The Debt, Part I
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Gabrielle: "You wanted to kill that poor, innocent woman out of jealousy."
Xena: "Jealousy? Over Borias? No, Borias and I were just using each other."
Gabrielle: "Then why?"
Xena: "I wanted to kill Lao Ma because I knew in my heart that she'd be a civilizing influence on him, and I liked him wild ... like I was ... an animal living from one moment to the next driven by desire alone."
Gabrielle: "Did you kill her?"
The explosive chemistry between Xena and Borias

Xena: "I don't know if you people pray to the gods, but if you don't, now would be a great time to start (alas, poor Xena then gets her shapely arse severely whipped)."

Borias: "What happened?"
Lao Ma: "I'm sorry, Borias. I'll be leaving immediately. I don't think an alliance would be appropriate now."

Borias: "It's over, Xena. You have until sunrise to get out of this camp. After that, I'll kill you on sight."

Lao Ma giving a young Xena something to ponder
Gabrielle: "Xena, when she whispered in your ear, what did she say?"
Xena: "She said, 'fill yourself with desire and see only illusion, empty yourself of desire and understand the mystery of things.'"
Gabrielle: "It's good. I take it, you didn't listen to her."
Xena: "No, not then ... not for a long time."

Xena: "I decided to accomplish what Borias had only dreamed of. To get rich with one of the Houses of Chin, I decided to make Ming Tzu my creature."
Gabrielle: "How were you going to do that?"
Xena: "By appealing to his sense of family values."

Xena: "I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead in a minute."
Soldier: "What do you want to know?"
Xena: "Nothing, I'm just letting you know how long you have left so you can enjoy it."

Borias: "You're insane!"
Xena: "And you're scared. Why is that?"
Borias: "You've got Ming and Lao breathing down my neck. They think I had something to do with this."
Xena: "Ming and Lao together?"
Borias: "Nothing brings royal houses together faster than kidnaped heirs."
Xena: "If I'm dealing with both of them, then I'm doubling my demands."

Borias: "Where is the child?"
Xena: "Hey, Chuang, he thinks I'm going to tell him ... What I will do, however, is cut you in on the deal if you set up the exchange. We meet in your yurt in the plains north of the Great Wall. Ming brings me 50 of his best horses and 25 ... no, 50 bags of gold. And I give him his boy. For your part, you get 5%. Oh, and that's not an offer ... it's a statement of fact."

Ming Tzu: "The boy?"
Xena: "You got a smart kid. Course, he got a whole lot smarter when he was with me. He's on the third packhorse out there under some skins."

Xena: "Well, that was a thing of beauty ... (thwap!)"
Borias: "As promised."
Ming Tzu: "Good. You take the gold and horses. I get the woman."

Xena: "You're going to die, Xena ... and that's a statement of fact."

Gabrielle: "You kidnaped that child, and you would have killed him if you didn't get what you wanted?"
Xena: "Yes."
Gabrielle: "I can't go there with you, Xena, and I don't mean the Kingdom of Chin."
Xena: "I know what you mean."
Gabrielle: "You're going through with this, aren't you?"
Xena: "Yes."

A final parting ... or is it?
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry Xena, I can't help you commit murder."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I am catching a ship here that will carry me close to the Kingdom of Chin. If there was ever a time to turn back, it's now ... I understand."

Gabrielle: "You owe someone so much that you would just throw away these last few years?"
Xena: "Yes."

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