A picture can say a thousand words
One Against
an Army

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Gabrielle: "That doesn't look like a weapon."
Xena: "It's not. It's a litter. I'm putting you on it and getting you out of here."
Gabrielle: "Why? Did the Persians fall back?"
Xena: "......"
Gabrielle: "Xena, you can't do this, not if they're still out there. You're the only one."

Gabrielle: "Look, I know what you're doing. You can't. If you don't hold them ..."
Xena: "I am not going to let you die! I can still get you to Thessally and the antidote."
Gabrielle: "And then what? What happens to Athens? What's my life worth then?"
Xena: "First things first."

Gabrielle: "The first thing is the ‘greater good.' You taught me that. You taught me that there are things is life worth dying for. Things that hold a higher meaning than our own existence."
Xena: "Not your existence."
Gabrielle: "Why? Because I'm your friend?"
Xena: "Yes!"
Gabrielle: "Well, then honor my memory. We both know that I'm right. This is right."

Gabrielle: "Xena, promise me -- promise me that you will not leave this battle because of me."
Xena: "....."

Gabrielle: (deliriously) "Help me ..."
Xena: "Hey, I'm here."
Gabrielle: "Xena ..."
Xena: "Yes."
Gabrielle: "You've got to take me with you. Teach me everything you know. You can't leave me here in Poteidaia. I want to go with you. I've studied the stars, spoken with philosophers. I have the gift of prophecy. They can be very valuable to you. Take me with you. I want so much to be like you."
Xena: "And I want to be like you."

Gabrielle: "Xena ..."
Xena: "We're leaving."
Gabrielle: "I thought that we agreed."
Xena: "I changed my mind."
Gabrielle: "There's no other way."
Xena: "There's got to be another way. I'm going to get us out of this."

Gabrielle: "It's too late for me."
Xena: "I don't accept defeat. There are always choices. I'm done paying for my past mistakes. My responsibility now is you."
Gabrielle: "Don't ..."
Xena: "Don't argue with me now."
Gabrielle: "Don't you argue with me!"

Gabrielle: "I know that I am going to die. Why can't you accept that? A long time ago, I accepted the consequences of our life together ... that it might one day come to this ... it has. I'm not afraid."
Xena: "You always said that I was the brave one. Look at you now."

A picture can say a thousand words
Xena: "If this is to be our Destiny, let's see it out together. Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you."

What is it, girl?  Where's Timmy?
Xena: ( to Argo) "Hey, I want you to run away from here. You run as far as you can. Don't you stop for any stallions. Go on, you do as I say. GO!"

Xena: "Gabrielle?"
Gabrielle: "I'm still here ... I think. Strange, I seemed to have moved beyond the pain."

So that's where she gets it from
Xena: "Here, I have another poultice ready for you."
Gabrielle: "No, please -- don't bother with that. I can't fight. I can't be of any help to you. So please ... I'm just distracting you."
Xena: "But you're my source, Gabrielle. When I reach down inside myself and do things that I'm not capable of, it's because of you. Don't you know that by now? Let's just see this one through together, alright?"

Gabrielle: (from her new position in the hayloft) "Now I have a better view."
Xena: "I'm going to put the boiling oil over by the ladder. The minute they start up, tip it. Just push it on them."
Gabrielle: "You'll be down there."
Xena: "If they get up that ladder, then it means they got past me. If they get past me, well ..."

Gabrielle: "Watch out for a man with a double-edged sword."
Xena: "What?"
Gabrielle: "I had a dream, and he came through the roof. Just be careful."
Xena: "Always looking out for me, huh?"
Gabrielle: "Always."

Gabrielle: "Xena, about China -- I hope you know I never meant to hurt you. I only did what I thought was right."
Xena: "Gabrielle, that's all in the past."

Until then...
Xena:"All I want is to be with you right now. You're my best friend ... my family. I love you, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "I love you, Xena."
Xena: "Until the other side then ... we'll be together."
Gabrielle: "Till then."

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