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Season 1 ...

"Being an adventuress isn't that hard."

"She'd never let a man close enough to do her...well, at least not that kind of 'do her'."

"That's what friends do, they stand by each other when there's trouble."

"You don't have to be strong all the time, Xena. Sometimes it's good for the soul to be soft."

"I'm looking for my best friend. Maybe you've seen her? Six feet tall, dark hair, lots of leather, fights like the Harpies in a bad mood? Her name's Xena."

"You? Trouble? That's a surprise."

"I have no way of finding this guy again. I mean, what if I'm supposed to intertwine with him and have kids? Now, I'll wind up some lonely, pathetic woman like...never mind."

"Do you think you're man enough to test my blade? Do you?! Your type are all cowards. I have met and defeated tens of hundreds of your type. So come on, make your move. Or, are you waiting for me to make the first move? The first mistake? Well, that's your first mistake, waiting for my first mistake, because I don't make mistakes. (Thwap!) Hah! Let that be a lesson to you."

"Hah! It's not like your breasts aren't dangerous enough...that was a joke, you can laugh."

"They're going to sacrifice me...they're going to sacrifice me not...they're going to sacrifice me..."

"Slow down...not all at once...I mean, let's face it, I'm going to get a bit tired. So, let's be fair about this. Whichever one of you is the best fighter, I'll take you on first, and then the second, and then, well, the easy pickings."

"You see Xena, the way I look at it, life is an adventure to be explored. And, without adventure what's the point? Granted, with you sometimes it gets a little too adventurous, but that's what makes it interesting."

"Did you ever notice that we never have a problem getting a table?"

"Appearances aren't everything."

"If you want to rough him up a bit, Xena, I won't be judgmental."

"Hey, you're plenty mysterious enough without having to work at it."

"You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls."

"Looks like they're (two young lovers) having fun...not that I envy them or anything. I mean, what does she have that I don't have? Okay, love. But what about the important things in life? Travel...adventure...meeting interesting people. As for the apple, I can pick my own."

"Hey, don't judge a scroll by its paper."

"I've always considered myself a single-minded person. Of course, if I got married I'd have to ask my husband if it was okay...heh...that was a joke."

"It's a man's world, not because it should be, because we let them have it. I guess that's true."

"I'm sorry, you must have me mistaken for a pet."

"I'm really, really bad at this...no...no...I have two left feet facing backwards...no...they wouldn't let me dance at the crop festival because I brought a bad harvest..."

"Excuse me, have you seen Xena? She's tall...beautiful...piercing blue eyes...swings a mean right hook...looks like she may have swung it already."

"The whoa of hearts long dead pound, sounding in my head, for a warrior princess lives the world of broken...broken...fivs...mivs...sieves...broken sieves...it'll work."

"How is it that Man can solve the riddle of the Sphinx but he still can't make a decent road map?"

"Look at me! I'm standing up to a murderous warlord like I saw you do against Draco, only the warlord is you!"

"You stupid, coniving, four-footed daughter of a...mare."

"Well, the best of friends are made in strange situations. Argo's okay. I mean, at least I know she doesn't hate me. She's still too tall, though."

"There is only one way to change this cycle of hate and it's through love and forgiveness."

"Oh no, no, no, that's your way of saying, ‘it's too dangerous to be around me right now, Gabrielle.' Well, have you ever considered that there isn't a safe time to be around you? That village does not need any help, but you might and I'm going with you. Now, if that's all, I'll just be practicing with my staff...end of discussion. Sorry you had to witness that, Toris."

"I can't bear to think of all the innocents who suffered from this madness. Someone has to stop it. C'mon, Xena, even you can't stop an entire war. Alright, look, I did not mean that as a challenge."

"The true secret of life is to find peace in yourself and to share it with the world."

"Life is only what you make of it."

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6

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