The Debt, Part I
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Ming Tzu: "Welcome, Lao Ma. I hope you don't mind us hunting so close to Lao territory, but the terrain here is perfect."
Lao Ma: "Perfect for what?"
Ming Tzu: "Her ... the woman who succeeded in doing what a hundred diplomats could not do ... make an alliance between our two kingdoms."
Lao Ma: "You plan to hunt her?"
Ming Tzu: "Yes. We're going to enjoy this, aren't we, Ming T'ien?"
Lao Ma: "Well, please do not hesitate to use Lao land for your pleasure."

Lao Ma: "I brought something for you, Ming T'ien. I made it myself ... (brat boy proceeds to toss in on the ground)."

The caged animal is often the most dangerous
Lao Ma: "A beaten, half-dead cripple doesn't sound very sporting Ming Tzu."
Ming Tzu: "No, but it will be entertaining."
Lao Ma: "I must go. Enjoy your entertainment."

Ming Tzu: "You could have at least looked at her gift ... let me see ... ah, she knows my nickname for you ... show to him (handkerchief with a green dragon embroidered on it)."

Lao Ma: "Come with me if you wish your freedom."
Xena: "Why are you doing this?"
Lao Ma: "I have been blessed, or cursed, with the ability to see into the souls of others. You don't know it yet Xena, but you are a remarkable woman capable of greatness ... Come quick. We will take refuge in my home."

Ming Tzu: "Lao Ma, my hounds have followed Xena's trail here."
Lao Ma: "They're probably hungry."

Lao Ma, soft and hard at the same time
Ming Tzu: "When I arranged your marriage to Lao, I expected you to show more loyalty to me."
Lao Ma: "I was a courtesan, and you sold me. You expected loyalty?"
Ming Tzu: "You're a strange woman Lao Ma, soft and hard at the same time."
Lao Ma: "Like water ... nothing is soft as water. Yet, who can withstand the raging flood?"

Lao Ma: "Now, if you'll respect my privacy."
Ming Tzu: "You had better not be hiding her."
Lao Ma: "My lord, I would never hide that which is yours."

Gabrielle a.k.a. Benidictus Arnoldius
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry Xena, I couldn't let you do this."

Ming T'ien: "Lao Ma said you'd return one day ... Lock her up."

DISCLAIMER: No Frock Tarts (a.k.a. costume designers) were killed during the production of this motion picture although they wish they had been.

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