Ides of March
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The ever-manipulative and resourceful Callisto
Callisto: "My, that was a shocker now, wasn't it?"

Callisto: "Don't bother, you've already done all the damage you can to me. Thanks, by the way."
Xena: "For what?"
Callisto: "I wanted to leave this existence and you did your best to help. But, as you can see, it didn't take. They wouldn't let me off the hook that easy."
Xena: "Who's They?"
Callisto: "I don't know, whoever it is who does the final judging. They sent me to a place that makes Tartarus look like the Elysian Fields. They call it Hell."
Xena: "Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal."

Callisto: "The one who runs things down where I'm from is very interested in what happens in this life. He figures Caesar will be useful to Him, and of course, He also figures you might be an obstacle."
Xena: "Then He figures right, and I won't be the only one. Plenty of people will oppose Caesar becoming emperor."

Xena: "I'm guessing that he'll announce it when the Senate reconvenes on the Ides of March."
Callisto: "Oh my, aren't you the clever girl."

Callisto: "But, it's you, my darling, it's you that I'm worried about. I'm here to make you an offer."
Xena: "Forget it."
Callisto: "Afraid you'll be tempted?"
Xena: "Yeah, that's right."
Callisto: "I'll give you a little hint, Gabrielle's in Roman hands as we speak."

Callisto: "My Lord gave me a thorough briefing on what has happened to you and Gabrielle since the last time we met. I know everything about India and Eli. Ah, so you're not the only clever girl now, Xena, are you? Gabrielle is on her way to a Roman prison in the Apennines as we speak. So, about my offer ..."
Xena: "Get lost."
Callisto: "Oh, but I'm not going anywhere, Xena."

Brutus: "Jailor, these prisoners are to be held here."
Jailor: "Yes, we've been waiting for them."
Brutus: "Those crosses, who are they for?"
Jailor: "We're expecting a boat load of pirates any day."

Brutus: "No, don't hurt Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Of course not, I'm still useful to you, Brutus."

Saving a friend
Brutus: "Get up."
Gabrielle: "Not until you pardon her (Amarice) for what she did."
Brutus: "She attacked one of my men."
Gabrielle: "And I remember a time when mercy was shown to you."
Brutus: "... (to guards) put down your swords."

Gabrielle: "You don't really think those crosses are for a boat load of pirates, do you?"
Brutus: "Caesar's never lied to me."
Gabrielle: "There's a first time for everything."

Driving a hard bargain
Xena: "I have a deal for you. You tell me where my friend Gabrielle is and I will give you some information that will save your stinking life."

Xena: "Beware the Ides of March."
Brutus: "Why the Ides of March?"
Xena: "Because on that day Caesar will declare himself Emperor."
Brutus: "I don't believe you. Why would he do that?"
Xena: "Greed. A lust for power. An ego the size of the Aegean. Of course, he plans to rid himself of anyone who would stand in his way."
Brutus: "What are you saying?"
Xena: "He's too smart to kill you in Rome. You have much too much support there. But, I have first hand knowledge that he has been talking to assassins in Gaul. So, your turn ... C'mon, Brutus, Gabrielle saved your life once, give me a chance to save hers."
Brutus: "... I put her in a prison compound at the foot of Mt. Amaro."

Brutus: "I don't believe what you said about Caesar."
Xena: "It's your funeral."

Xena: "Brutus, was it snowing on Mt. Amaro?"
Brutus: "Yes, it was snowing when I left."

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