The Sacrifice, Part 2
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Xena: "Dahak's daughter. Your Olympian seed. You sold out your fellow gods so that you could sire out a new race."
Ares: "Our child will be the first of what Dahak calls the 'Six Destroyers' insidious creatures with no souls who eat of the living and the righteous and lay waste to all gods."
Xena: "You deserve the little monsters."

'This can't be happening'
Gabrielle: "This can't be happening."
Ares: "Oh, but it can, Gabrielle. All thanks to you, it's the beginning of the End. The bloodletting ceremony will be the window into the world for Dahak. Even if you kill Hope, you still lose. The Fates will cut you down. So, for me it's win-win. Goodbye, Xena. It has been fun."

[Callisto peruses the balcony at Dahak's temple in hopes of finding the Hind's blood dagger.]

'If you don't produce it soon, you'll get no help from me'
Xena: "Find anything?"
Callisto: "No dagger. You've hidden it well. Okay, we'll do things your way. But, if you don't produce it soon, you'll get no help from me."

Hope: "I'm not going to hurt you [feeling her mid-section] It's growing inside me, Gabrielle the child the way that I grew inside of you."
Gabrielle: "What do you want, Hope?"
Hope: "I want to give you one last chance. Don't make me do this alone. Come, be my mother. If I say so, father will welcome you. Please please, Mother."

'I forgive you'
Gabrielle: "Hope when I gave you that poison--"
Hope: "I forgive you."
Gabrielle: "I'm so sorry it didn't finish you."

'Try not die before doing me first'

'You gave my life meaning and joy...'

'...and you will be a part of me forever'
Callisto: "Try not die before doing me first, or I'll make Gabrielle wish you had. How's that for incentive?"

Xena: "Gabrielle, stay here."
Gabrielle: "No way. After all we have been through, I am with you until the end."
Xena: "Then just one thing when I'm gone I don't want you to feel any guilt."
Gabrielle: "Xena--"
Xena: "Listen to me. A lot has happened to us over the past year, and there were times when we were both very confused. I want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You gave my life meaning and joy, and you will be a part of me forever [the gals share a big hug] ready?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah."
Xena: "Let's go."

Ares: "She's here. It's time."
Hope: "Prepare the sacrifices. Slit their throats!"

'They have to come through me to get to you'
Hope: "Ares "
Ares: "Don't worry. They have to come through me to get to you."

Xena: "Joxer! Did you get it?!"
Joxer: [pulls the Hind's blood dagger out from behind his pasta strainer breast plate] "I got it!"

'You want a taste of Hind's blood'
Xena: "You want a taste of Hind's blood, huh?"
Ares: "This isn't over yet."

[Callisto appears and zaps Ares.]

Callisto: "Do it! Gut her! Then it's my turn."
Hope: "You can't stop the will of Dahak."

'You can't stop the will of Dahak'
[Hope uses her 'look' to try to stop Xena, but Xena keeps pushing forward towards Hope though the invisible barrier.]

Girl Fate: "If Xena kills Hope "
Maiden Fate: " Xena will die."

Ares: "You know the stakes, Gabrielle. Xena's fate is in your hands."

Going off the deep end ... literally
Callisto: "NO!!!! Hope!" [plunges forward past Xena and throws both Hope and herself into the fiery chasm]
Xena: "Gabrielle!"
Gabrielle: "XE-E-E-N-A-A-A !!!!"
Joxer: "Gabrielle!"

Callisto: "I never thought I'd feel so good again. Seeing poor, dear Gabrielle sacrifice herself makes it all worthwhile. It finally gives me a reason for living. And, I have you to thank for it, Xena."
Xena: "AAUGGH! [plunges the Hind's blood dagger into Callisto's belly] No more living for you."

I never thought I'd feel so good again No more living for you Goodbye, Callisto ... for now Alone

DISCLAIMER: Gabrielle finally went off the deep end during the production of this motion picture.

Images courtesy of: ROCfanatic's Xena Site.

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