Gabrielle's Hope
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Gabrielle: "What are you doing?"
Xena: "Get away, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "What are you saying?"
Xena: "That thing killed Goewin. It strangled him with his own medallion chain."
Gabrielle: "Have you lost your mind? Look at her, she's a baby."
Xena: "It is not a baby. It is a thing in the form of a baby. A Dark wicked thing that must be destroyed."

Oh, I was just going to slay your kid
Gabrielle: "Listen to you. You are talking about my daughter."
Xena: "No, I am talking about Evil itself. I can't let it fall into the hands of the Banshees."
Gabrielle: "I will not let you do this. Xena, anybody could have come in here and killed Goewin ... anybody."
Xena: "No, you're wrong, Gabrielle. That thing killed him."

Gabrielle: "Stop her!"
Banshee: "Take her ... I will handle the warrior woman. You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?"
Xena: "I've got your number, sweetie ... (proceeds to kick some serious Banshee butt) ... you're not used to that kind of treatment, are you?"

Mother and daughter
Gabrielle: "Oh, Hope, please don't cry. I'm not going to let her hurt you. I promise I won't. I'll die first. Are you tired? Me, too. We can't rest. Xena won't. I know her ... Who are you? ... Who are you? ... You see what I mean? She's relentless."

Xena: "Gabrielle, that thing you're holding is a monster! It has to be destroyed!"

Xena: "Gabrielle! Gabrielle, I understand how you feel. You're looking at it as if it were a real baby."

Don't worry, I'll make it quick and painless
Xena: "Gabrielle, you have to consider what we know. You were in the temple of Dahak, the Evil One. You were on his altar. He planted that thing inside you. It grew so fast and killed within hours of being born."

Xena: "Gabrielle, you talked about wanting to end the cycle of pain and violence. By protecting that thing you're only insuring the victory of that cycle."

Putting up a good front
Xena: "Gabrielle, where is it?"
Gabrielle: "She turned on me. She tried to choke me. It's beautiful expression of sweetness turned into this hateful snarl and ... it was like looking into Evil itself. I threw her ... down there."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I know this is terrible. But, you did the right thing."

Gabrielle: "What? What is it? You don't believe me? Do you think I'm lying? ... I threw her off the cliff. Xena, when I knew what she was, I wanted her dead just as much as you ... Xena, this is madness."
Xena: "Get away from that rock, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "I can't believe you're doing this."
Xena: "Move. Now!"

Gabrielle: "Are you satisfied?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, I'm sorry. I just had to be sure."
Gabrielle: "I know."

Now that I've betrayed Xena ...
Gabrielle: "I know you're out there ... somewhere (floating down the river in a basket) ... my love, my Hope, please ... be Good."

DISCLAIMER: Despite witnessing the bizarre and somewhat disturbing birth of Gabrielle's Hope, no farm animals were harmed or traumatized during the production of this motion picture.

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