Gabrielle's Hope
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Don't even think about it
Xena: "No one's touching that baby."

Goewin: "Caswallawn, that child is innocent, a clean slate. We can't punish it for the sins of its father."
Caswallawn: "You're wrong. It's very existence is a sin."
Eochaid: "We don't know if this is the child of the Darkness or Light. Our beliefs say that both will come in a similar way."
Caswallawn: "You're both sentimental fools. It dies ... now!"

Caswallawn: "That baby will not leave this castle alive!"

Gabrielle: "Isn't she beautiful? You were right."
Xena: "About what?"
Gabrielle: "You said that one day I would have hope again. Here it is. That's what I'm going to name her, Hope."

Now that you've given birth to the spawn of Evil
Xena: "Are you alright?"
Gabrielle: "I'm great."
Xena: "Well, you weren't great a few minutes ago."
Gabrielle: "I guess being a mother agrees with me. I feel like some power has just poured new life into me."

Xena: (to Goewin and Eochaid) "Thank you for your help. As soon as Gabrielle is strong enough to travel we'll fight our way out of here."

Warriors of the Pierced Heart a.k.a. Knights of the Round Table
Eochaid: "It's amazing how fast she's growing."
Goewin: "She's perfect."
Eochaid: "I'm sure she's the child of the Light."
Goewin: "Regardless of who her father is, she is born an innocent just like everyone else."

Gabrielle: "Why is that sword stuck in the stone?"
Goewin: "Our last king, before the Romans came, he stuck that sword in the stone. No one's been able to move it since."
Eochaid: Our tradition states that one day a great warrior will be born to our people. He will become our king and lead us in our fight against the barbarians."
Goewin: "We will know who he is because only he will be able to pull it out."

Now that you've given birth to the spawn of Evil
Xena: (regarding the sword now OUT of the stone) "Nice blade"

Gabrielle: "Xena, isn't she just the most beautiful little gem? How could anybody think she's evil?"
Xena: "Who do you think she is?"
Gabrielle: "She's my daughter."
Xena: "Doesn't it bother you that she's obviously not mortal?"
Gabrielle: "She's half mortal ... just like Hercules. Actually, that's not a bad model for her."

Xena: "Gabrielle, she is the daughter of Dahak."
Gabrielle: "I have thought about that. Maybe she is. Look, if that's true then I will help her fight against her Dark side ... just like I helped you fight against yours."
Xena: "But, what if it's not possible."
Gabrielle: "Xena, if you were truly my friend then you will stop thinking of her as some symbol of an Evil god. See her for what she truly is. She's a beautiful, innocent baby."
Xena: "Well, alright. But I will be watching her development very carefully."
Gabrielle: "What does that mean?"
Xena: "Just that I'm not so convinced of her innocence."
Gabrielle: "Well, you get this clear, Xena, no matter what she is, she is my daughter. Don't come between us."

Xena: (to Goewin) "I'm going to go see where our little friend (Eochaid) went. You stay here and look after Gabrielle and the baby."

Eochaid: "She's here."
Banshee: "I know. Let us in and we'll protect her. That child will one day bring to the earth Dahak's Dark power, and when she does all who helped her will be rewarded and all who opposed her in the name of what fools call ‘goodness' will meet a horrible death."
Eochaid: "When the new order comes, I get Britannia, right?"
Banshee: "As promised."
Eochaid: "I, as a member of the Warriors of the Pierced Heart, give you permission to enter."

Xena: "Goewin, we've got trouble. Eochaid's a traitor ... (and Goewin's quite dead)"

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