keep everything for us?"
Xena: "By the time anyone finds out where we are, we'll be so formidable they wouldn't dare come after us. They're thugs, Borias. They'd slit your throat for a dinar."
Borias: "This campaign would take me away from Natasha. You and I would be together a long time."
Xena: "For all time. So, do you wanna live here in squalor, or ride to glory with me?"
Borias: "How can I decide when I've never ridden with you?"
Xena: [looking at him suggestively] "Giddy-up."

Xena: "Wait just a minute."
Borias: "What are you doing?"
Xena: "I'll be back in a minute [grabs a young Belach who is spying from outside the tent] Word of advice for ya, kid, never step between two people and their passion."

Xena: "I shamed his mother and stole his father, Gabrielle. I can't let him lose his daughter as well."

Ephiny: [entering the Centaur encampment] "It's completely devastated."
Gabrielle: "Where are they?"

[The group walks upon a pit filled with the last remains of the Centaurs.]

Xena: "Son of Borias, what have you done?"
Ephiny: "This was prophecy. I haven't changed anything."
Xena: "Belach's men must have encircled your brothers and driven them into this pit. There was no escape."
Gabrielle: "What kind of man could do this?"

Xenon: "They're gone, every last one, all dead. Belach will pay for this!"
Gabrielle: "Xenon, you can't risk yourself. Not now."
Xenon: "Out of my way!
Nicha: "Whatever my father has done, you have to stay alive for your son, for me."
Xenon: "Then who will see justice done?"
Xena: "I will."

Belach: "I see you haven't brought my daughter to me."
Xena: "I talked to her."
Belach: "Tell me where she is."
Xena: "She is with her husband, mourning his people."
Belach: "Her what?"
Xena: "Xenon didn't kidnap her. She's carrying his baby. They're in love, Belach. Do you have any idea what you have done?"
Belach: "What I had to do."

Xena: "You're the son of Borias. How could you have betrayed your father's legacy?"
Belach: "What do you know about my father."
Xena: "I know that he defended the Centaurs when they were betrayed."
Belach: "Yes, by that faithless bitch that took my father from me when I was a child. All this, I have built [motioning outside the window] that is my achievement. But it means nothing without my daughter to give me an heir. I want a grandson to be loved and cherished, not some bastard offspring of a Centaur!"

Xena: "Centaurs are a proud and noble race. Your father knew that."
Belach: "He was an ignorant savage [to a soldier] Sweep the land until you find that Centaur! When you do, kill him!"
Xena: [drawing her sword] "Tip for ya, kid, never step between two people and their passion."

Xena: "Wait just a minute."
Borias: "What are you doing?"
Xena: "I'll be back in a minute Word of advice for ya, kid, never step between two people and their passion."
Belach: "You it can't be."
Xena: "It is, now you're coming with me."
Belach: "I'm not going anywhere with you. Guards! Seize her!"

Xena: "Come here [kicks some soldier booty, and then tosses Belach out the window onto a horse] after you."

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