The Deliverer
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Xena: "Gabrielle ..."
Gabrielle: "Timing, we've got to work on timing."

One really ticked off Roman
Caesar: "I want every legion in this country here by tomorrow."

Gabrielle: "Xena, now I know what you're going to say. Look, I'm sorry. It's not like I wanted to be captured by Caesar."
Xena: "Did you talk to him?"
Gabrielle: "Caesar? Yeah, I did ... um ... well he has this aura about him."
Xena: "It's the same thing that draws a moth to a flame with pretty much the same result."

Gabrielle: "Well, he said something about dividing ..."
Xena: "... dividing a woman's sensibility from her emotion? Yeah. Yeah, I know his philosophy."

Xena: "There are seven hills surrounding this valley. To force the battle he'll have to divide his army and fight uphill."
Boadicea: "Divide and conquer."
Xena: "Right. Only this time we're the conquerors."

Boadicea: "What if he doesn't attack?"
Xena: "He will ... trust me."

Xena: "We're going to take these hills starting with this one."
Boadicea: "There's a temple near there. The Romans hold it. If we leave them there, they'll be at our back."
Xena: "Then we take the temple."

Xena: "It's going well, the last hilltop is being taken as we speak."
Boadicea: "Caesar's legions have arrived. They're forming up north of the plain."
Xena: "Then this is it ... the final battle."

Power tripping
Ares: "The temple. You didn't destroy the temple."
Xena: "What is it about that temple that bothers you so much?"
Ares: "There is no place for one god in this world. This is the world that we created! Zeus, Athena, Hades, Poseidon. It is our world."
Xena: "And before that it was the world of the Titans. Oh, that's right, Zeus overthrew them, didn't he? You're just afraid that history might repeat itself."

Ares: "Whatever you might think about us, Xena, you know us. You might love us, you might hate us, but we are not Evil. This god is."
Xena: "Evil to you."

Making a point
Ares: "Trust me Xena."
Xena: "Based on what?!"

Get out while you still can!
Gabrielle: "Are you sure my being here is okay?"
Khrafstar: "Our god is open to all. Besides, I want you to see this."

Meridian: "From the beginning of time, the One has been waiting to complete the Circle. The world that is His has reached a time of rejoining. The days of Old are gone and the New is before us. Tremble at His arrival. But, first, the door must be opened. The path to his arrival must be sanctified in blood, pure blood ... innocent blood."

What a sweet, young ... nevermind
Meridian: "This world will end today, the hand of Dahak will sweep the earth, bringing with it the winter of a thousand years killing everyone who stands in the way of His world."

Khrafstar: "No, this isn't our god ... Gabrielle!"
Meridian: "With this knife we praise Dahak, the Dark One."

*** Okay folks, do you really think Gabrielle would just stand by idly and watch another human be murdered? "No"? Good choice. It's just too bad Meridian stepped in front of Gabrielle's plunging knife.

For showing how much you care ...
Khrafstar: "Thank you, Gabrielle. You're going to help bring Dahak into this world. He needed a sacrifice, and not just one of flesh and blood. He wanted your purity, your innocence of Evil. And you just gave it to him."

Khrafstar: "This world, all who are on it will be no more. The new Kingdom of Dahak will rule, and you, Gabrielle, will bring it to us."

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