The Deliverer
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Khrafstar: "I'm not sure who hates the Romans more, Boadicea or your friend."
Gabrielle: "Xena doesn't hate the Romans, just Caesar. She had a run-in with him a long time ago and he betrayed her."
Khrafstar: "I'm glad she's on our side, whatever the reason."

Gabby and Krhafty
Khrafstar: "Caesar holds our temple. I'm worried he might destroy it."

Gabrielle: "This one god of yours, does he have a name?"
Khrafstar: "Yes, but we aren't permitted to speak it."

Khrafstar: "I'd be glad to tell you more."
Gabrielle: "That's okay, the gods I know are trouble enough."

One shish-ka-bobbed God of War coming right up
Xena: "Show yourself, I know you're there ... Ares."
Ares: "You want to move this (Xena's sword which just happened to become embedded in his chest) so we can talk?"
Xena: "Oh, I don't know, I kinda like the look of it there."

Ares: "Still miffed about the insanity thing? Oh, get over it, even the Furies have forgotten about it by now. There's no real damage done."
Xena: "You wanted me to kill my mother."
Ares: "No, I wanted you to join me. Why do you always look at the effect and ignore the goal?"

Ares: "Anyway, that's not why I'm here, at least not to moan about the past. I am excited by your future ... your near future!"

Manipulating the Warrior Princess
Ares: "You're going up against Caesar, huh?"
Xena: "I am helping a friend."
Ares: "Oh yeah, sure, sure, that must be good for the masses, but we really know, don't we?"

Ares: "You know, Caesar and I talk now and then .. Don't get jealous, I don't always answer him. He's got this temple, I told him he should destroy it, but he hasn't yet. It sure must be important to him."
Xena: "Caesar doesn't care about temples. If he has it, it's just for strategic value."
Ares: "Either way, it'd really humiliate him if you destroyed it ... Go, Xena, lead your army to victory and make me proud."

Khrafstar: "Some people call us a cult, I hate that. I understand, I mean, the idea of one god, it's a little far fetched."
Gabrielle: "It's hard for people to believe in something that they can't see, or touch, or hear."
Khrafstar: "When was the last time you saw love, or friendship? You see its effect, and you'll see the effect of our god when he brings his Kingdom to Earth."

Gabrielle: "Xena, I was just teaching Khrafstar how to avoid sea-sickness, and he was telling me about his god. It's very interesting."
Xena: "I'm sure it is."

Gabrielle: "Hey, what's up?"
Xena: (while trying to polish her sword) "Does anything have to be up?"
Gabrielle: "Xena, I think you mixed feelings about this. You say you want to help a friend, but you don't sound very friendly towards her."

Xena: "Boadicea and I were allies a long time ago in Gaul."
Gabrielle: "Allies?"
Xena: "In a sense. She thought I was a friend, and I just needed an army. So, I let her think whatever she wanted to until I took control of her men."
Gabrielle: "You used her."
Xena: "I ordered her killed."

Xena: "You see, I'm not the only one dealing with betrayal."

Roman Officer: "Boadicea, Caesar himself will rest laurels on my head."
Xena: "Hah! If you still have one."

Enter one pissed off Britt
Boadicea: "It's been a while Xena."
Xena: "You got my message."
Boadicea: "Barely, you need to polish your sword."

*** Alas, Gabrielle gets captured again. When will Xena learn not to let her out of her sight?

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