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[Xena, hearing the telltale scrape of metal, is able to deflect her chakram before it reaches the oracle. Callisto takes off out of the temple with Xena hot on her trail. A horse chase across the coastal dunes ensues. Finally, Xena and Argo are able to catch up with Callisto and know her from her horse.]

Xena: "Argo won't obey you and if you don't stop kicking her, I'll break your legs"
Callisto: "Oh, the good Xena. What happened to you? One day you just decided to fight for justice?"
Xena: "Something like that."
Callisto: "And all the shattered people you left behind were now supposed to cheer you, is that it?"
Xena: "No. What happened to you was terrible. It was my fault, I'm sorry."
Callisto: "Oh, well, that makes all the difference! And now we can be the best of friends [spits] That's what I think of your apology."

Gabrielle: "Xena! Xena, Melas has gone crazy. He's organizing a lynch mob."
Callisto: "Well, I'm not afraid to die, if that's what you're worried about. What about you, Xena? How will you feel to see your creation executed without a fair trial, hm?
Gabrielle: "Don't listen to her, Xena. You can't torture yourself for what she's become."
Callisto: "No, of course not! No, it's not her fault at all that I dream every night of my mother's screams coming from my burning home! You tell me, Xena, do you sleep well at night?!"
Xena: "No, I don't."
Callisto: "Good. Well, I can take whatever it is you think I have coming to me, but you tell me this, Xena, have you ever been tried for all of the things you have done? Have you ever been handed over to a mob that wanted your blood?"

Xena: "What would you do if I let you go?"
Gabrielle: "What are you doing?"
Xena: "I changed, so can she."
Gabrielle: "No, her heart has been eaten away by hatred."

Callisto: "The sight, just the sight of Xena, Warrior Princess, arguing on my behalf amuses me so. Let me tell you. Let me answer your question of what I would do if you let me go. You let me go and I will dedicate my life to killing everything you love. Your friends. Your family. Your Reputation. Even your horse. You see, I am being so honest with you because the idea of your pity is worse than death for me. You see, you've created a monster with integrity, Xena. Scary, isn't it? Now, take me to the mob."

Melas: "You've done well, Xena. We thank you for bringing her in. Now hand her over to us."
Xena: "I'm taking her to the town jail where she'll wait for a fair trial."
Woman: "She must be punished!"
Man: "She's a demon!"
Girl: "She's a monster!"
Melas: "Don't worry, we'll get her! Death to Callisto!"

Callisto: "Xena, they're coming. But you know that already, don't you? What will you do? How many of them will you kill? You're beginning to hate me. You fought it because of some silly sense of guilt, huh? Now I'm a painful reminder of what you used to be, and how you may never leave it behind. Ooh, that crowd wants my blood. Why not let them have me? It's the easy way out, nobody will blame you."
Xena: "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you without a fair trial."
Callisto: "You know, there used to be some respect mixed up in my hatred for you but not anymore. Your petty scruples are an embarrassment. As a villain, you were awesome. As a hero, you are a sentimental fool."

Joxer: "Ah! Got ya!"
Gabrielle: "You've got to be kidding."
Joxer: "Once I have you, I'm trading you for Callisto. She'll reward me well Oof! You broke my nose! I hate it when that happens."

Gabrielle: "Keep your head back. Now, why are you attacking me?"
Joxer: "I am a warrior and I'm trying to make a name for myself."
Gabrielle: "Well, I've got some bad news for you. You're not a warrior."
Joxer: "Oh, great, hit a man when he's down."
Gabrielle: "Listen, I've beaten the stuffing out of you both times we've met."
Joxer: "Listen, you don't understand. I come from a long line of warlords. It's like a family tradition."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, well, I'm really sorry, but you don't have that warrior thing."
Joxer: "You don't think so, huh?"
Gabrielle: "No. Oh, but that's all right. That's all right, there are other things you can do, you know. What interests do you have?"
Joxer: "I like to steal."
Gabrielle: "Hmpf, other than that."
Joxer: "I like fishing."
Gabrielle: "Well, there you go. You'd make a great fisherman."
Joxer: "You think?"
Gabrielle: "Yes, absolutely, and I've got a feel for people."
Joxer: "Thanks! I'm Joxer, by the way."
Gabrielle: "Gabrielle."
Joxer: "Ha! Got you now! Oof!"

Melas: "This should bring her out." [tosses a lit torch into the prison cell where Callisto is being held]

Callisto: "Perfect. I'm going to die just like my family. It's kinda full circle, don't you think? Oh, no, no, no. Not the fear, Xena! I won't be screaming out like my sister."
Xena: [unlocks the cell door] "Come on, we're leaving."

[Callisto doesn't move from her seat. As Xena enters the cell to extract her, Callisto (who has shimmied free of her manacles) sissy punches Xena and locks her in the burning cell. Once outside of the jail, Callisto steals a horse and kidnaps Gabrielle, who conveniently happens to be passing by.]

Woman: "Look! She's kidnapped the girl!"
Man: "Somebody help!"

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