The Sacrifice, Part 2
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'Ares came to me.  He called in my debt.'
Gabrielle: "Xena, just listen to me. Ares came to me. He called in my debt. He said that I had to stop you from killing Hope or you were going to die."
Xena: "Don't you get it? I would gladly die to rid the world of that thing."
Gabrielle: "Well, I had to do something. I had to think quickly. I I just couldn't stand the thought of losing you."

Xena: "Hope's stronger now, but she's still half human. I hurt her in there. And when it happened, Seraphin returned to normal there for a minute. Gabrielle, whatever happens, I must stop Hope, and if I have to die doing it, then so be it. Do you understand?"
Gabrielle: "I understand."

'The one I love most in all the world'
Xena: "You saw her face, didn't you?"
Gabrielle: [nods]
Xena: "It's strange. The one I love most in all the world and the one I hate look exactly the same."

'I don't know why you wanna look like her'
Callisto: "I don't know why you wanna look like her. She's an annoying little-- "
Hope: "Do it."
Callisto: "So be it Hmm. Well, it is a good disguise, and it'll attract less attention than walking around naked, I suppose."

Hope: "Attracting attention isn't a problem. Now that I'm back, the faithful will come by the thousands. The blood of innocents will soak the holy ground and Dahak will enter the world."
Callisto: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Glory, Hallelujah but first, your promise. Come on. Kill me."
Hope: "You could be a soldier in Dahak's army. Instead, you choose oblivion."
Callisto: "Yeah, well, call me short-sighted, but that's our deal."
Hope: "When I'm finished with you, you will get your reward as promised."

'I don't regret joining you'
Ares: "The pantheon of gods will fall once you enter the world, Dahak. I don't regret joining you I mean serving you, oh, Dark One."

Priest: "If you understood what an honor it was to be chosen, you would not be fighting us! Your innocence, your blood will welcome Dahak into the world!"
Xena: "Welcome this."

Seraphin: "It's happening all over the land, Xena, and you can't stop it."
Gabrielle: "People being taken as hostages?"
Seraphin: "Well, that's why Hope's come back. One of her duties is to prepare the way. These people, and hundreds like them, are being chosen."
Xena: "As blood sacrifices all for the glory of Dahak. You said that that was just one of her duties. What else is there?"
Seraphin: "Maybe that hasn't been revealed to me, yet."
Gabrielle: "Seraphin, you're talking about the slaughter of innocent people."
Xena: "Save your breath. Dahak's hold on his followers is stronger than ever."

Ares: "Never gives up even when it's hopeless. Time was, it was a quality I admired about her."
Gabrielle: "How's life as a slave to your new master Dahak?"
Ares: "I consider it a partnership. You know, he's not so bad, once you get to know him. He's ruthless, decisive. We got a lot in common."

'I know that Hope has to die'
Ares: "I'm here to remind you that our deal is still in place."
Gabrielle: "I know that Hope has to die, no matter the consequences."
Ares: "Even if that means saying goodbye to your beloved Xena? Think you can just let it happen? I don't."

Hope: "A temple to a lesser god changes are in order."
Callisto: "I always wanted to do that."
Ares: "Tell me how you really feel, Callisto?"
Callisto: "Ares. Well, come on!"
Ares: "Sorry, this time we're on the same side."
Callisto: "What?! He's with us?! You didn't tell me that!"
Hope: "You're told what you need to know, Callisto, nothing more."
Callisto: "Hope, you mess with him, you're asking for trouble."
Hope: "Relax. We all want the same thing, the Hind's blood dagger, the only thing that can kill a god."
Ares: "And with it, no god would raise a hand against Dahak, or against me, for that matter."

Hope: "I know where it is. I saw where Hercules put it."
Callisto: "All right, enough games! Where is it?"
Hope: "I wouldn't want you using it on yourself, Callisto yet."
Callisto: "I want it now!"
Ares: "Just like old times."
Callisto: "You remember when I killed Strife, that look in his eyes? You're next, Ares."

'I will deal with you when I say ... not before'
Hope: "Enough! Ares, you and I have unfinished business. Callisto, I will deal with you when I say not before." [Hope and Ares engage in a major lip lock]
Ares: "You are so not like your mother."

Gabrielle: "That's the third group we've seen. They're all headed the same way."
Xena: "Towards Dahak's holy ground."
Gabrielle: "Don't you think we should help them?"
Xena: "No, there must be hundreds of groups like these being brought for slaughter from all over. We can't liberate them all. We'll save more people if we can get to the source of the problem and snuff it out."
Seraphin: "You're going to use me again to betray my god, aren't you? Well, do you know what? I can't let you!" [jumps off the side of a very nearby cliff]

'Why, hello there, Xena'
Seraphin: "No! Let me go!"
Xena: [hanging from a vine] "I gotcha! Stay still! Gabrielle Gabrielle!"
Callisto: "Why, hello there, Xena. How will you ever get out of this one?"

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