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Callisto: "I'm good! As good as you. And why not? You made me."

Xena: "It was you who shot me with that poison dart."
Callisto: "Yes. You see, it left me free to revive your reputation as a wanton killer of women and children."
Xena: "I never killed women and children."
Callisto: "Well, you have now."

Xena: "What did you mean when you said I made you?"
Callisto: "Do you remember Cirra?"

Xena: "I've just blocked off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead in seconds unless I release you. Who was that woman don't bother struggling, just spit it out."
Theodorus: "Her name is Callisto."
Xena: "What's she got to do with Cirra?"
Theodorus: "Her family died there."
Xena: "What does Callisto want now? Answer the question or I just walk away."
Theodorus: "She wants the world to see you as a demon. Then she wants to kill you in combat."
Xena: "Where's she headed?"
Theodorus: "Delphi. She plans to murder the Oracle and blame it on you."
Xena: "When?"
Theodorus: "At tomorrow's Apollo sacrifice."
Xena: "Now, remember to tell her this, she's right, I made her, and I'll be the one to destroy her."

Xena: "Be careful, I am in a bad mood."
Melas: "I saw everything. I know now it was not you who killed my son. I'm sorry."
Xena: "Save your breath. I don't want your apology."
Melas: "Let me travel with you. I'll do anything to help you kill her."
Xena: "I don't need your help."
Melas: "Look, I'm gonna go after her anyway. Why not work with me?"
Xena: "I suppose I could keep you from getting killed."

Theodorus: "Callisto."
Callisto: "So, she put her touch on you?"
Theodorus: "Right away."
Callisto: "And you told her everything?"
Theodorus: "Everything just as you wanted."
Callisto: "Good. And then she, she let you go with some stupid message, something heroic about stopping me, huh?"
Theodorus: "Yes, you were right about everything."
Callisto: "Oh, Xena, Xena, Xena! I can call you on every move."

Joxer: "Watch the suit, would ya?"
Guard: "We found this scum hiding in the supply wagon we stole from the other village. He says he has something invaluable to offer you."
Joxer: "Warrior Queen, forgive my intrusion."
Callisto: "'Warrior Queen' I like that."
Joxer: "It's so much better than 'Warrior Princess' you know."
Callisto: "Yes. Yes, it is. Now what is it you have to offer me?"
Joxer: "My services."
Callisto: "Your services, really? And what is it exactly that you do? Hmm?"
Joxer: "Ha, ha, what do I do? I'm a Warrior!"
Callisto: "Oh, you're a warrior, how silly of me. Then why is it, dear man, that you look like an idiot?"
Joxer: "Um, I cultivate that look. It makes me seem less threatening. You see, uh, people don't fear worthless idiots, so it's easy for me to get the drop on them Ha!! See?"
Callisto: "So you want to do something to prove yourself to me then?"
Joxer: "Anything. Please."
Callisto: "You know who Xena is, don't you? She travels with someone."
Joxer: "An irritating little blonde, I know."
Callisto: "Yes. Her name is Gabrielle. You bring her to me, and you may join my legion, as a warrior."
Joxer: "Consider the deed done, my Queen Oh, ha ha, we're, we're all on the same team now."

Callisto: "Who knows, he might be able to capture the brat. But, even if he doesn't, every distraction for Xena will help me carry out my plan. It's almost close to completion, Theodorus. Tomorrow, in Delphi, Xena's weapon will be found in the Oracle's skull." [she throws Xena's chakram which ricochets off a few walls and plunges into a watermelon with a sickening thud]

Gabrielle: "When's the last time you got some sleep, Melas?"
Melas: "The night before I buried my son."
Gabrielle: "Why don't you lay down and close your eyes, you might drift off."
Melas: "Drift off? You don't get it, do you? I don't want to 'drift off.' I'm not trying to run away from the pain. I want to satisfy it. And the only way I can do that is with Callisto's blood. You'd feel the same way if you lost what I did."
Gabrielle: "Maybe."

Gabrielle: "You want to talk about it?"
Xena: "What?"
Gabrielle: "Cirra."
Xena: "It was just another village to conquer, nothing out of the ordinary. A fire broke out, and I don't know if it was one of my men or just an accident, but, there was a strong wind, and those flames just swept through that town like a wave of death. The people were huddled in their houses because they were afraid of my army. That was one time that my army was responsible for the death of women and children. And there was just a handful of survivors. Obviously, Callisto was one of them."
Gabrielle: "And now she'll do anything for revenge."
Xena: "I don't blame her."
Gabrielle: "I do. When will this end? Look at Melas. I know that he's a good man, but this hate is making him an obsessed killer. Somebody has to say no to this lust for revenge."
Xena: "That is so hard to do."
Gabrielle: "You did it. When your village was destroyed, you were infected with blood lust. But, you overcame it."
Xena: "I was lucky, I saw what I'd become and I was able to turn it around. But, if something happened to mother or Hercules or you, I might do just the same."
Gabrielle: "No. No, look, you promise me, if something happens to me, you will not become a monster. There's only one way to end the cycle of hatred and it's through love and forgiveness."
Xena: "Don't you go changing, Gabrielle. I like you just the way you are. Go get some sleep."
Gabrielle: "No. No, you promise me."
Xena: "I promise."

Gabrielle: "The Oracle should be arriving soon to give her prophesy."
Xena: "Let's spread out and look for Callisto. Give a yell as soon as you see her."

[Joxer tosses a net onto Gabrielle, who easily breaks free of his 'entrapment.']

Joxer: "You want to fight, huh? Fine with me [draws his sword, only to have it knocked from his hands by Gabs' staff] You've made me mad now, little girl [whips out a very small dagger, only to have it easily knocked away] You've just made a serious mistake [pulls out his crossbow] You broke my crossbow! That does it. I'm gonna rip you apart with my bare hands!"

[Gabrielle essentially beats the stuffing out of poor, deluded Joxer.]

Gabrielle: "What are you doing? Now stay down!"
Joxer: "Are you kidding me? I've got you right where I want ya."
Gabrielle: "Will you stay down?! There's something I gotta do."
Joxer: "Go ahead! Run you coward."

[Meanwhile, in the temple, Callisto takes aim and throws Xena's chakram right at the oracle's pretty head.]

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