Gabrielle's Hope
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Gabrielle: "The banshees, are they human?"
Xena: "I've only heard stories, but it seems they take on mortal features just before they strike, then they go back into shade form once they strike you. I was just getting their timing."
Gabrielle: "Xena, what do you think they wanted with me?"
Xena: "Who knows. It's just another reason to get out of Britannia and back to Greece."

Xena: "They (Banshees) were very strange."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, you're telling me, and I thought our immortals were freaks."
Xena: "Yeah, but they're our freaks."

Xena: "You alright?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah, my stomach's feeling better. It's just ... my soul. Xena, I thought that Khrafstar was leading me to the salvation of the world through Peace and Light ... and instead, I discovered the heart of Darkness. I became a part of that. I think that that's what the Banshees were talking about, that maybe there's an Evil in me and they want to worship me."
Xena: "Now, you stop that! Gabrielle, what you're talking now is nonsense. What happened in that temple cannot destroy the core of your Goodness. It only gave it a greater challenge. You're going to rise above it, I know you will."

Get something to eat? ... No problem
Gabrielle: "Maybe I'll get something to eat."
Xena: "Yeah, that'd be great if you could manage ... (to tavernkeeper) ... Have you got any chicken broth?"
Tavernkeeper: "Yeah."
Xena: "There you go, that should go down pretty easy. I'll be back soon."

Gabrielle: "Hey, could I have some cherries, too, please? ... and some beef jerky ... hmm, pork livers, if you've got it. I mean don't over cook it. I like it bloody ... you know, if you melt some cheese over it that would be perfect ..."

Where does she put it all?
Gabrielle: "Can I have some more goat's cream, please? ... Hey, if you have any chicken gizzards, you just fry them in sheep lard ... send them my way."

Xena: (to two well-armed knights) "You guys, you're really asking for it, aren't you?"

Xena: "Why are you chasing my friend?"
Lynch Mob Man: "The warriors ..."
Xena: "... the ones with the pierced heart?"
Lynch Mob Man: "Yes. They said that she will bring in the beginning of The End."
Xena: "The end of what?!"
Lynch Mob Man: "Goodness"
Xena: "And where do these warriors live?"
Lynch Mob Man: "In the forest of the Banshees."

Xena: "Alright, Banshees, time for a rematch."

Cavorting with the Banshees
Banshees: "Don't be afraid, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?"
Banshees: "We want to serve you ... worship you ... nourish you."
Gabrielle: "Nourish me? Worship me?"
Banshees: "You are the Gate, the Way, the Spring."

Gabrielle: "What's happening with my stomach?"
Banshees: "Don't you know?"
Gabrielle: "Know what?"
Banshees: "You carry within you the child that will bring a new order to the world, the child of Darkness."

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