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"A brave man only dies once. A man like you dies a thousand times."

"Each event in our life is part of a great plan. There are no accidents, only Destiny."

"Greatness isn't just about possessing power. If it was, any thug with an army would be entitled to that label. Greatness is about achieving what seems impossible to other men."

"There was never any ‘us', Xena, only Rome ... and I am Rome. Still, don't think that what we had was meaningless. I'll always remember it, and you'll have a special place of honor among my conquered."

"Divide and conquer, my friend. You divide a woman's emotions from her sensibilities and you have her."

"I could have sold you and all your friends into slavery, Xena, but that's what any common warlord would do. But with this, I define myself to those who would dare oppose me, all those who would dare prey on Rome. Goodbye, Xena ... Break her legs."

"That has no bearing on your Fate. It was decided the moment you entered my world."

"You see, Xena's fatal flaw is her emotion. She feels, she cares, not exactly good attributes for being a true warrior."

"Yes, an old friend ... enemy ... friend ... I forgot where we left off."

"It's never just business between us, Xena. It's hatred, war, conflict ... and it's love."

"You have one obsession, Xena, that's me. And, because of it I have you and I have Vircinix. And, somewhere out there is an irritating blond about ready to follow a plan that no longer exists."

"That's what I admire about you, Xena, even when you've lost you just can't allow someone else the satisfaction of knowing it."

"We lost, Pompey. We were played, and we lost."

"Well, what would distract Xena more than her best friend's execution, hm?"

"Tomorrow on the Ides of March, the very day when I need Xena distracted most ... I'm going to make an announcement, Brutus, an announcement that will change history."

"... and I supply the leadership so desperately needed ... On this day, the 15th of March, I declare myself ... (the writers stay true to history, and the Senate attacks) ... and you, Brutus?!"

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c. 5/22/00