Ides of March
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Doing nothing ... there's a surprise
Gabrielle: "I did it."
Amarice: "Did what? You two are sitting there a couple of bumps on a log. What could you have done?"
Eli: "She did nothing."
Gabrielle: "That's right, I did nothing."

Amarice: "We're going to be nailed to crosses in the morning and you two are bragging about doing nothing?"
Eli: "You do not understand, Amarice. In order to become a perfect vessel for Love one has to cease all activity, not only physical, but mental as well. It's only when you have reached that state of emptiness that you are ready at last to be filled with Love."
Amarice: "Just in time, too. You'll be ready to love the people who crucify us."

Callisto: "I just keep coming back. In that way, I'm more dependable than your chakram. My Lord sees everything, Xena, and you don't have to go through with this. I can arrange it for you and Gabrielle and all her peaceful little friends to just walk out of here, and no one gets hurt ... and you and Gabrielle can live happily ever after."
Xena: "What's the catch?"
Callisto: "Well, there is one little thing. You have to drop your sword and join Gabrielle in fulfilling a life of loving kindness."
Xena: "I'm still not interested."

Callisto: "I'm offering you complete serenity."
Xena: "Go on."
Callisto: "There's a reason you can't allow you and your partner peace ... it's your guilt. It motivates everything you do. It torments you. Invite me into your soul and I can purge you of that guilt. I can cleanse you of that shame that drives you. I can give you peace if you let me. What's it going to be, Xena? Serenity and happiness, or another ride in that (‘meat') wagon your friend, Gabrielle? Think of your ‘vision'."

Trying the tempt the Mighty Temptress
Xena: "You're trying to tempt me from my Way by offering me Peace."
Callisto: "In a nutshell."
Xena: "That guilt you're depending on, I put it all behind me. You see, I know now what I have to do. I have to be the best warrior that I can be. To redeem myself, I have to fight Evil with a sword, and that's what I'm going to do ... no matter what the consequences."

Caesar: "You deposited our little friend in a safe place, I trust."
Brutus: "Yes."
Caesar: "Perfect."
Brutus: "Caesar, they were building crosses when I was there."
Caesar: "Of course, you can't have a crucifixion without crosses, Brutus."
Brutus: "You're crucifying Gabrielle?"
Caesar: "All of them."
Brutus: "You told me she would be safe. You were only going to use her as a distraction."
Caesar: "Well, what would distract Xena more than her best friend's execution, hm?"

Caesar: "Tomorrow on the Ides of March, the very day when I need Xena distracted most ..."
Brutus: "What happens on the Ides of March?"
Caesar: "I'm going to make an announcement, Brutus, an announcement that will change history."

Caesar: "In a few days, I want you to take command of one of those legions, the 13th if you like, and march them to Gaul."
Brutus: "Why Gaul?"
Caesar: "I can't tell you that right now, Brutus, but ... trust me."

She'll be here ... I hope
Amarice: "I always thought I'd die in battle, not hung on a cross. Do you think Xena will make it in time?"
Gabrielle: "She'll be here."

Callisto: "Alright, let's keep it simple. I keep the ‘vision' from coming true and you leave Caesar alone ... okay, Xena, you had your chance."

Alas, making a promise she won't be able to keep
Xena: (to Gabrielle) "Listen, that ‘vision' is not going to happen, alright?"

*** Xena feels the explosive force of her own chakram

Gabrielle: "C'mon, let's go! ... Get up!"
Xena: "I can't, Gabrielle ... it's my spine ... I can't move ..."

Callisto: (in response ro Gabrielle's leaving the Way of Love for a more ... um ... aggressive Way) "Interesting."

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