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Season 5 ...

"Callisto, when Xena burned your family did you see the fire? Did you ... did you smell the flesh sizzling? You know what I think? You wanted then to die so you'd have a reason to be a bitch."

"It's ironic. Right now, Xena is everything I always wanted her to be. But, without her Dark side, she's lost ... she's off-balance. My path is with Xena, helping her however I can. I'll do whatever I have to do to protect her."

"I think you have to know the darkest part of yourself to be whole."

"Xena, you have this balance of Lightness and Darkness. Without both of those, the very best in you is defenseless."

"There were five bandits -- five of them. She could have handled four and I would have been happy with just one. But, no, she had to take them all."

"History is fickle."

"I don't know why I try. I'm just a big idiot. Talking to horses -- you'd think I had no friends."

"Xena, I love your baby like it were my own. I will do anything I have to to fight for its life. And I deserve that chance as much as you do.

"Amarise, for many years I walked in Xena's shadow. I wanted to be her. She taught me something -- it's warmer in the sun."

"You know, sometimes people think that a home is a place. It can be a person."

"Hello! My little girl is selling Junior Amazon Cookies."

"This is your big accomplishment, Eli? If I hadn't listened to you, I wouldn't be talking to your ashes. You probably think that I am betraying you by standing with Ares, but I'm just trying to use his knowledge for a Greater Good. I keep telling myself that. You believed in me, Eli. You always knew that we were on a separate path. Have faith in me now."

"Peace is worth fighting for!"

"No, they all suck. Sadly everyone in the music capital of Greece is tone deaf."

"That's very sweet ... in a completely deranged, obsessed kind of way."

"Don't make me say it in a way you won't like!"

"Uh, the concert's about to start. I need to make an announcement, there's some bad Sluvaki going around, so stay away from the Sluvaki ... Hey! Hey, it's not that bad."

"Did you hear that? Xena telling me how to bathe you. What do I add? Water? She must think I'm like Joxer or something. Xena doesn't do any cleaning. Have you smelled her feet lately?"

"But, with writing, it's like talking to yourself. It's a way that you can work things out. Of course, I know now exactly who I am."

"Do you know how important Argo is to Xena? I think she likes that horse more than she likes me."

"Ever since Xena became pregnant, I have been trying to find a way to make the world a better place. I've allowed myself no time for the things that make me happy ... like my writing. I think that I've lost that part of me that's a bard. Anyway, maybe my writing will help Xena's baby figure out who he or she really is."

"Technically you didn't lose your temper. But, Xena, I saw you throwing pies in a less-than-loving manner."

"Xena, wait - I had this dream last night. You and I were both giving birth to your baby. It was like it was coming from both of us."

"I can be a real bitch sometimes, huh?"

"Shh, you'll give us away. Mommy's working."

"Do you want to give Eve to Athena?! Does anybody else feel that way?! We give up the baby and go back to our fields in peace until the next god comes along and they want your child or yours. We're not fighting for Xena. We're fighting for ourselves, for our right to be treated like human beings, not game pieces. If any one of you is willing to give up your own child then speak, because I will not have you fighting next to me! back to your posts."

"Xena, when someone invents an accurate timekeeping device, then I can synchronize our plan better."

"I don't care how hard you think you work, because I work just as hard (pulls the knife out of the wall) Look what you did you my wall! Now, look, mister, you and I are going to raise these children together, because I will not have them treating their spouses the way that you treat me!"

"If you wanted my finger, all you had to do was ask."

"You gave Eve life. The least I can do is make her an Amazon Princess."

"Eve, I bestow upon you my Right of Caste Cherish it."

"I'm losing sight of your plan, Xena. Are you trying to flirt him to death?"

"How many people have to die for the good of Rome?"

"She has us. Xena, she can change. Like mother, like daughter. Go to her and talk to her. She will see the truth."

"I believe that you have a right to believe whatever faith you want."

"It doesn't matter what she calls herself, Xena. A lifetime of serving Rome doesn't change the fact that she's your daughter. Once she looks inside herself, she'll see you there. She'll be Eve again."

"Xena, I went to Livia. I tried to tell her that we love her. She didn't care ... That's who she is. Eve is dead. She's not your daughter anymore, Xena, she's Rome's."

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