Deja Vu All Over Again
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Welcome to who you used to be.

Annie: "And you said that dressing the part would be silly. Well, these people certainly don't think it's silly at all."
Harry: "Who can argue with them? ... Halloween party."

Annie: "Joan of Arc, Xena ... of Amphipolis? ... Bet my sword's bigger than yours."

Pyramid boy
Harry: "Who are you supposed to be? ... Hey, pyramid boy, what's up with the costumes?"
Marco: "We encourage our clients to dress according to what they sense was a previous life. It often helps them make important breakthroughs."

Annie: "Yeah, that's good, Joan, you still got it."
Joan of Ark??: "You are obviously a lover and not a fighter."
Annie: "Hmf, even rude for a French woman."

The non-believer and the fanatic
Harry: "Look, a menu ... ‘first life experience' ... ‘most influential' ... ‘most sexually active' ... this is ridiculous."
Annie: "What's the matter, Harry? Are you threatened by my old flames?"
Harry: "Are you serious? This place is a jip. Look at this place."

Dr. Mattie: "Ah, you must be Xena ... are you ready?"
Annie: "Absolutely."

The doctor is in
Dr. Mattie: "And you are?"
Harry: "Annie's boyfriend."
Dr. Mattie: "I'm sorry, but it's in Annie's best interest that her first past life voyage be by herself."

Take two prosac and call me in the morning
Dr. Mattie: "There is a possibility that the Xena identity takes over Annie and in that state you roam the town as the Xena Vigilante. But, there's only one way to find out."
Annie: "I'm ready."

Dr. Mattie: "Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath. Focus on each and every breath you take. I want you to feel it enter your nostrils ... move through your diaphragm ... and release it out again. You've expressed interest in Ancient Greece. We're going to send you back to that time ... back ... back ... back ... now on the count of ten, I want you to find yourself in another place ... another time ... another body ... one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ..."

I was there
Annie: "I was there, Doctor, I was there. I saw Hope and Gabrielle fall into the pit. I experienced the whole thing, and it broke my heart ... I am Xena." -- The Sacrifice

Dr. Mattie: "Do you have any recollection of being the Xena Vigilante?"
Annie: "Well ... I mean ... there was something strange about it ..."
Dr. Mattie: "Go on."
Annie: "Well, it wasn't like I was inside my body, I mean her body. It was like I was outside watching."
Dr. Mattie: "You didn't make a soul meld?"
Annie: "Is that bad?"
Dr. Mattie: "If you expect to become fully conscious in this life of your past life as Xena, you must meld your identity with Xena's."

Dr. Mattie: "Let's try it again. Close your eyes ... relax your body ... one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ..."

Joxer: (dangling from the rafters) "Don't worry, I cleared the place out for you."
Xena: "They're gone."
Gabrielle: "Are we going after them?"
Xena: "No, not in the darkness."
Joxer: "Right behind ya."
Xena: "They won't get far. We'll camp here." -- Intimate Stranger

The non-believer taking action
Marco: "It could be very dangerous for you to interrupt the Doctor during a past lives session."
Harry: "Listen to me, you cheap, dime store, three for a dozen quack, you ... are you threatening me?"

Gabrielle: "I'll get the blankets."
Joxer: "Hello ... HELLO!"
Xena: "Calm down, Joxer. We saw you."
Joxer: "Great, do you think you could cut me down without dropping me flat on my face?"
Xena: "No." -- Intimate Stranger

God, NO!
Dr. Mattie: "What's the matter, Annie?"
Annie: "Ye Gods, the horror!"
Dr. Mattie: "What happened?"
Annie: "I ... uh ... I ..."
Dr. Mattie: "Say it."
Annie: "I was Joxer ... AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

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