Deja Vu All Over Again
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Annie: "I went back there. I was Joxer. Oh, please not Joxer ... that ass."

Harry: "Doctor, look at her, she looks devastated."
Annie: "... he's the comic relief ..."
Dr. Mattie: "Clearly she didn't expect to find out she's this Joxer person."
Harry: "Would you knock off that crap. You can get her to believe she's anybody you want."
Annie: "... they never should have introduced his character in the first place ..."
Dr. Mattie: "I don't think you have a full understanding of guided imagery."
Harry: "Guided imagery my ass. It's hypnosis. It didn't work. Now, you go fix it."
Annie: "... he's a deluded idiot ..."
Dr. Mattie: "I don't like your tone, sir."
Harry: "Oh no, well, how do you like the sound of a malpractice suit?"

Annie: "You were there."
Dr. Mattie: "Excuse me?"
Annie: "Oh yeah, I'm sure of it. You were there, not as the doctor, you as somebody else, I'm not sure who."
Dr. Mattie: "It's common for patients to imagine their life ..."
Annie: "... I wasn't imagining it. You were there."
Harry: "Of course you were, Doctor. Now, you're going to go over there and convince her she's not whatever-his-name-is."
Dr. Mattie: "Alright. I could go back there to clarify her remembrance."

Joxer: "Meet Xena, Warrior Princess, and her sidekick, Gabrielle."
Inn Keeper: "They're going to defend our village?"
Xena: "Yeah, but we're going to need a little help." -- In SIckness and In Hell
Every entrance should leave a great impression

Harry: "It's okay. Take it easy, Annie. The doctor's going to help you clarify your remembrance. Right, Doctor?"
Annie: "Was I Joxer or not?"
Dr. Mattie: "I'm going to get you a sedative."

I'm having this strange sense of deja vu
Dr. Mattie: "Marco, something went wrong just now."
Marco: "What?"
Dr. Mattie: "I went back with her to one of her previous lives and I experienced something ... something very real."
Marco: "Self-hypnosis, I told you that was the danger of this scam. You're gonna blow it."

Dr. Mattie: "You don't understand. It was like Technicolor, you know. I felt like I was really there."
Marco: "You're probably watching too many episodes."
Dr. Mattie: "No, I don't watch that show. It's a bunch of chop-sloppy crap. Besides, this was so repulsive. It couldn't have been an episode ..."
Marco: "... You never know with that show ..."
Dr. Mattie: "... the sights ... the sounds ..."
Marco: "... they're sneaky, they'll try anything ..."
Dr. Mattie: ".. that smell ..."
Marco: "... one week's a melodrama, the next week the three stooges ..."
Dr. Mattie: "... Marco, I'm telling you, for a moment there I believed it."

Harry: "Annie, you let this quack convince you of something that isn't true."
Annie: "If you were there, you'd believe it too. It seems so real."
Harry: "Alright, look, I'm going to prove to you it isn't true."

Harry: "Doctor, I want you to send me back to whatever past lives place you sent her."
Dr. Mattie: "That may not be possible. You may not have known Annie in a past life."
Harry: "I see, that's very convenient. So, you don't want me to find out about your little past lives scam, is that it?"
Annie: "Yeah, Doc, what are you afraid of?"

Dr. Mattie: "Let's all become our breaths ... close your eyes ... breath ... on the count of ten we'll find ourselves in another time ... one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ... seven ..."

Annie: "Harry, what did you experience?"
Harry: "Oh ... ah ... it was ... uh ... strange."
Annie: "Oh, but it's all bumkin, right? It's all the power of suggestion, right?"
Harry: "It was ... uh ... unusual."

Annie: "What are you saying, Harry? Harry?"
Harry: "Annie, maybe Joxer wasn't such a bad guy."
Annie: "Oh God! Oh GOD!!"

Plot twist!
Harry: "Look, none of us are thinking straight. Why don't we get out of here."
Dr. Mattie: "That's a good idea. I think we've done all we can here. There's no charge."
Marco: "Nobody's going anywhere."
Dr. Mattie: "Marco, what are you doing?"
Marco: "We have some business to take care of."

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