The Deliverer
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Let's get a few things straight ...
Boadicea: "This is my camp, Xena. I'm in command here, not you. Let's just get that clear right now. This isn't the past."
Xena: "Then stop acting as if it is."

Xena: "I'm here to help you."
Boadicea: "No, you're not. You're here because Caesar is here, because your hatred of him won't let you be elsewhere, and that's the only reason we haven't crossed swords. I know I can't defeat him without you."

Xena: "Soldier, what happened to that girl that was brought in earlier?"
Soldier: "There's been nobody brought in."
Xena: "That's impossible. She came in with a young man. He was the leader of that temple."
Meridian: "Khrafstar, are you speaking of him?"
Xena: "Yes, he and a girl, what happened to them?"
Meridian: "I don't know who the girls is, but Khrafstar went to Gaul to find mercenaries. I was hoping he'd be with you."

Doesn't this remind you of the old days?
Xena: "You lied to me. Gabrielle was never brought back here and you know it."
Boadicea: "Yes, I was told ... and I knew you wouldn't leave. I had to tell you something."

Boadicea: "We found this (Gabrielle's staff) near the river. Caesar has her. You go up there and they'll die ... if they haven't already."
Xena: "No, Caesar will know that she's my friend. He'll keep her alive until he can figure out how to use her against me."

Roman Soldier: "Sit."
Gabrielle: "Sit on this!"
Khrafstar: "No time for an attitude. My god has taught me that direct confrontation is not always the right path."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, well, Xena taught me that if you let someone take advantage of you, they will."

Caesar, Julius Caesar
Caesar: "Divide a woman's emotion from her sensibilities and you have her. Divide and conquer."

Caesar: "That has no bearing on your Fate. It was decided the moment you entered my world."

Caesar: "And how is Xena?"
Gabrielle: "She's ... fine."

As enigmatic as ever
Caesar: "You're a friend of Xena's."
Gabrielle: "She hardly knows me. She probably doesn't even know I'm gone. I mean, she hardly knows when I'm around. Come to think of it, she doesn't even know my name."
Caesar: "Hmm, well, we'll see. You see, Xena's fatal flaw is her emotion. She feels, she cares, not exactly good attributes for being a true warrior."

Xena: "Caesar wants that one great battle that will make him a part of history ... and we are going to give it to him."

Xena: "The key to destroying Caesar is the belief in his Destiny."
Boadicea: "Sounds like someone I once knew, someone I trusted with my army, and with my life."
Xena: "Why do you trust me now?"
Boadicea: "I don't. I have no choice. You know Caesar and you know how to wage war."

So tell my more about yourself
Gabrielle: "Khrafstar, do you have Faith in your god?"
Khrafstar: "It's hard to explain. I had a farm once in Gaul. I went to the temple of the gods, made my offerings, I did everything right. Then one day, a warlord came, destroyed my home and almost killed me. As I lay in the brush bleeding, I saw him walk over to the temple and make an offering to Hera and Zeus. The same man who destroyed my world was blessed by the very gods that I thought would protect me."

Khrafstar: "I was found by some travelers from the East. They cared for me, made me well. They told me about their One God."
Gabrielle: "And that's when you started to believe?"
Khrafstar: "I thought they were like sheep to believe, and then I met the warlord again. He was wounded from some battle already and I was filled with so much rage. And, as I was standing over him with a sword at his throat something happened. A Light filled me and I knew He existed."
Gabrielle: "And this god gave you enough strength to kill the warlord?"
Khrafstar: "Just the opposite. I couldn't kill him. Despite all my rage and hatred, I knew it wasn't Right, that even the warlord had a purpose. That's what I mean by Faith. I know, it sounds strange."
Gabrielle: "I think it sounds wonderful."

Roman Soldier: "Trouble, Caesar?"
Caesar: "During the night, the barbarians gave up land they fought and died for. Xena's trying to draw me into a trap. If they're foolish enough to give up land, then I'm going to take it."
Roman Soldier: "That will spread our forces fairly thin."
Caesar: "You misunderstand. I want her to attack. This draws her into one big battle. I have her. Take my personal banner, I want her to know who ordered their (Gabrielle and Khrafstar's) deaths."

Could this be the end of the mighty bard?
Roman Soldier: "Caesar wanted one more thing. Your legs are to be broken. He said it would mean something to Xena."

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