Ides of March
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Stay here ... per usual
Gabrielle: "Xena ... Xena, you can't just walk into Rome and kill Caesar."
Amarice: "It's an opportunity to kill a lot of Romans. I say we do it."
Xena: "We're not doing anything, I'm going to Rome, not you."

Xena: "Gabrielle, I can't take you, not after the ‘vision'."
Amarice: "What ‘vision'?"
Xena: "I had a vision once that Gabrielle and I would die at the hands of Romans. It's bad enough that we can run into Romans anywhere, but if you and I were to go to Rome ..."
Gabrielle: "Okay ... Well, what if I ask you not to do this?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, he's an Evil man and he's trying to kill me. I have to take him out, or die trying. It's the Way of the Warrior."

Amarice: "Was I in the ‘vision'?"
Xena: "No."
Amarice: "Then I should go with you."
Xena: "Amarice, you're staying here with Gabrielle."
Amarice: "As her bodyguard?"
Xena: "As her friend. You could learn something if you listen to her once in a while."

Xena: "Promise me you wont follow me."
Gabrielle: "I promise ... Xena, be careful."

Callisto giving Caesar some advice on matters of revenge
Caesar: "I did as you said. So far, I've had eight imposters try to claim the award. Xena will defeat any mercenary who attacks her."
Callisto: "Of course, the reward was just to get her attention. She will come to you. You will need to be ready."

Callisto: "I suggest you just have one more card to play."

Eli: "Where's Xena?"
Gabrielle: "She ... um ... had some work to do."

Gabrielle: "This is my friend, Amarice."
Eli: "Hello, Amarice."
Amarice: "If someone threatened your mother, would you fight to defend her?"
Gabrielle: "Amarice and I have some philosophical differences."

Gabrielle: "Can you teach me to heal?"
Eli: "All I can do is try and teach you how to love. But, if you love with all your heart and soul, if you become Love itself, then you can heal."

If the other side has more swords ... run
Eli: "Selfless, pure Love is the only divine perfection we have in this world. It is the greatest power one can possess."
Amarice: "Oh C'mon, the only real power is at the end of a sword ... (enter a few dozen Roman swords) ..."
Eli: "... and if the other side has more swords?"
Amarice: "If you can love your way out of this one, be my guest."

Gabrielle: "Brutus."
Brutus: "Hello, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "You're doing Caesar's bidding again?"
Brutus: "Caesar believes Xena is trying to kill him. He has to protect himself."
Gabrielle: "With me."

Brutus: "You'll be taken as hostages against Xena killing Caesar. Caesar's promised me no one will be hurt."
Gabrielle: "And you believe him?"
Brutus: "Our friends are at war Gabrielle. I'm sorry that this brings us into conflict, but it's inevitable."
Gabrielle: "Of course it is."

A chakram with Caesar's name written it
Xena: "Let's make this short and sweet."

Callisto: "Brings back memories, doesn't it, Xena?"

Geez, how many times do I have to kill you?

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