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Melas: "Innkeeper, please! Wine."
Xena: "You look like you could use that more than me You're all right?"
Melas: "No. Thank you for your kindness. My name is Melas."
Xena: "Xena."
Melas: "Xena? The warrior princess?!"
Xena: "Some people call me that."

Melas: "Go ahead. Murder me just like you murdered my son."
Xena: "What're you saying."
Melas: "I found a woman from my village lying half dead in the road. She said you and your army murdered everyone but her even my six year old son."
Xena: "That's a lie."
Melas: "Then why does every traveler between here and Corinth have a story about an army led by Xena?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, come on."

Melas: "I'll avenge my son's death. I won't rest until you're dead."
Xena: "You'll do what you think you have to. But you've got the wrong person."

Xena: "We'll head toward Corinth and see if we can make sense of what he was saying."
Man: "Is that Xena?"
Woman: "I think it's her."

Gabrielle: "Are you all right?"
Xena: "See that look of fear and hatred on their faces? I used to want to see that. Meant I was doing my job right."

Joxer: "Xena!"
Xena: "Yeah?"
Joxer: "Joxer The Mighty, at your service."
Xena: "Get lost."
Joxer: "You know, a warrior needs ... Wait! Listen, don't judge me because I was traveling so cheap. I can be of invaluable service to a woman like you. Yeah, as a matter of fact, um, I'm a warrior of some repute."
Gabrielle: "Hmpf! I never heard of you."
Joxer: "I wasn't talking to you, little girl." [shoves poor Gabs out of the way]
Gabrielle: "Hey!"

Joxer: "Now listen, I'm fierce and I have a lust for blood. As a matter of fact, if a couple days go by and I haven't shed some blood, I get very depressed. Blood and me go together like a horse and chariot. I once bathed in a tub of blood. My nickname is Bloody Joxer [Xena grabs him by the nose] Ah! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ow, ow, ow!"
Xena: "You like the sight of blood so much, keep talking."

Joxer: "I'm disappointed in you, Xena! I thought you'd recognize talent when you saw it! She must be threatened. I can understand that with my masculine prowess and stuff."

[Melas attacks Xena, who easily disarms him.]

Xena: "You're a slow learner."
Melas: [who has been tied to a tree] "I don't care how long it takes, I will see you dead one day!"

Gabrielle: "You know, if she was the monster you think she is, she'd have killed you by now."
Melas: "She likes to see me helpless in my rage I will continue to hunt you! Even if it costs me my life!"
Xena: "I'm going after whoever's behind these raids, so be smart and stay out of my way."
Gabrielle: "Good bye, Melas. I hope you find peace."
Melas: "I will once I know her evil heart has stopped beating."

[The dynamic duo comes across a village that is under attack. While in the heat of battle, Xena tosses her handy dandy chakram to save a villager. It bounces off a few heads and is caught by a new nemesis.]

Callisto: "You want it? Come and get it."

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