The Sacrifice, Part 2
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Xena: "Okay, I want you to go to the ruins at the foot of Mt. Areopagus."
Hope: "Is that where the dagger is hidden?"
Xena: "In a crypt. I'll keep Callisto busy, but you better watch out for Ares. Gabrielle, we'll be lucky is we can get one shot at Hope. I'm counting on you."
Hope: "She is evil. She deserves to die."
Xena: "Maybe even to suffer a little."
Hope: "I wouldn't say that. After all, she is my child. Now, Xena, tell me, where is the dagger? There must be a thousand crypts."
Xena: "It's carved in the shape of a [looks past Hope's shoulder] there!"

'Don't turn around, Gabrielle'
Xena: [Hope spins around to see what Xena is looking at] "Don't turn around, Gabrielle. Don't you turn around. What's the name of your sister?"
Hope: "What sister?" [sends Xena flying backwards with her own version of 'the look']

'You can't have a bloodletting without the guest of honor'
Ares: "Let's go. You can't have a bloodletting without the guest of honor."

'A girl's gotta have some fun'
Xena: "Hope wants that dagger. She needs it to kill the Olympian gods What did you think you were doing?"
Callisto: "A girl's gotta have some fun. Now, let's get that dagger. First things first. When the time comes, it just better be there."

Hope: "When the blood flows, my father will enter the world. By morning we will have enough sacrifices to begin. Now, go, get ready."
Priest: "As you wish."

'If they dare come here, they will be sorry'
Hope: "I have satisfied my curiosity, Father. My mother and Xena are weak. They're fools. If they dare come here, they will be sorry."
Ares: "They'll come."

[Joxer falls off the back of Gabrielle's horse.]

'I am sick to death of you'
Xena: "Alright, that's enough!"
Joxer: "I don't know why I keep falling off those things."
Xena: "I am sick to death of you. The fate of the entire world rests on this mission and if you think I'm gonna let a bumbling fool like you mess it up, you've got another think coming."

Joxer: "What?"
Xena: "Well, you don't hear too good, huh? I said, I am sick of you. Now, get lost." [gives him a firm shove]
Joxer: "Heh-heh, you guys--"
Xena: [smacks him good and hard]
Gabrielle: "Xena!"
Xena: [shoves him a few times just out of earshot] "You need a little lesson, huh?!"

'You didn't sneak off back at that village'
Callisto: "You didn't sneak off back at that village and get the Hind's blood dagger, now, did you?"
Gabrielle: "If I did, do you think I would tell you?"

'Now, scram, you fool!'
Xena: "Now, scram, you fool! Moron! Get out of here! [gives Joxer another shove for good measure] Alright, let's move."

'Looks like we found another sacrifice'
Joxer: " a hundred men. I'll be ready if there's a thousand men Hi, fellas. Nice robes."
Priest: "Looks like we found another sacrifice."

'No need for firewood with me around'
Callisto: [throws a spark into the dying campfire] "No need for firewood with me around This is probably the last night sky either of us will ever see."
Xena: "I'm going for a walk."

Xena: "Ares? I know you're out here because my skin is crawling. Show yourself."
Ares: "You're the only mortal I know who can do that."
Xena: "What do you want?"
Ares: "I'm giving you one last chance to join up with me and Dahak. We're going to win, Xena. There's no turning back. Join us."
Xena: "What makes you think that you can trust Dahak? Let me guess is it because you played such a large part in his daughter's delicate condition?"
Ares: "So, you know, and we haven't even sent out the announcements yet."
Xena: "Seraphin said that Hope had a special purpose. I heard you were together and I guessed the rest. Hope is pregnant with your child."
Gabrielle: "No, that's not possible."
Ares: "Congratulations, Gabrielle. You're gonna be a grandma."

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