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One Against
an Army

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Dorian: "Will it (cauterizing the wound) get the poison out?
Xena: "No, it's already moving through her system."

Dorian: "Why did you come back for me?"
Gabrielle: "I wanted you to see that waterfall ... and your son, Zacharus."

I have got to learn how to catch those arrows
Dorian: "I'm sorry I froze. I guess I came up short again, huh? Can we still exact your plan?"
Xena: "Don't you worry about my plan."
Gabrielle: "Dorian's right to be concerned, Xena. Why don't you leave me and go on ahead?"
Xena: "Advance troops travel a day ahead of the main force so we still have time."

Gabrielle: "Be honest with me, Xena. How bad is this poison?"
Xena: "It didn't hit a main artery. This poultice will delay the effects until we can get to Tripolis to find a serum. By tomorrow you'll be trying those flips again with a staff."

Dorian: "If she dies ..."
Xena: "She won't!"
Dorian: "If she dies, I'm sure you'll hate me for freezing up like that. You'll blame me for the rest of your life."
Xena: "How I feel about you doesn't matter. You're the one who has to live with yourself."

Xena: "After today, I'll never see you again one way or the other."
Dorian: "But with Gabrielle hurt, doesn't this change your plans?"
Xena: "Yes, it does. I need you to come through for me now more than ever. With Gabrielle injured we're moving too slowly. I need you to run ahead to Tripolis."
Dorian: "Anything. Anything at all."
Xena: "I need you to tell the head of the militia to get his men ready to meet me. There's been a landslide at the pass of Thermopoly ..."
Dorian: "The pass is blocked? Then there's hope. You didn't tell me that."
Xena: "Well, you better get moving. It's risky, there could be more Persian scouts around."
Dorian: "Thanks for giving me another chance. I'll see you later ... with help."

Dorian: "This time, no amount of fear will stop me from doing my duty."
Gabrielle: "Make your son proud."

Gabrielle: "I think you might have changed him ... I don't understand. There's no landslide at the pass."
Xena: "And there's no waterfall at Mizola."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Xena: "Spartans from the Age of Eight carry around a wooden stake. They're constantly squeezing it between their hands to harden them. When I helped him up this morning, I noticed that there were only a few calluses on his sword hand. He's no Spartan."
Gabrielle: "Then where's he from?"
Xena: "Persia ... he's a spy."
Gabrielle: "But he has a wound."
Xena: "One of his fellow Persians gave him that to make his story more convincing. Right now he's rushing back to tell them there's been a landslide."
Gabrielle: "So that we won't have to do it. The army will be diverted anyway."
Xena: "Right into us and the militia. Now, let's get you to Tripolis and get you treated."

Gabrielle: "What is this place?"
Xena: "Tripolis ... or what's left of it."
Gabrielle: "Everyone's fled."
Xena: "The militia razed their own town. They didn't want to leave anything for the Persians."

She couldn't stay in the damn forrest...
Xena: "There!"
Gabrielle: "It's the physician's hut."
Xena: "Stay here ... (rummages through the nearly destroyed hut) ... (emerges with half of a broken vial) ..."
Gabrielle: "No serum ... no militia ... you know, Xena, they say that bad things come in three's. How about that armory, huh?"

Xena: "We're not staying here. We're moving on to Thessally after all. They'll have medicine there."
Gabrielle: "Now, just wait ..."
Xena: "We can take the back roads."
Gabrielle: "But, your plan ... Dorian would have told the Persians about Thermopoly. That means that they will be heading here. You promised the people that you will slow them down, right? Now, let's take care of that first."
Xena: "No, first the serum. We can get back in time."
Gabrielle: "We can't make it back in time to slow down the Persians. And if we can't stop them while the Athenians are moving up, then Athens is going to fall."

Gabrielle: "How long do I have?"
Xena: "....."
Gabrielle: "Well, we'll just have to stand and fight, now won't we? Tomorrow we'll go to Thessally. It's a chance we'll have to take."

Is that a double-edged spear in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?
Xena: "Not too shabby for three years. I hid these here in case I ever had another army. Didn't think I'd need them again."
Gabrielle: "I didn't know that I qualified as an army."

Gabrielle: "Xena, in case this poison starts spreading faster ... I do have a last request."
Xena: "You can tell me about it later, years from now when we're old and gray."
Gabrielle: "That's funny ... really, after you slow down the Persians, if I can't make it I want you to save yourself. I don't want to be a burden to you."
Xena: "I can't promise that."

Gabrielle: "We're all going to die eventually."
Xena: "Not today."

Xena: "Look, Gabrielle, I know it's bad, but we've survived worse, right? ... right?"

Gabrielle: "The Persians are out there, aren't they?"
Xena: "Yes."
Gabrielle: "How many campfires?"
Xena: "Thirty or forty."
Gabrielle: "Ten men or so per fire. That's good. For a minute there, I thought we were in trouble."

Gabrielle: "At least we have the element of surprise in our favor."
Xena: "It's the main calvary ... their best warriors."
Gabrielle: "Well, we only have to delay them, right? Just bloody there noses a little bit."
Xena: "You just let me worry about there noses."

Xena: "We've got to find someplace to hide you until after the battle."
Gabrielle: "I guess I'm going to miss out on all the fun, huh?"

Gabrielle: "You know, it has occurred to me that this is just a clever diversion to make me forget about my boots."

From bad to worse
Gabrielle: " ... (cough!) ... my chest feels so hea-heavy ... what?"
Xena: "Blood. The arrow must have grazed your lung. The poison ..."
Gabrielle: "I just ran out of time, didn't I?"

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