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Season 1 ...

"You want it? Come get it."

"In a way, I'm disappointed Xena. There was a part of me that had hoped you would win and put out the rage in my heart. Sometimes it even scares me. But, then I get over."

Season 2 ...

"Don't move pretty. That sentimental side of yours is a real problen now, isn't it? You fight with your heart. That gives me an advantage over you. I no longer seem to have one. I'm not going to kill you now, oh no, first I'm going to kill your soul ... just like you killed mine. See you soon, my sweet."

"Oh, love, love, love, love. Oh, it unites, you're right ... and hate divides. Let's see which one's stronger, shall we?"

"I like to experience life in all its agonizing glory. I don't want to dull the sensations in any way."

"Love is a trick that nature plays on us to get us to reproduce. I want no part of it."

"You're about to watch the friendship of your life go up in smoke. I envy her in a way, she gets to leave this world so pure. I wonder if I could have been her ... Burn her."

"No one, god or man, forbids me from doing anything. All my anger, all my hatred is for Xena alone."

"Oh, Xena, so glad you could stop by for a visit, and here I was afraid I'd never get to torment you again. As you can see, I've been keeping busy. Scarred by fire, entombed for Eternity, you'll excuse me if I'm not exactly at my peak, won't you?"

"Such a pretty day for a blood bath."

"How have you been? Any new husbands since the last one I killed?"

"You don't just kill me and walk away."

"What did I feel when Xena confessed her sins? Well, the problem is, Gabrielle, I never feel anything. I mean bits and pieces here and there, but nothing solid. Think back to when you were a little girl and all you knew were your mother and sister and your faith revolved around them. Now kill them ... My turn. When I sliced open your husband, how long did it take him to die?"

"Staying alive isn't something that concerns me anymore."

"Wish me luck ... not that you would."

"Here comes trouble."

Season 3 ...

"A child. I always wanted a child."

"And that's exactly how she'll feel when Solan dies ... stabbed ... stabbed through the heart ... pierced to the soul, but such exquisite pain ... oh, I wish I could have seen it."

"Really, Xena ... is that any way to great an old friend? Especially considering the warm welcome I just gave you."

"I came to meet your precious little son. Solan, isn't it? Flesh of your flesh, bone of your bone, blood of your blood. Can't wait to see all that."

"You'll do what? You'll make my life a living hell? Old hat, dear. You did that years ago when you bar-b-qued my family. But now it's my turn to host the cookout ... and where is the guest of honor?"

"It hurts, doesn't it? Losing your family rips out your heart and your guts and your feelings until all that's left is the pain. Right? Welcome to the club."

"You'd like to kill me. Wish you could.

"Why drag this out? Can't you see that I bring the gift of oblivion ... Come out, come out, wherever you are ... I promise it won't hurt ... much."

"You don't seem to get it, do you? You've won. All these years I've spent living to destroy you. Thinking that only if I could give you the same pain that you gave me I'd be rid of it and life would go on. And then I do and nothing changes. I don't feel better ... just empty. So you let me go Xena. You can't win this battle and you've already won the war."

"I'm a god now Xena. Welcome to my world ... now prepare to leave it."

"I scratch your back, you stab mine."

Season 4 ...

"Right, she burns my family, destroys my life and I end up in Hell while she gets another shot. That's fair."

"That Xena can really mess up a dream, can't she?"

"I know everything about your life, Caesar. What it's been. What it can be. I'm here to help you get everything you desire. It's through me that you finally fulfill your Destiny. I can give you ultimate power and free you from your greatest torment ... Yes, Xena. I can't tell you how much we have in common that way."

"Brings back memories, doesn't it, Xena?"

"My, that was a shocker now, wasn't it?"

"Don't bother, you've already done all the damage you can to me. Thanks, by the way. I wanted to leave this existence and you did your best to help. But, as you can see, it didn't take. They wouldn't let me off the hook that easy."

"Oh my, aren't you the clever girl."

"I just keep coming back. In that way, I'm more dependable than your chakram.

"I can arrange it for you and Gabrielle and all her peaceful little friends to just walk out of here, and no one gets hurt ... and you and Gabrielle can live happily ever after."

"There's a reason you can't allow you and your partner peace ... it's your guilt. It motivates everything you do. It torments you. Invite me into your soul and I can purge you of that guilt. I can cleanse you of that shame that drives you. I can give you peace if you let me. What's it going to be, Xena? Serenity and happiness, or another ride in that (‘meat') wagon your friend, Gabrielle? Think of your ‘vision'."

"Don't give me that confident look. You're about to die like a slave and drag your friend with you, and it's alright by me."

Season 5 ...

"Morning, honey ... aren't you the lucky girl. You get to spend Eternity with me."

"Let me confess something ... I'm going to enjoy tormenting you. I'm sure the powers that be will try to rob me of my joy. That's always the catch down here."

"Eat up, my little dimpling! You must be famished. Dying makes one so very hungry."

"I will never stop hating you, Xena, do you hear me? Never! You killed my family, my soul, my reason to live and love, and I will spend Eternity seeking revenge."

"I don't blame you. I did a terrible thing. I killed someone you loved. I must have been very evil. I don't understand it myself. Why would Xena do something like that for me?"

"I've been purified by the waters of Heaven, and yet all you see of me is a black heart."

"Xena ... my time has come to be reincarnated into the mortal world, and the body that will bear my spirit has been ordained. I can think of no greater mother than you."

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