The Debt, Part I
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An afternoon at the assassin's market
Gabrielle: "Maybe there's something that I don't understand, some subtlety I'm not getting. Xena, I'll tell you what it looks like on the surface ... you plan on traveling this long grueling trip for the sole purpose of killing someone."
Xena: "That pretty much sums it up."
Gabrielle: "But, you can't do that."
Xena: "Like I said, maybe it's better if you don't come along."
Gabrielle: "Try and stop me."

Gabrielle: "At least tell me why."
Xena: "You will never understand."
Gabrielle: "After all we've been through, you can say that?"

Gabrielle: "I'm glad I could help get you a deal on the things you need to commit a murder. Xena, what are you doing?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, this is just something I have to do."
Gabrielle: "Then explain it to me. Who do you have to kill? Why?"
Xena: "To understand what I have to do, you need to understand what was left undone."

Xena, Wild Child
Xena: "Many years ago, as you know, Caesar left his mark on me. With shattered legs and crippled soul I went east to lose myself in vengeance, not against Caesar, but the entire human race."

Borias: "No, we don't slaughter them."
Xena: "I'm telling you, Borias. The only way to deal with these scum is through terror."
Borias: "And if we kill them all, who's left to be terrified?"

Borias: (to unlucky soldier) "Tell Ming what happens to his soldiers when he sends them up against Borias."

Xena: "Borias, I want the dead."
Borias: "The dead?"
Xena: "Yes, these ones and the ones back on the battlefield. I'm going to put them to work."

Xena: "This will convince Ming to talk more than all of Borias' diplomacy. We sit out here in the middle of nowhere while all the riches of Chin await us."
Chuang: "Both families of Chin are very powerful."
Xena: "We can hit them one at a time. First, we hit Ming, and then we turn on Lao."
Chuang: "Borias wants to form an alliance with one family first before he moves."
Xena: "And while he waits, what's to stop Ming and Lao from forming an alliance with one another. Oh no, they don't want to cooperate, I say ... kill them all!"

Xena: "Did you see what he was wearing? Pure silk and he's just a lackey. I'm telling you, Borias, these people are ripe ..."
Borias: "Quiet."

Borias: "My humble yurt is unworthy of your presence, Ming Tzu."
Ming Tzu: "Not at all, Borias. This is my son, Ming T'ien. As sole heir to my kingdom, I am teaching him to rule. He's here to learn how to deal with thieves."
Borias: "Insults are not the best way to begin negotiations, Ming Tzu."
Ming Tzu: "You misunderstand. I have the greatest respect for thieves. Every man born to wealth has a good thief amongst his ancestors somewhere. Remember that, Ming T'ien."

Ming Tzu: "Your offer sounds simple enough. You raid Lao's region and I remain neutral."
Borias: "And in return, you receive one-third of our loot."
Ming Tzu: "Half."
Xena: "No deal."
Ming Tzu: "This woman is in charge?"
Borias: "No, she's not. But, your offer ..."
Ming Tzu: "It is not an offer. It is a statement of fact. If you want my cooperation, you will give me half of everything you steal."
Borias: "Half, huh?"
Xena: "You're not going to pay this pig half."
Ming Tzu: "I'm sorry to have wasted your time, Borias. Clearly, your friend is not interested in doing business."

Borias: "He's gone."
Xena: "Because I called him a name? Then he's too soft."
Borias: "You don't understand these people. No matter what, you always have to let them save face."
Xena: "Saving his ugly mug wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Besides, what kind of deal was that, huh? We do all the dirty work and he gets half."
Borias: "You're a fool. What ever deal I made with him, I would then go to Lao and make a better one."
Xena: "What do we need either one of them for? When Ming sent his soldiers after us, we chopped them up pretty good."
Borias: "We held our own. But, what if Ming and Lao were to ally against us?"
Xena: "Then, I'd say ..."

Gabrielle: " 'Kill them all.' "
Xena: "Yeah, that's what I said."
Gabrielle: "That was obviously your answer to everything in those days, Xena. I can't believe that was the same Borias who later helped the Centaurs."
Xena: "We were quite a pair in those days."
Gabrielle: "And to think that two people like that made a beautiful child like Solon."
Xena: "Hmpf, you aint heard nothing yet."
Gabrielle: "I don't think I want to hear anymore about this tale of war, greed, hate..."
Xena: "Hate? It's not about hate. It's about love."
Traveling towards Chin

Chuang "Lao approaches."
Xena: (while getting "Biblical" with Borias on a horse) "Let him wait."
Borias: "C'mon, Xena, we can do this anytime."
Xena: "Don't be so sure."

Borias: "I don't want you messing things up (unceremoniously tosses Xena off his horse)."
Xena: "Run to your master, puppy."

Borias: "Borias extends the sincerest welcome to the head of the House of Lao."
Lao Ma: "I am Lao Ma, wife of the Great Lao. Please forgive my husband for sending his insignificant wife to handle such difficult affairs of state, but he is very ill."

Lao Ma: "I know you are a great warrior, Borias. But I've also heard that you are a man of honor."

Lao Ma: "You must be Xena."
Xena: "Oh, you've heard of me?"
Lao Ma: "Yes, they say you're a dangerous woman."
Xena: "Well, they're right."

Borias: "You have nothing to fear, Lao Ma. We will negotiate with honor and with fairness. I hope that we will find common ground on which to stand."

Xena: "That's my piece of meat you're reaching for."
Lao Ma: "You're wrong. I don't eat meat."

Borias: "I apologize for this simple dwelling."
Lao Ma: "It's an honor for e to accept any hospitality you can spare."
Borias: "What we talked about tonight will benefit us both."
Lao Ma: "Yes, it is an agreement that will make my husband most happy."

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