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One Against
an Army

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Gabrielle: "The Spartans were fighting at Marathon along side the Greeks? That's a first."
Phidippides: "They fought bravely, but they were so outnumbered that they never had a chance."
Xena: "Persians will swarm through this land like man-eating locusts. We'd better move quickly."
Phidippides: "I've never seen such an attack. The sky was so thick with arrows you couldn't even see the sun."

Xena: "Someone better warn the Athenians. Phidippides, can you run on the Athens and tell them about Marathon?"
Phidippides: "Yes."
Xena: "Good. Pace yourself. In this heat a run like that could kill you. We'll try to slow them up."

Smart ass
Gabrielle: "Stopping an army -- isn't that something you try about 300 times before you actually do it?"

Gabrielle: "Go on. Say it. We'd be moving a lot faster if I hadn't tried that."
Xena: "Tried what?"
Gabrielle: "The flip."

Xena: "The pass!"
Gabrielle: "The pass?"
Xena: "The pass at Thermopoly. That's the answer!"
Gabrielle: "What's the question?"
Xena: "That's the shortest route from Marathon so the Persians have to go through there. So, it's the best place to stop them."
Gabrielle: "Two against an army?"
Xena: "No, an army against a landslide that we cause, thereby sealing it off."

Gabrielle: "Look, Xena, I'm slowing you down. Why don't you go ahead and create the landslide. I'll wait here."
Xena: "No, Persian advance scouts travel ahead of the infantry. They'd find you."

Gabrielle: "This stupid ankle. If only I hadn't tried that flip."
Xena: "Well, if that is the worst thing that happens to us today, I'll be thrilled"

Gabrielle: "Xena, what about that thing you did in China? You know, that power you had. It could destroy an entire army."
Xena: "I wish I could still call it up. But that took a purity of essence that ... well, it's gone now."

Gabrielle: "Has it occurred to you that, well maybe the landslide will only delay them? I mean, what if the Persians just go around the mountains and continue on to Athens?"
Xena: "Then we'll have them exactly where we want them."
Gabrielle: "Where?"
Xena: "Tripolis. I used to keep a secret armory in the area. If we're lucky, the weapons will still be there. We'll be ready for them."
Gabrielle: "We? As in you and me? The two of us?"
Xena: "As in you, me and the Tripolis militia."
Gabrielle: "Oh, that ‘we'."

You picked the wrong chick to mess with
Dorian: "Give up your horse or the last thing you'll see is your heart in my hand."
Xena: "I don't give up my heart to just anyone. You've been following us for the last half and hour. All that for this move?"

Dorian: "Help her down or I will!"
Xena: "Alright, I can see you're obviously pressed for time ... Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiy !!!!"
Gabrielle: "Right foot first."

Xena: "He's a Spartan from his clothes ... unless he stole them from some real warrior."
Dorian: "I am a Spartan. I fought at Marathon. When my commander saw we were losing, he sent me to find a fall-back position. Unfortunately, my horse came up lame and I had to kill him."
Argo: (snicker)
Gabrielle: "Don't get any ideas."
Dorian: "I wanted your horse to finish my mission and get this treated."
Gabrielle: "It's pretty bad."
Xena: "It's only a flesh wound. I can dress it."

Xena: "Did you get that (wound) running from battle?"
Dorian: "Spartans don't run."
Xena: "Oh, I know. They fight to the death ... (examines his sword) ... not a nick on it. You're a deserter, aren't you?"
Dorian: "No, I swear on my father's life."
Xena: "Oh, a coward and a liar. Your father must be proud."

Dorian: "Alright, I admit it. I abandoned my people to slaughter. I'm a disgrace to my homeland."
Gabrielle: "Everybody feels fear."
Xena: "But we don't all run, if we did, there'd be no home left to run to."

Xena: "I'm offering you a chance to redeem yourself. Join us."
Dorian: "Join you?! Against that army? What good can the three of us possibly do?"
Gabrielle: "Xena has a plan to stop them."
Dorian: "You do?"
Xena: "Yeah, and you'll fit into it nicely."

Hmm, I wonder if he could be a ... nah
Gabrielle: "What village in Sparta are you from, Dorian?"
Dorian: "Mizola -- the most beautiful village in the Peloponese."
Xena: "Oh, yeah, that's famous for that waterfall."
Dorian: "Yes, and I pray that I see that waterfall again, and my wife and son, Zacharus."

Dorian: "I wonder what he'll think of me when he discovers his father is a coward?"
Gabrielle: "You can change. He doesn't have to know about the one time you failed."
Dorian: "What if I fail again?"

Dorian: "Xena, you still haven't told me your plans to stop the Persians."
Xena: "Oh, haven't I? Huh."

I know it's probably pointless to ask, but would you please do what I tell you
Xena: (to Argo) "I want you to take Gabrielle into the woods and keep her there, alright?"
Gabrielle: "What is it? Did you see something?"
Xena: "Sunlight glinting on steel up ahead. It's the advance party I've been expecting."
Gabrielle: "I can still fight."
Xena: "Don't argue with me. I'll explain later. Go on, get out of here."

Xena: "Get ready for a fight, Spartan."

Gabrielle: "Dorian! Fight or take refuge! Come on!"

I hate it when that happens
Xena: "Gabrielle!"
Dorian: "This is my fault. My fault!"
Xena: "Go and do something useful! Make a fire."

Gabrielle: "It's not ... it's not that bad."
Xena: "Gabrielle, this is going to be painful (big understatement)"

This could be a problem
Gabrielle: "I hardly felt a thing. What is it?"
Xena: "Poison."

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